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July 06 2004

(SPOILER) More news from the Serenity set. Dusty Bottoms continues his insider blog for the official Serenity site. There's some fantastic pics courtesy of Adam Baldwin as well (but they've removed the one of Nathan and Gina).

Nathan looks thinner. Love his antics.
More good news, more great pictures. And what a classic image of our beloved Cap'n Mal. I see that time and, apparently, Zoe's company have only served to enhance his natural good looks. ;)
*faints* Oh that was great fun! I think I need to see those pictures again... *faints* Whee-hoo!
I love that last picture. Big Damn Dorks!
What a hoot!
Is Joss BS-ing us with flowers, OMG if it's true I'll be dying to see it.
I did not understand the Barbara Streisand comment at all, but I'm assuming Dusty Bottoms did not mean that Barbara Streisand will be in the movie.
Bwaha! How is it even possible to make a face like that?!

These pictures are great! I'm getting more and more excited for the movie!
I'm getting very good at reading threads and avoiding spoilers at the same time but I had to check it out because of everyone's comments. I have me a new desk top picture!!
I have me a new desk top picture!!

That's exactly what I was thinking....I can only imagine how many great pics Adam has taken over the last few weeks.
At this point I would like to suggest someone give Summer Glau a sandwich.
It would be nice if Joss can have a trailer ready by the end of the year. Something on The Chronicles of Riddick DVD sounds about right. Am I the only one who figures Nathan does a killer Captain Kirk impersonation?
So, was Joss tee'd off about Dusty Bottoms revealing that Louis Gossett Jr. was in the movie and that's why the lame cover-up about Barbra Streisand, or is the Joss quote bogus as well? I'm so confused.
I think we can all cheerfully ignore the first paragraph. As Dusty Buttoms *coughsplutterChrisBuchanancough* is having a bit of fun there, winding people up.
Summer looks fine to me. She has a very small frame, and looks like the classic "wisp of a girl" rather than some ultra-thin anorexic.
Summer looks fine to me, too. She's just thin, which isn't a bad thing.
Hey, photo 5 (featuring a certain aforementioned implausible facial contortion) was just removed from the post. Anyone have it cached away somewhere? It is, truly, a Fillion classic...

Never mind, found a copy of said photo. [from lj:icafreak]

[ edited by dsandler on 2004-07-07 20:03 ]
How odd. That was my favourite pic out of the lot.
not sure if its cool to post, Simon, please remove if you think not, but for those who missed it:

pic 5
Hm, why remove it? Is it spoilery? Like, who is standing behind Mal and Zoe? Is it River, or Kaylee? Or Is It Someone Else? And what is that device Mal is hold... oh. It's a scene clapper dealie, not an Alliance Brain-Sucker 2900+.

Still, why cut that pic?
Because it doesn't fit with the other more dramatic pics? Because having five pics throws off the layout a little? To make us discuss it for a little to keep us excited? :) I wish I knew.

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