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July 16 2004

Marti Noxon's "Point Pleasant " Moves Ahead. Fox network has ordered additional scripts for the proposed supernatural series "Point Pleasant," from former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" executive producer Marti Noxon.

Well at least we know why Fox don't like 'Still Life'. I wonder if we'll see Marti working with Jane.
Just for the record - I live in New Jersey in Keyport, Point Pleasant really does exists. It is less than 1/2 hr from my house.

Hope we get to see this one I have always enjoyed Marti's work on Buffy.
It sounds like it will be dark and mysterious...just what I like!
I really hope this makes it to the TV screen. I know a lot of people didn't like Noxon's work on Buffy season 6 but I personally thought it was great. Life really is the big bad. I can't wait to see more of her work.
I'll definitely try to catch it if anything ever happens. Marti's in my personal Hall of Fame not so much for the Season Six stuff as for some of her earlier eps. "I Only Have Eyes for You" is just superlative, IMHO, and then there's "The Wish", the schmaltzy-but-in-a-good-way "The Prom", the terrific S4 trio of "Wild At Heart", "Goodbye Iowa", and "New Moon Rising", and "Into the Woods", which just breaks me up. I think her role in the (unfairly) maligned S6 has cast somewhat of a shadow over some of this great earlier body of work.

I do feel, though, that she might be one of those writers who benefits from working alongside a more - how should I put this? - *upbeat* person. She does darkness beautifully, but darkness is always more effective in contrast to light.
"It's kind of Peyton Place meets The Omen"

In other words, Twin Peaks.
First, I'm glad Noxon is getting a chance to do this. I didn't get hooked on Buffy until season six.

I'm VERY wary of anything slated to be developed for the Fox network. Fox screwed both Firefly (Whedon) and Wonderfalls (Minear). Fox messed with their scheduling and utterly failed to promote them. It's like Fox went out of it's way to make sure these shows would fail. Why bother to spend the money to develop these types of shows if they are not willing to put in the time and effort to support the shows once they hit the air?!

I hope Ms. Noxon is already developing the plans for the DVD set. If Berman sticks to her usual form, we won't see more than 4 episodes of "Point Pleasant" before it gets yanked (and Fox probably won't show those 4 in the correct order).
I've been looking forward to this show since I heard about it. It looks interesting. I like Marti Noxon's writing on Buffy.

I don't think we need to assume FOX will mistreat it like they did Firefly and Wonderfalls. If they like a show, they will support it. Maybe they will like Point Place. Arrested Development is still on the air, and that's a really good show that was struggling for ratings. I'm not throwing out the chickens just yet.

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I thought they'd produced about half a dozen episodes for Still Life, maybe more, like eight or so...? At least that's what I remember being reported on earlier this year. 'Cause the pilot definitely got greenlit, and the plans were originally to have it premiere in January as a mid-season replacement. So they had a number of episodes ready to air and were waiting to hear from Fox whether the show would air...and then it was shelved, there were a few rumors that it'd air in the summer, and then it was speculated that it was gone for good ('cause Fox is almost never prompt about confirming a show's status if it's in limbo). Sooo...does Fox just take that as a loss and not even try to release the series on DVD or bother airing it at all? Kinda ridiculous. I'll admit to my main reason for wanting to see it being Morena Baccarin, and also to see what Marti could do outside the Mutant Enemy offices...but it sounded like a potentially interesting concept.

I doubt I'll bother with Point Pleasant. whirligig is right, it sounds like a Twin Peaks rip-off, but more importantly, I'm not getting attatched to any more Fox series.
6 episodes of "Still Life" were produced, but they never planned to air them in January (that month was original set for the premiere of "Wonderfalls").

I really hope "Point Pleasant" makes it. It seems like a great show.
I got the Twin Peaks feeling too, Whirligig. A girl washes up on shore? I guess the twist this time is she's alive...or is she? And is that a fish in the percolator...or something infinitely more sinister?

Ah, Twin Peaks. Lara Flynn Boyle before she got all twiggy. Agent Cooper. Sherilyn Fenn. Good times.
Rereading the premise for Still Life, isn't this kind of like the ABC show "Desperate Housewives?" I ended up seeing the pilot for that show, and I have to admit...Berman's probably right.
I miss Twin Peaks too, Giles. And, personally speaking (don't shoot me anyone!) I think the concept behind Point Pleasant, which should play to Martin Noxon's strengths (strong supporter of season 6, moi) is far stronger than Minear's Wonderfalls or Noxon's own Still Life. I wish the project well.
I wish Marti Noxon the best of luck with Point Pleasent. Having never seen Twin Peaks (I will one day! Honest!), it won't have much to compare itself against.

And I loved Season 6. I loved most of her episodes (Bad Eggs, Beauty and the Beasts and something else, I cannot remember for the life of me being the only ones I really didn't care for of hers) and I think she's my third favorite Buffyverse writer (Joss and Ultimate Drew taking the first two spots). But as someone said, she will need a more upbeat person to balance herslef with, it's not that she can't do light. She just excells at darkness. And despite what some people say she can do humour--witness Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

I hope this show shocks everyone by surviving. And doing well. And... never mind. It's being done by Fox.

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