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"Remember when this place was just flame-throwers and rotating knives? I miss that."
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July 06 2004

Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer! Fan film fun. The ring of Gellar! Count Whedon! Download and enjoy!

Heh. Farmer Giles.
Worth 18 minutes of your time (be sure to watching all of the credits). Some amusing spoofs, as well as some good ideas that Sunydale vamps didn't seem to think of!
The ring of Gellar reminds me of the joke names for some of the magic box items ,such as Gellar gems, as can be seen in close up photos of the magic box set
Call me when they use a non proprietary codex.
er, codec, I've confused my anti-Real Player bias and the contents of a Watcher's library.
whump: Get the mpg from donkey.

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