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July 16 2004

'First Daughter' trailer. In his biggest film role to date, Marc Blucas stars alongside Katie Holmes and Michael Keaton in a girl meets boy, falls in love with boy yadda yadda film.

Probably rent it on DVD but I hope its a hit for him.

I remember hearing about it being moved back from a Winter release - usually bad news. The same blurb, though, hinted that the backers were pleased their film wouldn't come out alongside Mandy Moore's formulaic "Chasing Liberty," as "First Daughter" is apparently a much richer film.

How much of that's just bluster, I don't know.
Was stupidly amused to see that Jerry O'Connell, former paramour of SMG, co-wrote the script that features MB, former paramour of Buffy, as the boyfriend guy (and dorm resident no less)! I believe O'Connell was originally set to star, but dropped out of the picture around the time Forest Whitaker came on board as director.
Wow. That looks... awful.
I believe O'Connell was originally set to star

Actually, Jerry began writing the script when he and SMG were dating, intending it as a vehicle they could star in together. Ironic how it turned out, eh?
wren: that's where I was going with that, yeah . . . ;)
Cool.I'd like to see how cheesy the movie turns out.Is it gonna be like The Notebook?Hmm...I wonder...
Sorry for my ignorance, but when did SMG and Jerry O'Connell date? And who else did she date before the talented Mr Prinze Jr? Guess I'm not up on SMG's romantic history!
You mean he wrote it five or six years

Was it stuck in development hell?
Ermmm, no idea?

(OK, that wasn't very convincing. Pretty much confirmed: Elliot Segal, NY station Z100 morning DJ; O'Connell; Jan-Michael Gambill, tennis player; also linked to Matt Perry, and David Boreanaz. SMG has variously denied each one of these, although she pretty much admitted to seeing Segal on one of the Howard Stern interviews.)

Yeah, I do read every interview I can get my hands or ears on - just so that you good people don't have to. :)
Thanks SoddingNancyTribe! And please, no embarrassment for knowing this. I was surprised at myself for not knowing...
well, i'm not thinking "serious movie magic" or anything...but it might be fun to rent. and of course, marc is just adorable, too. ;)
I wish him success...I'm sure my daughter and I will see it at the theatre or when it comes on DVD.

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