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July 13 2004

New Unauthorised Buffy Books. Two new unofficial guides to the Buffyverse including Keith Topping's new one, which covers all seven seasons of Buffy.

Cool, I rather enjoyed Topping's books.
Brilliant, they are releasing the Topping Slayer guides in a single volume. Guess i'll not bother buying the season seven guide seperately then.
Darn right, Mr Topping's guides are great -- so much useful information and I like the fact he does not praise everything without question. Incidentally, he sometimes goes on line on the Dr Who website Gallifreyone and you can see what he looks like!
I have heard that the Complete Slayer is an edited version of the separate guides and so will omit some of the detail in those
Those who have read the previous Topping books- do they by any chance include information about the music that was on the show?
The Topping books do have info about the music. Usually he just mentions what songs were played, what CD's they are from, and during which scenes they played.

Topping's Season 7 Guide just came out (I got it, and it's as good as the others, with even longer episode reviews), and the longer guide for the whole series isn't out for a few more months.

In my view, no other Buffy episode guide books are even close to as good as Topping's. He is critical of some of the episodes, but the man LOVES the show. Heck, one of the guides that came out a few months ago (I forget the name of it) seemed to hate season 7.
"Usually he just mentions what songs were played, what CD's they are from, and during which scenes they played."

Well that's exactly what I'm interested in. Sounds like it's even more information than I was necessarily looking for, as I just want something that at the very least mentions the song, artist, and what episode it was in. Cool. Thanks.
Not familiar with Topping's books but it all sounds a lot better than that recent error-ridden Watcher Guide's thing. I head of some really terrible mistakes in there. Some Buffy connected writers and such even requested their names be taken off didn't they?
I dunno about the Watcher's Guide 3rd volume, but I believe Nancy Holder did ask her name to be taken off the "Chosen" novelization, which she only wrote the first few chapters for.

Long-time lurker, first-time poster (via a friend), be gentle with me(!)

In no particular order...

- Caroline: Thank you, I hugely appreciate your appreciation.

- Darkest Soul: Oh, go on, buy Last Days of Sunnydale as well. I have 14
illegitimate children and a Malibu habit to support.No, seriously, it's
got a lovely cover - Sarah looks STUNNING on it...

- JudithS: Thanks for the plug, chuck! Yes, I've got my own message
board on the Ask the Authors section at Outpost Gallifrey - if you want
to check it out go to

and that will give you the opportunity to ask me impertinent
questions... or just, you know, to chill and chat about football and
telly and rock n roll and other stuff. As for finding out what I
actually look it, it is, of course, possible that I used the photograph
of a good looking stud for my icon... In fact, I wish I had now. Also,
I'm sorry about that orange shirt - it seemed like a good idea at the
time. (The photo was taken at a convention in LA in 2000 and I'm afraid
that I was very, very drunk at the time...)

- Garda39: The Complete Slayer is, indeed, a kind-of 'Greatest Hits'
collection of the various Slayer's over the years - hence I wasn't at
all happy with Virgin's decision to call it The Complete Slayer. I quite
liked The Concise Slayer myself! Basically, the word-count of the three
books - Slayer, Slayer: The next Generation and Slayer: The Last Days of
Sunnydale - put together is 318,000 and this one had to be,
approximately 268,000 to fit into 720 pages (that's, apparently, the
biggest that a paperback book can get before the spine disintegrates on
contact with the air - or something). As Rob Francis said on the BBCi
site, 'forests will be nervous...' So, that all of that ultimately meant
losing approximately 50,000 words text from the three books. A lot of
that figure went in duplication and some of what I considered to be the
less important parts of the book - I've dropped the section on the Buffy
novels, for instance. Obviously, losing what amounted to about a sixth
of the wordcount of a text meant some rather hard decisions. There were
times when I felt a bit like I was in Sophie's Choice - you know, "which
of your children would you like us to kill tonight, Mr Topping." But,
ultimately, I think the new revised text - which includes some new
material that isn't in ANY of the previous editions and a lot of errata
being sorted out - is really tight and effective. It's lost some (though
by no means all) of the waffle. It's pretty good, even if I do say so
myself. I recommend it to this house...

- forcorreo: Yes, there is a "soundtrack" section for each episode,
where applicable noting what songs were played and who they're by. I've
tried to name every piece of non-source music used in Buffy (I.e. all
the stuff that Chris Beck or Thomas Wanker or whoever didn't write
specifically for the programme). It's *almost* complete - inevitably in
144 episodes there are bound to be three or four little snatches of
music that escape obvious identification but I think I've got very close
to naming them all.

- fruit punch mouth: I love you and I want to marry you!

Also a big thank you to DebW who kindly posted a couple of replies for
me to queries in the past.

If anybody's vaguely interested, I'm currently working on a final season
Angel book, to be called Hollywood Vampire: The Apocalypse (just signed
the contracts with Virgin yesterday for that one). The delivery for that
is early October - which is fun cos I'm going to be in Germany for a
week in August so I guess I'll have to take the laptop with me yet
again. Every holiday I have seems to end that way! Assuming I complete
it in time, it should be in the shops around March or April of next

Thanks for sending along Topping's message! I checked out the ask-the-authors part of that site he linked, and I didn't see a Topping posting board. Just a page that said there were no posts there. Do you know how to get to the posting board?
hey thanks for that debw, that was very nice of Mr Topping to write what he did.
Have a go at this ( you'll have to cut and paste I think)

I'm not sure if you have to register first otherwise you go to home page then to "ask the authors" then to Ask Keith Topping" and to the last page of that thread and yes there are posts there .. quite a lot of them

did that make any sense whatsoever??

DEB :)
Oh by the way Keith is posting via me because he tried to register and the board isn't accepting new members at the moment . Just thought I should explain that .
Sign ups are (sometimes) open on weekends. Hint hint.
Ok well thank you for the further information, Keith Topping, if you see this.

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