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July 02 2004

A pair of first row gold seats to the Oakland Slayercon on ebay. This is not the Platinum ticket, this is the next level which are also sold out, for the August convention.

These were originally meant for a Buffy/Angel magazine contest but due to legal reasons they could not run the contest.

"The Gold seating includes the following;

A guaranteed front row reserved seat all weekend.
A Guaranteed autograph from each of these 6 guest stars: James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, Anthony Stewart Head, Andy Hallett, Juliet Landau, and Mercedes McNab.

Plus admission to most of our weekend activities which include: Q&A sessions with the stars, panels, games, dealers room, film room, auctions, dances, karaoke contest, costume contest, etc.
And, access to a second autograph room where the following "additional stars" will also be signing autographs:
Camden Toy, Robia LaMorte, Iyari Limon, Tom Lenk, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, George Hertzberg, Brian Thompson, and James Leary.
Please Note: Signatures from these "additional stars" are not included, but available for only $20 each at the event)

In addition, as a Gold Ticket holder, you will also be eligible to order tickets to several other "special events" that do require the purchase of additional tickets (as these events are optional activities).

Tickets are currently available for the following "special events":
A professional individual photo session with any of our six main stars (prices range from $40-$50 per star).
A Friday Night Concert by "Common Rotation" (Adam Busch's Band) price $15.
A Saturday Night Concert by "Velvet Chain" price $15."

Last time a ticket like this was on Ebay, Vulkon said it was fake, unauthorized and that tickets couldn't be sold on. Is this legit? It says it is but I don't see a Vulkon/Slayercon logo or link anywhere.

Not that it matters. We got our day tickets for saturday, hehe. Just curious.
Yeah - it's legit - the promoter posted it on their site about the auction.

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