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July 15 2004

No Emmy nominations for Angel ,despite hope from fans that Joss Whedon and co would be rewarded for years of quality TV. Genre TV wise: Alias and 24 got 8 noms, Carnivale 7, Enterprise 4, Battlestar Galactica 3, Kingdom Hospital 2 and Stargate 1.

Oh and Joan of Arcadia got 3 but I don't care one bit about that show.

Gee what a surprise. Angel does get the Electricspacegirl Award for best show, best actors, best writing, best special effects...etc, hands down!
I'm not sure how seriously we can take an award ceremony that has a Best Haircut category.

And how do nominations in Cinematography, Make-up, and sound mixing lead to a nomination for Best Drama? Apparently if your show is called CSI, then anything is possible.

Deadwood recieves nominations in several acting categories, overall casting, dramatic direction, dramatic writing, and art direction and yet doesn't get a best drama nod ahead of something as blah as CSI? The Danes have to be turning up their noses...
Yeah, and 2 of those nominations for joan of Arcadia happened to be Best Drama and Lead Actress in a Drama, Yet angel gets none, I'm so pissed off right now. It's all the WB's Fault. If Angel was on one of the big 4 networks right now, it would at least have a nomination. I'm going to find a way to blame the WB for everything that happens in the world now.
Pleeease, Powers That Be at HBO-- make Joss Whedon your golden boy after David Chase whacks The Sopranos. Pleeeaaassseee!!!
eeeerrrrrrr, * hits a pillow that has the WB sign on it * still not helping, here kitty kitty
electricspacegirl, it gets all the same Chris in Virginia Awards, too.

Bloody idiots.
Battlestar Galactica? BATTLE-frickin'-STAR GALACTICA! Well, congrats then. In salute I offer my one-eyed chrome-covered warrior beast. I got your Emmy, right here. Feldercarb.
How can Enterprise get 4 nominations, and Angel not get a single one, it's just not right.
In some good news Amy McIntyre Britt has got a nomination for casting for a show that I can't remeber and I seem to remember Alexa Davalos getting naked in the Emmy Nominated "And Starring Pancho Villa as himself"

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It is very unfortunate that Angel didn't get any nominations, but I take issue that Enterprise doesn't deserve any. The first couple of seasons may not be the best written television ever produced (it may be classed as some of the worst), but the third season showed promise in direction. But these awards aren't just about writing, they cover everything, and to say that the technical team doesn't deserve awards doesn't quite fit, for whatever state the writing and the stories are, the procuction values have always been excellent.

First nomination for Enterprise is Make Up in Zero Hour - the finale, which deserves a nomination for the shear amount of different aliens (not your bumpy forehead variations).
(Angel should have received a nomination in this one for any episode with Slave Boy, but definitely Life of the Party).

Next nomination music for a single episode - Similitude. Most modern Trek scores from the last couple of TNG seasons onwards, are bland, but occasionally they produce a really great episodic score. I've not seen Similitude so can't judge.
(I would have nominated the best Angel score of season 5 to be either The Girl in Question, or Power Play).

Next two are for, best visual effects and special effects, episode Countdown. Enterprise special effects are gorgeous and deserve an award. I wouldn't have particulary singled out this episode.
(As for Angel, I can't remember all that many effects shots, but for visual effects I'd nominate the machine gun shootout in Underneath. And special effects, nothing comes to mind except the final shots in Not Fade Away which were far too brief)
i shouldn't be shocked, but i am. ?!?!!
There's an article reacting to the nominations here.

As an unapologetic Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, the mind boggles at how this character rich and philosophically challenging tour de force was scoffed at year after year by Emmy. Other entertaining shows facing the same non-nominated fate are the WB's defunct Angel and Showtime's, Dead Like Me.
Smile Time so deserved at least a mention.
somehow i am not surprised...
ahhh...please...THEY don't deserve US! F*%$ their emmy!
This is just weird.

I could understand more "mainstream" fare being nominated over Angel, because, well, something whose base genre is fantasy tends to be invisible to the Emmy nominating committee.

Law & Order, CSI, even Alias (which had an awful season -- even J.J. Abrams admits that he was horrified at some of the scripts) -- this is Standard Operating Procedure for the Academy.

But (nominally) science fiction shows being nominated over Angel? Battlestar Galactica? Stargate??!! (I would say something about Enterprise, as I kicked the Star Trek habit many years ago -- but I have heard from reliable sources that they did pretty well this year.)

So, the Emmy nominations committee finally has geeks on it... but geeks with no taste. Pfui.
Not surprising that Angel, once again, got the shaft. Still, I'm aghast that the music wasn't at least recognized. Rob Kral has consistently scored some of the most evocative, moving, distinctive music of any series I've ever seen; I don't think it's overstating the issue to say that Angel wouldn't be Angel without it.

I mean, haven't these Emmy people heard he's got an album coming out? OF THE SHOW'S MUSIC???
Even this is a stretch, but the only thing worth mentioning about the Emmy noms is that Zoic did the EFX for nominee Battlestar Galactica. Recall Serenity coming into view through the window overhead? Can't. Wait. Until. April . . .
Ah those Award Shows are all nonsense. From the Oscars to the Emmies. Can't even get all that angry. Weell, a little angry. And no I don't see Enterprise being more deserving than Angel from what I've seen. Which, granted, isn't much, but I heard something about an ending with Nazi Space Aliens??

I guess Star Trek as a franchise is famous enough for the Emmies to show they're 'hip' to the genre community too or something.

And technically all those cop shows are decent quality. All the CSI's and the Law & Orders, but they're also so incredibly....I don't know....clinical and bland. Like Cola without bubbles. Don't really see it, but then I suppose I'm just another fringe genre weirdo.....I'll just wait for my DVD set of Angel S4 and ignore the Mutual Backslapping Award events.
... I'm just another fringe genre weirdo.....I'll just wait for my DVD set of Angel S4 and ignore the Mutual Backslapping Award events.

Well, as a fellow fringe genre weirdo, may I join you on the couch to ignore the Hollywood establishment and enjoy TV that -- even though it never won official recognition -- definitely doesn't suck?

It's desperate times for TV at my house, that's for sure. I watch more PBS than I did when I was a pre-schooler, just for lack of anything else being on that doesn't insult my intelligence, or make me feel I've totally wasted an hour of my life.

Oddly enough, the Nielsen people called and left a message for me today to do an interview; I'm calling them back tomorrow. Boy, are they gonna get an earful. ;)
Ok - just a reminder to those who are not aware - first you have to be nominated or put in the running to be concidered for an Emmy - mostly this is done by the network airing the show ie Angel would have been nominated by the WB - obviously that wasn't going to happen. Also there is a nomination fee that must be paid for every nomination, again WB ain't going to do it on Angels behalf. Now with that said, not to just lay the blame for no Angel noms at the WB feet - FOX, Mutant Enemy, and any other producer of the show could have also put the show in the running for a nomination if they wanted but no one it seemed even took an interest in nominating it, again normal nominations come from the networks, they foot the bill to get shows on the emmy concideration ballot - which started back in March (btw). The same holds true for the individual actors of the show - their management could have paid the fee and got them in the running for a nomination but that is rarely done without the network backing it. However it seemed no one wanted to foot the bill for anything from the Angel camp to get in the running.
How is 24 considered genre TV? Love it to death, it's one of Fox's few decent shows, but it's pretty mainstream. The format may have a cult hit/genre "feel" (it's got a bit of La Femme Nikita in it, which is no surprise considering some of the same people from that series created 24), but it basically falls into the same category as any serialized cop drama (although it outdoes all of them in my opinion, with the exclusion of The Shield).
Kris - I think 24's genre appeal is that is not the normal formula for a cop show - the fact that it is 1 day spread over 24 hours or weeks as the case may be. Tends to set it appart from other cop dramas that end up tiding everything up within the one hour format. The arc makes it unique and unique shows fall outside of the norm and into genre.
RavenU - thanks for all the information on the nominations procredure. It now makes sense that Angel was overlooked; however I am still angry that such a great show, with such wonderful performances can end without any nominations or awards from the industry.

We all know this was a wonderful show. It just would have been nice to see it get nominated and possibly win a high profile award like the Emmy.
Do we really care about the Emmys? I didn't even hear about them til I saw this subject. I mean, how can you take seriously an awards show that nominates The West Wing - a show that was cancelled a year ago?

Oh ... it wasn't cancelled? It's still on? I'll be damned.

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