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July 04 2004

James Marsters in Australia. Convention report by bookworm54 at the MtS forums (scroll down). Things to note, Macbeth seems to be on the backburner and David Greenwalt is currently pitching a series for James to the networks.

So this isn't a Spike-related series?
I really doubt it.
Thanks for the info. A JM series would be great, a Spike one even better. :-)
In case you missed the link - there is another report that is about the meet and greet that he attend has a little more information.

Marsters of Oz - the Austrailian James Marsters fan community
I enjoyed myself immensely at this event. It was a real buzz to meet James, wow! he must have been one tired man after this weekend. In the autograph room he made you feel as if YOU were the most important person in that room; and he has the most incredibly soft hands! Yes, this middle-age girl, who never gives most celebrities a second look, is completely star-struck.

Howya doing aapac? Have you come back to earth yet?
when did i leave? lol

i'm confused
Since there's no actual "man who invented the MP3" James may have been referring to Michael Robertson of San Diego, who became a paper-billionaire when he went public with his start-up "" -- which has since ended up in the hands of CNet.

Robertson now runs LINUX company "Lindows" which just changed names to "Linspire" because of Microsoft's continuing lawsuits against the Lindows mark around the world. Robertson is no friend of Bill Gates, and once put up a $200,000 prize for the first person to hack Microsoft's XBox.
Correct me if I am wrong, and maybe my brain was in 'Jamesfog' but I could have sworn that James said that he got the film backing from the guy who invented the I-pod, not MP-3.
Well, the iPod was not "invented" by a man, either -- it's an Apple product, and hence has many creators. Brit Jonathan Ive, Apple's in-house design guru is credited with the look of the iMac, iBook, iPod (you get the idea), and won the Designer of the Year in 2003. But I kinda doubt he has the kind of scratch to fund a movie...

Maybe Steve Jobs would pick up the tab, if he thought it was a film about a MAC user named Beth? ;)

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