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July 06 2004

Jonathan M. Woodward's new play opens today. The actor who played Knox, Holden and Tracey is appearing in 'Suitcase' at La Jolla Playhouse which is in the campus of University of California San Diego.

Mentally adds him to the list of Buffyverse actors who have appeared in plays.

Tom Lenk, Tony Head, Alexis Denisof, Juliet Landau, Alyson Hannigan and James Marsters.

I would love to see this, but I fear no cross country trips are in my immediate future. I had such a delightful reaction to encountering Jonathan on my Firefly DVDs, it makes me want much more from him. ;0
Kali Rocha is a stage actress as well. And guess which character she played in this performance of Stoppard's Travesties!
Ha, ha, ha, bovik
Hey yalls - I know not many folks live in or near the San Diego neighborhood, but I gotta say, this is a great play and I'm super proud to be in it. The playwright is a great and fantastic writer and I am really proud of this piece...

Anyone who wants to see it should get in touch with me, as I've worked out a discount for Buffy/Firefly/Angel fans that want to catch it! I'll be on the lookout for anyone who emails me at and I'll send on the link.

You all rock.

jonathan woodward
That's awesome. Wish that I was in a position to be able to check it out!
No, Jonathan, you rock. And possibly bop also. Since my first venture to SD will be for the coming Comic-Con, I'll be sure to check out the lay of the land with an eye to seeing your show.

Incidentally, I think Sarah should be added to Simon's list of cast members who appeared onstage: she was in the pre-Broadway cast of "Jake's Women" by Neil Simon way back in 1992 playing alongside Stockard Channing, amongst others.
I said I was proud twice. I'm such an ass.
That's what posting after bedtime does.

Have fun at the Con, yo.

See....even more reason for me to go to the con! If only my poor college student bank account could magically have the plane ticket money in it.
The last thing I saw at La Jolla was "Jane Eyre", a wonderful musical that eventually made it to B-way only to crater. Please support the out-of-town try-outs! Oh, and then go see them in NY!

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