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November 13 2002

Who's that girl? Wondering who the band in "Conversations with Dead People" was?

It was Angie Hart. The song was written especially for the episode, with Joss Whedon: "I will be appearing on buffy again, with a song that joss and i wrote together. the episode is called 'talking to dead people' and i believe it airs on nov the 12th, but i'll let you know if that changes. that's what i've been told. the song is called 'blue' and it is under the 'angie hart' project. we dubbed the band 'the hardened arteries', which features jesse (duh, as if it wouldn't)on guitar. he produced the recording of the track for the show...what a little team. p.s. i hired him for the job."

Angie previously did the song "Change" on BtVS S2 for "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" and is also involved in the "Once more, with Feeling" soundtrack. She apparently collaborates with George Sarah a lot... and we know him from Buffy, and from Anthony Head's album "Music for Elevators". Incestuous much?

where can i get this song?? i need it!
And she was in Frente!

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