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July 02 2004

What Firefly character are you? I got a 71% match with Inara.

I'm Book (70%)
I'm Simon (71%)
I'm Inara, too (65%). Kind of fun!
I'll be in my bunk. 73%
River 64%.
Wonder what the percentiles mean?
76% Jayne. Huh.
Zoe (73%), Tho I was able to be 91% Jayne on the 2nd try.
Jayne 94% for me.
river. should i be embarassed? ;)
jayne 70%, but i dont like killing stuff....:(
Jubal, 100%

Jayne, 94%

Why am i not surprised? :)
I'm 70% Jayne. And yet, I'm so not. Hold me over the volcano and you'll find I'm Wash. And yet, no respondents here are Wash. *smells rat*
Simon, 59 percent.
When i went through it again specifically trying to get certain characters, I was able to get all nine of them, pretty accurately, on the first try. Fun :-)

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75% Mal

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Reaver 98%

Be afraid. Be very afraid.....
River 61%
Kaylee 86%. Wow. Not bad for a 34-year English male, huh? That's either quite profound, deeply disturbing, or ridiculously wrong.
I am so glad I wasn't the only Jayne!! I was 67% Jayne and gasped when his name came up!! And why isn't anyone getting Wash? I wanted to be Mal or Zoe or Simon or Wash or River or, well okay, anyone but Jayne!!!
Well, the second time through I tweaked three answers that I was on the fence about and got Wash 80%. So, like acp suggested, all the characters are possible.
River 75%. i also went thru and tweaked a few questions but i still came up as River, just with a lesser percentage (64%)
I'm a Wash. 73%
I got 75% Mal.
blswessels: My boyfriend tried it, if I remember correctly he got 87% Wash to my 94% Jayne.
Hmm. I am a medic, I have at times been outrageously clumsy with women, and I'm supposed to be 70% Jayne. Sure didn't expect that...
83% Zoe, which is cool, you know, cause she's cool, except I REALLY wanted to be Mal. What steered me to be Zoe and not Mal? They are similar in many ways, but I even cheated once and clicked on 'leader of the pack' instead of 'lone wolf' because I figured it would lead to Mal......grrr..

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I am Wash by 53% (1st time, no tweaking.)

Figures. He is my favorite character! :D
Wow, only one other person, "SoddingNancyTribe," was Kaylee -- I came in at 66%. I'm a black, 31-year old male, though. No other comment.
Okay, this time I did it and I thought out my answers more where yesterday I just quickly clicked. Today I was River (58%). So I'm either a crazy but sweet nutjob or I'm a psycho path maniac. Sounds about right depending on what time of the month it is!!
Oops, double posted!!

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River (73%): "Copper for a kiss?"

Sorry I'm late to this particular party but, no power in the 'verse can stop me!
Thank gawd you're a woman bl, I'd kick any man's ass that said that! ;)
Zoe, 66%. Love. She's near about my favorite, truth to tell. Now, if I only looked that good when I was kicking ass... ;)
Yeah, Zoe is cool....(me too at 83%) but I'm a guy shouldn't matter but.....well, brother grady knows what I'm talking about;-)

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