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July 02 2004

Fox's 'Jury' Faces Death Sentence. Looks like Adam Busch's new show is on its last legs.

Obviously, being from the UK, i haven't had a chance to see this yet but it doesn't appear to be my kind of show anyway. Legal dramas are far too common place for me these days. The only legal drama i've enjoyed was Angel season five :)

Having said that it's a shame for Adam but i'm sure he won't be too shocked given the current state of the networks.
Aw darn! Another show that I liked is being cancelled. I should just quit tv altogether.
That's it. Done. Just throwing the damn box out the window.
Legal dramas are everywhere, but this one was good. This was was at least DIFFERENT, dammit!
Fox throws out a show *feigned surprise*
It's a Fox show, folks. What did you think would happen? I decided last season that I will not watch another Fox broadcast (not to be confused with 20th Century Fox Studio productions) until I hear it has changed its practices of shooting young game.

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