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July 01 2004

Warren Ellis mentions meeting Joss in his new streaming weblog... Short paragraph about Alan Moore's influence on Joss' comicbook writing.

I've tinkered with your post as you may have noticed. And thank you very much for this. I've been waiting for a long time for Ellis to mention Joss. Huge fan of his work. Especially Strange Bodies and Switchblade Honey, oh and Planetary, Stormwatch and The Authority.

And if anyone can figure out a direct link to that article I will quite happily give them a kiss.
See I tried that and it worked and I tried it again and it didn't work.

I shall try again.
God I hate that site sometimes, *blows Faith a kiss*.
Love Warren Ellis. This made me most happy :)
Since Joss has made fun of Alan Moore's and Warren Ellis' beards, I wouldn't mind seeing them respond in kind. :)
anyone know where the intro he talks about is? i want to see what joss said about their beards. :)
Ah man I saw this first! Except I forgot to post it here. No I didn't. I was too lazy and now nicoblu gets the scoop. Serves me right...

Yeah nice bit to read. In his mailinglist blurbs, Ellis referred to Joss before. I can't link to it since its a mail and since it's short I'll post it in this thread.

(If that's ok Simon. If not slap me down. Or....get your wife or girlfriend to do it. Has a nicer ring;-)

Ellis: "* Someone asked me in email yesterday why I'm not
doing the X-Men. I was about to dispense all the usual answers, when I thought: what on earth is worse in commercial comics than following Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon? It's almost on the scale of when I was asked to do THE SPIRIT--as Alan Moore said to me, you *have* to step up to it, because (as was the situation) you're being asked with Will Eisner's approval. But there go giants, and you can't help but feel a little vertigo. Grant and Joss, as much as I love their work, don't create that kind of mythic fear -- but they're two of the best writers I know, and you don't follow that kind of act if you can help it. You're setting yourself up to fail, creatively and publicly.
Which is kind of a kick, when you think about it."

Hope that's okay. Oh and orphea, Joss wrote that intro to the second Planetary TPB. I don't know if it's to be found out there online. I could mail it to you if you want.

Or I can just quote the beard bit;-)
thanks ed! i suppose i can content myself with the beard bit instead of the whole thing. ;) that's really what i was curious about anyway -- joss has such a way with affectionate insults.
I suppose Warren and Joss do talk, well professionally, for the least. After all, Joss did write the intro for that second Planetary TPB, like Ed previously pointed.
I like Warren's work, but he does annoy me sometimes, I'm still a little pissed about what he did with X-FOrce back in that Counter-X thingie. movin' on.....
I wished Dark Horse would pitch some new Tales of the Slayer, but this time as well as Mutant Enemy writers, they would bring some big names of comics writers to contribute too. Something more on line of that first ToS TPB, that is still one of my favorite Buffyverse comics released to this date.
I'll have my fanboy day, if someday Joss does work with Marv Wolfman, even indirectly.

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