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"Harmony has minions?"
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July 13 2004

'Versal Shindig description and pictures by ironcladotter.  One of several fans went to Universal Studios to try to get a glimpse of the production. Rosie also relays her experience here. ETA: The first in-depth report from an extra is now up here.

The reports from actual extras haven't really started coming in yet though, since many of them are on airplanes or just plain tired.

I seriously cannot wait for this movie, it's gonna be such an event for all Firefly fans everywhere... I pray it's a success... it so deserves it
JOSS so deserves it! Another year.. *groans*
The cast is so great to press hands and smile for photos. I'm really impressed with the blogging as well. But work with me here: we don't really know anything about the movie yet, do we?

I want to imagine that Joss has drilled everyone on his spoilerphobia. In my world, the cast will meet-n-greet since they know the fanbase has made the movie possible, but they won't spill a single bean.

What happens when the inevitable leaks begin to appear? Will there be keelhaulings, with keel or no? Will the fans voluntarily cover their eyes? Will Joss command that the gates be sealed and the silverware counted?

Or will the whole gorram script hit the 'net around Christmas time? I think that will make me cranky. Down with leaks! Down with leaks! Who's with me?
I know the plot. I read a synopsis. Want I should tell?

JUST KIDDING! I know you guys would kill me. Email me if you want to know.
I love the 'talking shrubbery'. So Monty Python.

Some PAs would've thrown 'em out for snooping in the bushes, and would've accused them of being papparazzi or something. But not a Serenity PA. No sirree. The whole cast and crew really does seem to go out of their way to be nice to the fans. How refreshing.

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