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July 02 2004

New acting role for Tony Head. He'll be appearing in the inexplicably popular Sunday night BBC drama 'Monarch of the Glen'.

See this is what i was afraid of. I don't want to see our favourite actors becoming merely guest fodder in more "acceptable" shows such as this.

Seeing Charisma take a recurring guest role in Miss Match was one thing but this seems like a comedown for ASH to me. The guy has played a cult icon. It would be like Patrick Stewart appearing on The Bill!

Anthony needs to maintain a profile obviously but he is better than this, FAR better. He needs to get Joss going with the Ripper project as soon as possible!
I think Monarch of the Glen is a good series. They air it saturdays here in Norway, and i can't wait to see Tony in this.
A colleague watches Monarch of the Glen and was raving about it, so I gave it a go. Big yawn-fest for me. It's nice to see him work but I'd prefer to see him in something edgier.
Monarch of the Glen is typical Sunday night viewing. Not my type of programme at all. It will be nice to see Tony on my TV screen, but I'd much prefer to see him in something better.
as far as actors are concerned any work is good also monarch of the glen is very popular in lots of countries
I love Monarch of The Glen. Living in England we get the series either 1st or dirctly after Scotland, and the program is great. I hate Sunday viewing, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead etc. but Monarch the Glen has always been beautiful, funny and good - hearted. You really care about the characters! Tony Head would be a good addition to it
It's just a little too down to earth for me. If a tv show features characters that i could walk out the door and see their equivalent in real life then i can't be bothered with it. If i'm going to spend my precious time staring at a box then it needs to give me something that reality can't, be that slayers and vampires, big metal rings that take you to other planets or superspies with totally out of this world technology.

Sadly Monarch of the Glen doesn't provide any of the above, unless i've been very misinformed and it's actually a Highlander spinoff show :)
i certainly can't walk out my door and see the equivalent of the denizens of Monarch of the Glen. i live near Boston MA. those folks are not here. at least, not w/ those glorious accents.

yeah, fine, call me shallow. work is work. i'll be happy to see tony on the screen.
What's a "PR"?
i love monarch of the glen...! altho' i live in the oldest scottish settlement in canada, and half the people i know here have thick scottish accents and occassionally wear kilts, i still find it an engaging series, heh.
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