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July 02 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg TV Guide Online interview. She talks about 'Six Feet Under' and 'Ice Princess'. Usual standard PR blurb.

Ow! I just bit my tongue.
Semi-weird coincidence: as a girl, SMG was apparently a competitive figure skater.

One wonders if Trachtenberg asked her for any tips.
I just saw her first SFU appearance. I thought she was a good fit for the role.
Her appearance on SFU generated little more than an eye-roll from me.

Little bobble-headed Dawn trying to act like a diva-ish pop star? Please. And Colin Farrell? As if. I was entirely aware she was "acting" the whole time.

Bad, just bad.
I thought she was hilarious and great on SFU. Just hearing her bash Hilary Duff really made my day. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of her on the show.

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