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July 18 2004

Tru Calling DVDs - Fox 'are working on it'. But no indication when they will be released.

I bet The Onion is salivating at the idea of more fodder for their Commentary Tracks Of The Damned.
Hmm not sure if I would buy this. I really didn't enjoy season 1 at all. The only above-average episode in my opinion was the season finale.

With that said I hope that the next seasons is greatly improved, but I'm not entirely sure if I will be watching it.
At this point I'm not interested in buying this. If season 2 is a better season I might be interested in continuing to watch it but I don't think Tru is a show I will want to keep in my personal library.

It would have to completely blow me away, and be the kind of show I can watch over and over again for me to want to buy the DVDs. I don't see that happening.

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The trouble is we complain about 'Tru Calling' about being sub par. And we also complain about networks not givng shows room to breathe and improve because they cancel them in the first season.

Star Trek: TNG and Law and Order were pretty crap in their first seasons. And you could argue that Smallville and Enterprise have come on leaps and bounds since their first year.

'Tru Calling' has the potential to be very good (especially since Jane Espenson is now on board). Give it another year, maybe two. And if it's still bad, then I will quite happily bury it.
That is true, I did not greatly enjoy Buffy, or Star Trek:TNG first season (although I did enjoy Enterprise).

I think in this case that the cancellation of two shows like Wonderfalls and Firefly which were exceptional from the beggining makes a show like Tru, which isn't very good at all, getting renewed seem ludicrous.

Tru Calling may very well improve greatly, and if I hear that it does I will start watching again, however nothing about the first season really stood out for me.
Tru Calling' has the potential to be very good (especially since Jane Espenson is now on board).

I agree, which is why I haven't written it off just yet.
No, everytime I think of Tru Calling, I think that we could be about to enter our second series of Faith now............
It is just the irony that shows such as Tru Calling that start off so blandly get given time to improve when shows that come out all guns blazing such as Firefly, Wonderfalls and, going back a few years, Brimstone get cancelled straight away.

If there was more consistency with the networks and all shows got the same benefit of the doubt i would probably feel less like Tru Calling was unworthy of this second chance.

Anyway regardless i still think that the basic concept of the show needs expanding if they are to make it a hit series. Maybe they will turn it around, who knows?

Or more to the point do enough people even care anymore?
'guns blazing such as Firefly and Wonderfalls'.

Maybe Tru Calling is just cheaper to produce. You have to admit that Firefly was expensive, and I'm sure Wonderfalls would have cost more than Tru Calling to make. Maybe it is a keeper because they cover the cost plus make more of a profit through the advertisers. Plus it would always help to have photos of Eliza in their Annual Return Accounts.
"The trouble is we complain about 'Tru Calling' about being sub par. And we also complain about networks not givng shows room to breathe and improve because they cancel them in the first season. "

By the end of season 1 I should at least see a spark of something. I should look forward to season 2 or at least be curious. I'm not and neither are most people. It's nice that Fox finally gives a show a shot at developing itself, but why this one? The main reason we're mad is that Firefly or Wonderfalls had better reactions, better reviews, similar ratings, and were better on almost every level, yet were never given even half the chance Tru is getting. In fact, those shows they tried to kill as soon as the first episode aired.

Never saw them put Tru on the friday night deathslot. I did see them promote the crap out of it. With wet and sultry Eliza thrown at me every five minutes. Which...wasn't a bad thing.....

Ahem, anyway we're mad because Fox decides what they like and then kill of some shows without a shot, despite of reviews and reactions, then push another long past it's survival date, despire poor reactions and poor reviews, apparently just because they feel it fits their view of the kind of 'wholesome' show they want.

They wanted Firefly to be all-american heroic with cowboys in space. They wanted nice moral lessons and a hug from Cap Mal at the end. In Wonderfalls, they wanted a Joan of Arcadia but they found it was edgy, darker and snarky. So out with it. 'Tru' on the other hand, is more goody-goody and simple. More of the JoA clone they wanted, so they keep on giving it blood transfusions.

Hey if Season 2 is brilliant I'll take it all back, but I somehow doubt it.
They need to start exploring the ambivalence and the conflict that Tru might have with the idea that she could be doing more harm than good by saving everyone. If they had set that up in the finale, given all that Jack was saying about needing a balance in life and death, I'd be impressed and ready for action.

Instead they poo-pooed the idea, showing Tru as the definite hero, which leaves the story with no where to go. Unless they writers switch gears next year and explore this theme. I just don't have the faith (pun intended) that they will. They are going to have to do some major gear switching.

I am interested in Jane Espenson's addition to the staff though. I'm not completely giving up on the show, but if I miss an episode here and there, I won't cry or anything.

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I second what EdDantes said.

I've watched a couple episodes of Tru (although the version of the pilot that was on the Internet at the end of summer, that was so terrible I couldn't make myself even try the show again for a long time), and the show just doesn't have that spark that made Firefly and Wonderfalls appealing to me. And I remain bitter that Tru was the chosen show to survive. I admit it, I'm bitter, and it probably taints my perception of the show--just a little.
I third EdDantes. I watched two episodes of Tru, one towards the early part of the season, and one right at the end. For me, the show did not improve. It IS bland, lacking a "spark," and it doesn't give the viewer anything really to think about after the program is over. My gosh, look at all the real and virtual ink that has been spilled by people from all walks of life and all age groups over the Jossverse. And I'm not talking about the endless drooling over JM, etc. It is the real underlying substance of the shows that keeps viewers engaged. Where is that in Tru?
I'd like it as a gift or if I won it in a contest, but I really don't think I'd ever buy it unless it was on a clearance rack for $10 or less. I like the show, but I don't think I should buy it if I'm only going to watch less than half of the episodes. I think people will buy this, but I don't think they will be enough to blow fox away. Now if they sold the season finale alone, I'd buy that.

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