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July 13 2004

IMDb Salutes Hollywood Blondes. Two of our favourite blondes are #1 and #2. :D

And neither of them is actually blonde!
must of been a blonde that did the list!

ha! i'm so witty ;)
I'd be amused if that was the joke -- that everyone listed actually had a different natural hair color and thus were "Hollywood blonds." Certainly more than a few in there who aren't natural blonds, but probably quite a lot who are.
Hollywood Blondes sounds so much better than Hollywood Bottled Blondes. But it sure ain't the truth.
I can't think of anyone who is a natural blond...

I have a friend who swears she is naturally...but is brown...just cause when she was two she had blonde hair...

*rolls eyes*
Check out the "photo date" on SMG's -- 1920?!
Several(many?) of the most prototypical "blondes" have in fact dyed their hair - Marilyn, Jean Harlow, Madonna. According to some academic commentators, being "blonde" is more a state of mind than an accident of birth. If you think of it that way, it makes some sort of sense for the top "Hollywood Blondes" to not actually be blonde.

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