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November 15 2002

'Firefly' Cancellation Looming. A Fox source has told SyFy Portal that the network will be announcing the cancellation of "Firefly" as early as next week.

But we LIKE Firefly. Sob.

OT Simon, just a little tip, can you put a full stop behind your link texts, if they're not part of the rest of the sentence, please /OT
(OT) sorry profilic, not quite with with you on that one.
Could you give me an example?
When you post, you end up with it looking like this:

"'Firefly' Cancellation Looming A Fox source has told SyFy"

I have been editing your (and other people's) posts adding full stops behind the link text:

"'Firefly' Cancellation Looming. A Fox source has told SyFy"

Just add a full stop to whatever text you fill in in the 'link text' box... unless the linked text is actually part of the sentence.
Thats so tragic, tonights episode was awesome I hate to see this show go.
I'm also sad to hear of this looming cancellation, not because I particularly like the show, but because I want to Joss to be so hugely successful at everything he does that he eventually gains the power to produce any crazy concept he wants. :-)

As for Firefly, I really really loved "Out of Gas" but so far most of the other episodes have left me cold. Bits of utter brilliance here and there, yet not enough overall spark to get me hooked. Unlike first season Buffy and first season Angel.

Still, Joss is incredibly smart and has shown that he learns from adversity, so he might yet pull Firefly out of the fire somehow.
Thanks prolific, I understand now.

And regards Firefly, it could move to another network. Though it may depend if the costs in making the show can be reduced which is one of the reasons why Farscape got axed (too costly).
Ack! Ack! They can't cancel Firefly, it's the only show on television violating the first season rule! (First season of any SF show is terrible, then gets better as everyone finds their groove, first season of any mundane show is great, then palls as plots get repetitive and characters start getting shot and/or pregnant to keep viewers)

Whom do we write to to keep the show on the air?

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