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November 14 2002

ANGEL SEASON 1 ON DVD: Angel will be ariving on dvd, Feb 11, 2003

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Out in North America, that is. Itīs been out elsewhere for quite a while.
I think they're getting ready to put season 3 out in the UK, if they haven't already. I guess they wanted to wait until the Buffy season 3 for region 1 was released until they released Angel here, so as not to break the continuity... I guess.
I think the third season is out in March.

And speaking of DVDs, I bought Twin Peaks season one , its still as good as ever and you can see the influence it had on BtVS.
Simon, is that Buffy 3rd season or Angel 3rd season? Because Buffy 3rd season comes out in January in the US. But now I know what I'm gonna be buying with my birthday cash this year, even if I have to wait a day for Angel to come out.

Oh, and OT: Twin Peaks is excellent. Twiddling my thumbs until season two comes out.

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