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July 15 2004

Wonderfalls DVD Update. The release is still scheduled for Dec. 7, and the eps will be in 16:9 widescreen. Several commentaries have already been recorded.

I was hoping for a fullscreen release. Only "Cocktail Bunny" and "Caged Bird" were framed for widescreen. But as long as it's released, I'll be buying it.

Can't wait :) Even though I've now seen more unaired episodes than there were eps that actually aired, I look forward to watching the DVD set from start to finish in glorious widescreen.
They thought about releasing only "Cocktail Bunny" and "Caged Bird" in widescreen and the rest in full, but ultimately decided to go with widescreen for all (as far as I know, anyway; Bryan says he's "99% sure" that's what they'll be).

I'm happy they managed to get Caroline and Katie (and Scotch) for commentary; they had to fly to New York to record it. I kind of wish we could get some more people on there (Lee Pace would be great, and Tim Minear), but this is still very good.
I purposely have been staying away from any downloading of unaired Wonderfalls because I want to wait for the DVDs. I figured if the DVDs never come out, I can always download them later.

It's fantastic that the DVDs are being made, and so soon even. This is a set that is definitely on my list.

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I've been doing the same thing, but even avoiding the previously aired ones too. Some DVD goodness to look forward to.
I was in withdrawal severely and I had read the scripts anyway. I had no restraint with regards to this show hehe... However I haven't read or seen the final episode and I will make myself watch them all again before I watch the finale.
Yep, I haven't seen *any* Wonderfalls yet. On the one hand, I have been somewhat deprived of participating in discussion about the show; on the other, I'm really looking forward to a gleaming new series to enjoy on DVD. Oh wait - you say it's already been cancelled? Damn. (Par for the course for me I'm afraid.)

Dilemma now is: should I attend the panel discussion and screening at Comic-Con or not? Tim and Bryan (and Cranberry ;)) et al. pleasure now versus unadulterated viewing enjoyment later.
Here in Brazil, and I believe it applies to the rest of the Latin america, FOX started to show WOnderfalls last week, today's it will be the second broadcast. It seems they might show all the 13 episodes.
They did show the whole run of Firefly episodes, even out of order, but they did.
SoddingNancyTribe, if you're going to attend the Comic-Con screening (which is going to be great), you should watch at least the four aired episodes beforehand. The ones being screened at the con are from near the end of the season (they're episodes 10 and 11 of the 13 -- they're often mislabeled as 9 and 10, though). They're kind of the high point of the show's arc, so if you haven't seen any episodes, you'll probably be confused.
Thanks for the word, Cran! Obvious Q: is there an easy place where can I find the 4 of which you speak? (In meantime, I'll look for downloads . . . )
No easy place, unfortunately, unless a friend taped them. I think you'd have to rely on downloads.

I've only seen the 4 aired epis and while it's snarky and somewhat witty, in my opinion, it's not got the general appeal of a Buffy. I may have been more impressed as the episodes continued, but it certainly didn't grab me like the first few epis of Firefly did. Of course, I just rewatched the first season of Buffy, and 4 episodes into that, I'm not sure I would have thought it interesting enough to keep watching. But hubby used the lure of the Spike to get me hooked in season 2, so I had no choice!

I guess I'm just saying, don't get your hopes up too high. It was a decent show, working its way toward solid. And my philosophy is to always keep my expectations low so I can never be disappointed and can only be pleasantly surprised! I was NOT thinking I'd like Firefly, but it blew me away. Space-western? Two genres I don't like very much. But Joss managed to make it work in a big way.
Wonderfalls' episodes got better and better as the season went on. "Crime Dog," "Cocktail Bunny" and the finale, "Caged Bird," are three of the best hours of TV I've seen in quite some time. I enjoyed the first few episodes and they definitely got me hooked on the show, but I like the unaired ones a lot better.
RogueS: Snarky and witty go a long way in my book. In fact, they pretty much sum up my book, which may be why I'm not a published author. . .

But our tastes may be somewhat different - I was pretty much grabbed by Buffy about, say, 3 and one-half minutes into "The Puppet Show" (the first ep I caught) and the interplay between the Scoobs, Giles, and Principal Snyder. And that grip never, um, let go.

As you say, genre descriptions mean nothing. I've never watched any "teen high school" thing before or since BtVS. (And, of course, being English, I never went to High School). OK, that's a lie. I adore "My So-Called Life". But nothing else. I remain prepared to enjoy Wonderfalls. And I've liked pretty much everything else Tim Minear has written.
Oh yeah, and I was avoiding the scripts too. I have only seen the 4 eps that aired and I think during 2 of them I was distracted by other things and they are really just a blur. So there's just lots of new Wonderfalls goodness to look forward to!

I remember telling my friend after the second episode aired how brilliant the writing was and the dialogue reminded me of Buffy and I said, "You know, this could be the next Buffy." Not that it is the same genre or anything, but that it could, if given the chance, be a show that inspires the kind of fan response that Buffy does.

Wonderfalls is very quotable. It's so witty I literally laughed out loud many times, and I don't usually do that with TV, and it's got a special kind of magic that is part writing, part direction, and very much because of Caroline Dhavernas. She's got that certain something that makes you love watching her.

So I was very, very sad about the cancellation. I saw it as a missed opportunity for TV greatness. But I guess I should be getting used to that by now, huh?

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Caroline Dhavernas. She's got that certain something that makes you love watching her.

That I will give you, for sure. She's not some pretty bimbo that is just there to look at. As a matter of fact, I find her rather bland and nondescript lookswise, but she really makes it work. She is the perfect blend of aloof and bored and blase, hehe.......

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