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November 14 2002

(SPOILER) It was a good day for spoilers...

... a fan visits AtS on set (I saw the photo evidence, but that page has since been deleted) and spills some big news (buns, oven, alledgedly, need I say more?), elsewhere someone's finally got their hands on some complete scripts.

I thought Charisma might be pregnant, judging from her looks lately. The worst thing they could do is make Conner the father of Cordy's baby. The whole teen-with-raging-hormones thing they're doing on the show works fairly well, but having it turn out that Cordy and Conner did the deed just makes no sense at all and, well, is an extremely disturbing concept. I think it would only hurt the show.
I didn't notice her looking pregnant,any idea who knocked her up?

I totally agree that making it Connor's kid would be a really bad idea.I'm not big on babies in my shows. They should make it some higher being's kid, that disapears later,or is born an adult or something. That could tie into Cordy's memory loss too, which by the way, I hope ends's bugging.

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