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July 03 2004

Former BtVS guest star on Law & Order this Monday... Lindsay Crouse (ex-Maggie Walsh) will be guest starring in Law & Order in Australia this Monday at 9:30pm on Ten for anyone interested.

She must have a great agent. I see her everywhere. Last thing I remember was an end-stage breast cancer patient on ER. Could've been a repeat. I remember constantly pointing her out on various shows, and my ex always saying "her again?"
Lindsay Crouse has been in two Law & Order episodes. The first one was about a psychiatrist (Crouse) who had a sexual relationship with a male patient who killed his fiancee. The second one was about a judge (Crouse) who was shot and wounded by her husband.

Ms. Crouse has been in show business for a very long time. She grew up surrounded by people in the business, as her father was Russell Crouse who, along with Howard Lindsay, wrote "Life With Father," among other plays.
Don't forget former Angel guest star Elizabeth Rohm took a role on Law & Order as assistant DA Serena, who is leaving the show next season.

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