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November 15 2002

(SPOILER) "It's not winding down. It's coming to an end". Why Anthony Stewart Head believes this season will be the last.

Ya know, I wish someone would give a firm answer on this. I'm tired of "It's on", "It's off", "It's on", "It's off", which is it?????? Everyone interviewed has a different opinion. Someone needs to make a friggin decision, and until they have one, shut up about it.
But I'm not sore about it!
I suspect Joss is simply building up hopes for another season so that the impending apocolypse will feel more apocolyptic. All non-Joss indications seem to be that this is it.
There was a post on the B C & S spoiler board a couple of weeks ago about a meeting that would take place on the 19th of this month regarding whether there would be an 8th season. But I have no idea if this rumour is true or not.
The conspiracy theorist in me could have a field day about all this.

For example, it could simply be that Whedon and Co. are a bit perturbed with all the spoilerishness among the fan community - especially online. So they want us all to just simply not know what's going on. I'm not suggesting Whedon's pulling the strings of everyone involved like a mad puppeteer. It may not be all that organized. There could be a sort of unspoken agreement among the principals involved or they might all be acting independently of one another. Periodically, cast and crew alike grab the ear of a journalist or suspected Fan Narc among their own aquaintences and lets fly a soundbyte quote of vaguey goodness. Maybe SMG knows whether or not she's coming back but has chosen to not make her decision public. Maybe ASH really does wanna hang out more at home with his family, and has used the choice on Whedon's part to keep Giles out of the picture as an opportunity to playfully tease the fans, but also honestly wants to come back to the show... Naw, he's probably not doing anything political except when it comes to putting his family first, which is very respectable and cool. I mean whether there's a season eight or not, don't expect Ripper to be in the picture. Hopefully within a year or two they'll honestly get his BBC mini-series thing going. I've always wanted to see Giles in his own element, and NOT riding in the sidecar alongside Buffy for once. The character's strong enough to stand alone. He needs a chance to do that.

For the most part, the Mutant Enemy gang will do their best to keep us all guessing both on and off the show until it's crunchtime. Between the last first-run of this year and the first first-run of next year, during all the reruns over the holidays, they'll probably try to make us think it's going on when it's not, or that there won't be a season eight when they all know deep down it is. It's actually a good way to encourage publicity and keep people talking about Buffy around the water cooler. They'll have us all second-guessing ourselves and keep the cat in the bag until the fat lady cleans her pipes.

Or they could just honestly be a bunch of indecisive, disorganized, shadow-fearing imbeciles at Mutant Enemy (blasphemy alert). Anything's possible at this point.
I think they are being indecisive. My theory on that goes something like this: Joss is waiting until he finds out how far Firefly will go. It's a short theory. Shush. The guy might want to keep things as simple for himself as possible. He hasn't been as hands-on with Buffy as he has in the past, true. And he definitely can't be with a new show. I've been wondering if Firefly stays, will Buffy go? And if Firefly goes, will Buffy stay? It's probably not as clearcut as this. There are probably other factors. But I can't help but feel like maybe this is one. Both shows seem up in the air. I'd feel horrible to lose both almost at once.

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