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June 30 2004

Yahoo! TV Poll. "What cancelled series would you like to see pull a 'Family Guy' and return to the air?"

Yahoo repeats the imdb poll - Angel and Firefly are both on the list.

The two Joss shows are doing well, Angel in first, followed by Firefly tied third with Futurama. All three shows deserve comebacks. I reckon Angel is probably the least likely to though, if the movie(s?) does well maybe Fox'll come to their senses about Firefly, it still amazes me that Fox cancelled Futurama, seasons 2,3, and 4 were easilly of equal quality to The Simpsons these days.

I don't think it's really fair that Farscape is included, the future for that show is looking bright, with the upcoming mini-series and talk of a movie and spinoff.

Still looking forward to the return of Family Guy heard an interview with the creator not that long ago that he reckons they'll at least get a 5th season as well as a 4th, stating that Fox would look stupid if they brought back a show that they'd previoudly cancelled, only to cancel it again. Funny, judging from The WBs actions earlier this year I didnt think networks cared about looking stupid when it comes to questionable cancellations of shows.

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Truthfully i doubt there is anything that will bring Firefly/Serenity back to television. I'm relatively certain that there will be enough interest to guarantee the proposed movie trilogy happens but to me there is little or no chance of the series ever getting picked up again, especially by Fox!

What i'm really hoping for is that the success of Serenity will inspire Joss to take Buffy and Angel's stories to the big screen all that much sooner. I'm certain that he will eventually anyway but it would be nice to see a Buffy/Angel movie (and eventual trilogy preferably) happen in the next couple of years.

Oh, and the third slayerverse tv series of course, can't let him forget to start work on that! ;)
From what Jewel Staite said in her DreamCon Q&A, Fox have the rights for a Firefly TV series for ten years. So I doubt too, that it will come back to the small screen.
While I will eagerly devour anything Joss makes (and I certainly hope that will include a Buffy/Angel movie), I can't help wishing him back to the small screen. While a number of people make excellent movies, Joss makes the only tv I've ever been totally swept away by. He's the undisputed king of quality tv, but I think in the movie industry he'll be one among many brilliant movie creators. I'd much rather have a whole season of a Joss show than one extra good film a year. Just my two cents :-)
I don't think there's much hope with any of those shows coming back. Family Guy was different in that it was animation – there's no stable of actors that has to be gathered back together. Plus, networks don't like to admit they were wrong. I've also seen a number of references to Firefly's specific legal arrangement – it's not just that Fox has the TV rights, but i think Universal also required that nothing return to TV for at least 10 years. Or something along those lines...
All that said, it's fun to fantasize. I voted for Angel on this list, but Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Sportsnight... Lots of good shows have been canceled.
While I will eagerly devour anything Joss makes (and I certainly hope that will include a Buffy/Angel movie), I can't help wishing him back to the small screen.
I completely agree – and I'm primarily a movie person, not a TV person! But there's something about the episodic nature of TV that really allowed the worlds Joss created to florish. Not that I wouldn't love to see the big-screen treatment, but I love the serial, Dickensian way that the Buffy- and Angelverse unfolded, allowing characters to grow, change, make mistakes over time. Plus, you make a good point – there are lots of brilliant film directors out there, but so little quality TV. It would be nice to have at least one solidly written hour of TV a week to look forward to...
I voted for Angel. I sooo wanted to see what happens with Ilyria and I would hope they could bring back Wesley, and of course Angel, Illy, Gunn and Spike surviving the battle... Hmmm... Maybe it would have to be the Lorne show!
I know its cheesy and a cheap gimmick but, similiar to her time travel moments in Time Bomb, maybe Ilyria could skip back a day, so no one's dead, Angel still has W+H, Harmonys not fired... I'm sure Joss could write it so it makes sense.

My second choice would have been Futurama. Any show that can have a robot with lines like "Leela! Save me! And yourself, I guess. And my banjo............... And Fry." and "Well this task is easy but you don't hear ME not complaining!" deserves to be on the air.
What you said, acp. I've quit watching network TV for the time being, at least until Alias and 24 come back in the winter. There's just nothing on that I feel remotely moved by or that I end up pondering for five minutes after it's over. (Okay, the occasional PBS doc is engaging and well done, but I'm talking pure entertainment here.) Without a Joss/ME show to cast its long shadow on the landscape, I'm left staring at the tumbleweeds.
While I will eagerly devour anything Joss makes (and I certainly hope that will include a Buffy/Angel movie), I can't help wishing him back to the small screen.

I, too, agree. I was a fan of X-Files (until season 5 or 6, can't remember now), but I felt the movie was more like a long episode. And not even that long an episode—just an hour and a half, or so!
Behold the power of Whedonistas. Angel's percentage is getting higher while Firefly is catching up to #2.
This was a tough one for me! I picked Firefly over Angel but I don't think there's any chance it will come back. I think if the movie is a success it will be more likely that there will be other movies. I think the chance of Angel coming back is highly unlikely too. I also feel that if Serenity does well there is more chance of a Buffyverse movie and when I say Buffyverse that includes the characters from Angel too.

I would love to see Joss do some other show for television. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the Buffyverse 'cause I'd watch no matter what. Of course if it is some spin-off I'd be very happy because a spin-off could mean possible guest appearances by some of our favorite characters.
Blwessels - "I would love to see Joss do some other show for television. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the Buffyverse 'cause I'd watch no matter what."

If i'm honest i probably wouldn't be as interested in a whole new show. I watched Firefly out of interest and a certain amount of loyalty to Joss but to be truthful i'm not much of a television watcher at all.

My Buffy/Angel addiction has shocked even me because i certainly have never been quite so dedicated to a show (or shows i guess) before. During my college years i was something of a Star Trek fan but back then i though Countdown was entertaining so what did i know! Needless to say my Trek watching days are now well over :)

Nowadays outside of Buffy and Angel i watch The X Files, Stargate, Alias, the previously mentioned Firefly and pretty much nothing else, partly due to having limited time and partly because there is nothing else that interests me.

Having said that if Joss came up with a new concept i would definately be there to support the show but it wouldn't be anywhere near as important to me as a third slayerverse show. That story just hasn't been fully told yet!
Warlock, I also was shocked by my addiction to the Buffyverse and I tuned in to Firefly out of loyalty to Joss Whedon also. But when I had heard the concept, I wasn't sure I was going to even like Firefly and I was stunned at how great it was and how quickly I was just as enthralled with it as I was with BtVS and Angel. That's why I'd watch anything he produced. I'd be very happy if the Buffyverse continues, but I'd also be happy if he came out with something new too. I just think he's brilliant and is a master storyteller.
I'd almost rather see Joss make something other than a buffyverse show. As great as the buffyverse is I don't really see It getting any larger fan base than It has now. I want to see Joss make a huge hit not another cult hit. And If serenity (excuse me when serenity)is a hit there would be that whole "Next fall from executive producer Joss Whedon, writer and director of the blockbuster movie serenity" ad campaign to draw in new viewers, but I suppose that would work for a buffyverse show too.
Now Angel is in the lead with 28%, and in third place, Firefly is lagging slightly behind Farscape at 13%.

You know what's sad? Out of these ten shows, I've watched nine. If they were all still on the air, I'd have so much TV to choose from, I wouldn't have time for them all. An embarrassment of riches. Instead, I've sort of forgotten what the box is for when there isn't a DVD playing on it. It just kind of fills that big ugly hole in the entertainment center so the cat can't turn it into another perch. (Which wouldn't be bad, actually. Tricky-antics are a lot more interesting than most programming. Which, if I admit that Tricky mostly sleeps, should tell you something.)

I'd like to see something else by ME on TV at some point, but I hope I don't have to wait ten years. That's just cruel and unusual. Plus, by then the TV will likely be pushing up daisies in the landfill and I'll be, I don't know, hang-gliding or knitting tea cosies or something.

You know, I saw a TV get pushed off a balcony once. It made the most wonderful explosion when it hit the ground. That could be another option, if Joss doesn't show up with something pretty soon...
Adventures in spelling - "As great as the buffyverse is I don't really see It getting any larger fan base than It has now."

The thing about what you say there for me is the same problem i have with The WB and networks overall. So what if a new slayerverse show doesn't get a larger audience than the first two. What about the current fans? Don't they get any consideration.

Now i realise that you didn't mean anything by your comment beyond having a realistic point to make but the fact is that there is one hell of a lot of television channels out there so to me there is plenty of space to cater to everyone's tastes and preferences.

The slayerverse probably won't ever gain a massive influx of new fans but the current fanbase is not insignificant and should be enough to merit at least one hour a week of one channel's precious schedule time for a new series.

The way i see it the networks currently don't care about infuriating genre show audiences because each one does have a relatively small fanbase but each time they cancel a show like Angel, Farscape, Firefly, Dark Angel and so on they alienate yet another group of potential viewers and eventually that will be their downfall.

Catering to just one core demographic is all well and good whilst they are watching but when the reality television bubble bursts the networks are going to find all there eggs very much in the one basket.

Diversity is becoming a forgotten word.
I agree, and you'd think I would be the type they'd want to aim their shows to: a Late 20s Adult, working Professional, not married, no kids, therefore Lots of extra spending cash (at least in idea, in real life there's rent, student loans and a car to take up all that money, LOL)

Then again, maybe I'm out of it and teens these days have a lot more spending money than my friends and I did growning up.
in a few simple words..... I WANT ANGEL BACK!!!
Same here, WilliamTheBloody, except I'm married. Two adults in our middle years, no kids, professionals. Not wealthy, but definitely in the market to spend money on things we enjoy that enrich our lives and don't insult our intelligence.

I still can't believe the WB would casually throw away over 4.5 million loyal weekly viewers when they're currently rated fourth, and sometimes fifth(!!!), among all five recognized 'major' networks. 'Angel' pulled in a prime demo for them and, further, allowed some of the most cutting-edge advertisers out there a slot to pitch their goods. Now they've got, let's see ... what, exactly, that's truly original, well-written, genre-defining and indisputably hip? I've got news for them. 'Smallville' ain't it. ('Gilmore Girls' has its moments, but it, too, is quirky and will probably also be feeling the bite of the axe before very long.)

And AFA reality TV goes, the more all the networks bring it on, the further away I retreat from TV in general. I think I've watched about six hours of TV this week, and that includes four hours of news (BBC World News on PBS). I'd rather spend the money for cable on other things at this point in my life, so I've got nowhere else to turn but DVDs, which supply what I want when I want it. There are an awful lot of my friends who are doing the exact same thing -- turning off TV and turning to other media for their entertainment.

The networks wonder why viewership keeps dropping. All I can say is, if they don't catch on soon that some of us out here were sick of reality TV even before it got popular, they'll never be able to bring their more discerning viewers back. Maybe they don't care, and they think they don't need us. If that's the case, the feeling is mutual.
Precisely Wiseblood. We genre show fans may be a relatively small bunch but we are fiercely loyal to the series that we care about. The fact that the WB moved Angel around in the schedule so much and the audience stuck by it (not to mention the largest and best organised fan campaign to save a show in history) should be proof enough of that.
Warlock, Everything you said is true, I guess what I was trying to say is that I'm tired of waiting to see if my favorite shows are going to be back next season, I'm also tired of sitting at the lunch table at work and hearing about who ate what on Fear factor the night before. And what really burns me Is when these people ask me what my favorite show Is and I reply "Angel with Buffy running a close second." they say "that show is stupid" or "I've never heard of that." or "that show is still on the air?". America needs to understand what TV can be, And as much as I would love to see Joss produce more Buffyverse shows, They don't allow for much ratings growth. And your Right, we do deserve the networks attention, I too have disposable Income, and it dose make sense for networks to diversify, but they don't. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that If Joss made a new kind of show, We as Whedon fans know it will be amazing, and we would be happy, New viewers will be able to start from the beginning and be completely floored by the writing, and they would be happy, and I will be able to ask those jackasses at work "You like this, yet you hate Buffy?" And I will be happy.
In that i couldn't agree more. As a matter of fact i would love to see Joss try another whole new concept. He has done paranormal and sci fi, maybe another totally different genre area will be his next field to play in. Just as long as that wasn't at the expense of the slayerverse. If i honestly believed that concept was dried up and another spinoff would be a waste of time i wouldn't push for it. Thing is that there is just so much left unexplored that a new show would have the time to cover. Especially if they were to centre on the new Watchers Council for the next show. Then the potential is limitless.

As for your point about your workmates, trust me you are not alone there! I am constantly stared at in disbelief when i tell people that my favourite shows are Buffy and Angel. Comments like "Isn't that a kid's show?" or "Never heard of it!" are the usual response. The one that really gets on my nerves though is "That show is stupid!". Nine times out of ten that will come from somebody who has never even seen an episode which is the really annoying thing.

I have two friends who, prior to me forcing "Once More With Feeling", "Surprise" and "Innocence" onto them one rainy afternoon, did nothing but make fun of my television tastes. They now both own most of the DVD sets. Just goes to show you doesn't it!

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