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June 30 2004

WriterCon 2004. A whole bunch of Whedonverse fanfic writers getting together in Vegas and discussing writing, writing in the shows and finally the shows themselves. Jane Espenson will be one of the special guests.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I did a Buffyverse fan community get together in Vegas last year, really enjoyed it.

oh snap! :) I really may go to this thing..... And there is no time like when you are 21 to go to the vegas!
Is a fanfic con considered serious or just a tongue-in-cheek way of having a gathering? I mean, I see there's even a panel on how to write a convincing gay love scene if you're a straight writer. And how to 'handle' it if your story ends up falling out of canon because of the actual show. Are these real panels, or do people just get together and talk about the show and have a good time?
Dunno, Rogue Slayer, but I have several friends that are going (among them Amy Berner of and I'll see what reports they post.
I'll be there and will be a panelist. I don't see it as tongue-in-cheek and neither do the organizers as far as I can see. Not that we're planning on treating it like brain surgery, but we do take the writing craft seriously in pursuit of this Seriously Fun Thing we do.
Well, sounds like a fun event if that's your thing. I see it as more of a hobby for me, so I don't think I could get too serious about it.

BTW, Herself_nyc, do you write as 'herself', cuz if you do, your fics rock!
I wanna go just to meet Jane!
That's me, Rogue!
And where might we find this fine fiction?
I am a big fan of your fic too, herself! You're a very talented writer. Have a great time at the con. I look forward to reading the reports.
ever, has stories written by herself, all the stories there are well written. And may I put in a rec for wiseacress.
Zandra, I have to disagree about all the stories being well written at But many are. It's got a pretty heavy focus on slash.
I thought it was funny, a long time ago I submitted a story there and it was declined because it was too out of character(buffy was being too nice to spike according to the admin!) yet there are tons of stories where Spike and Xander have sex! That's really in character.....
But it's like any other archive site, it has some good fic and some less than good fic.
Oh come now, Spike and Xander totally had a thing going on. They bickered far too much for their relationship to be purely platonic, and the moment in the Bronze in Beneath You could be considered a hint at something more.

I realize my reality isn't exactly realistic, but I do like it that way.

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