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November 17 2002

(SPOILER) AtS 4x07 "Rain of Fire" (previously entitled "Apocalypse, Nowish") - the wildfeed.

Looks like events are upsetting a lot of fans out there, across the boards. Lots of "eeews" and "I'm squicked"'s. I must be either very jaded, or overly European, because it doesn't bother me. In fact, I rather enjoy the whole Greek tragedy-ness of it all.

I have read some of the comments on other boards and at this point I don't know how I feel about Cordy and Connor being together. I must admit I was cheering on the behalf of Connor when the poor guy kept getting shot down like from the hooker that he saved and from Cordelia several times before and after that. I think it was good that he got some but I feel bad that it was from Cordy exspecially when it was almost immediately after Cordy opened up to Angel with her true feelings. All in all though I think it was a great episode!!
I think this was a really good episode. While the dialogue wasn't amazing, and the effects were of the typical semi-not-crap quality, the strength of the episode was in the fact that for once the entire universe within which the characters exist was affected.

I've found it to be one of the things lacking in most ME productions (and most main stream programs for that matter). Every year some giant evil strikes and is eventually defeated, but the events of the story arc don't usually impact anyone outside the central characters.

Fire from the sky most definitely impacts a whole bunch of people.
I think the Connor and Cordelia thing is such a big mistake. It ruined that great ep for me and basically turns Angel into the Jerry Springer show. For all intents and purposes, Cordelia is his mom(at the very least, his sister) because she was the most involved besides Angel, in taking care of Connor as a baby. She is part of his family. Yes, the world might be ending, but sex with your son surrogate ain't the way to end it all. I'm not sure if I can watch the show anymore. Since the first hints of this, I've been very worried they would make this mistake. Maybe they can kill both of them off or erase this event from ever happening, but Cordelia just betrayed any love she had for Angel. I think the writers have been setting this up all season, and seemed almost obsessed with making sure Cordelia and Connor were together. Sick bastards.
Or, Charisma Carpenter got pregnant and this was the only way they could work it into the storyline. I mean, take a look at Charisma, she either gained weight and got itty bitty breast implants, or she's a few months pregnant. methinks the latter, based purely on the clothes they've been dressing her in, and the camera angles when she's on screen.
Yes, she is pregnant, there was press release about it yesterday.
I also think the Cordy Connor thing is just gross. It gave me the willy's watching it, and I cringed when it showed that Angel saw them together. I think U2Prince is right, Cordy and Connor are pretty much relatives. And Cordy tells Angel that she loves him but needs some time to deal with what she saw him do a hundred years ago? So this is how she's spending that time? Doing his son? Doesn't seem like something Cordy would do. I think they made a big mistake, though I'll still watch the show because sadly,I can't control myself.
She's 21, he's 18, they're not related, what's gross about it? It's deliciously Oedipal.

I think it's a lot less gross than all this shagging of dead bodies that goes on in the Buffy/Angel-verse.
I agree with prolific -- the Connor/Cordelia thing isn't gross so much as kinky and kinda, well, WRONG. I'll have to watch the episode again before I can really say, but I'm not quite sure WHY Cordelia gave it up for Lil' Angel. The whole "you've never had anything real so let's do it" spiel doesn't explain her motivation -- or rather, at most it's only one component of a much more complex puzzle.

But there's little doubting that sometimes what's kinky and wrong is the biggest turn-on of all. Cordelia DID kiss the kid, didn't she? She obviously had naughty feelings for him before, but wasn't willing (or able) to act on them until the sky starting falling.

And of course there's always the possibility of Divine Interference. Why DID Cordelia come back from the Higher Realms? What IS she now? A human, a demon, a half-breed? Why DID the Beast emerge from the spot where Connor was born? Is it possible that Cordelia was sent back mainly to have sex with Connor and thus create a second-generation abomination? And if so, what does that mean in regards to this season? Will Cordelia's pregnancy be sped up a la "Expecting" from Season One? (And how sped up can it be when Charisma is actually pregnant?)

And Angel seeing them together... my God... he must be so pissed. This is not going to be good. This is going to be very, very bad. I'm not even worried about the sky falling -- I'm worried about Angel going on a rampage.
Prolific, if you don't think of them as related, just how would it be "deliciously Oedipal"?
u2prince -- I think what prolific meant was that it's not gross because they're not ACTUALLY related. The situation is only psuedo-Oedipdal.
I also think Angel will go crazy when he finds out. That should be very entertaining. Although, if Angel didn't get mad when Connor left him under the sea, who knows how he'll react? I hope violently;)
I see what you mean, Klemm. Perhaps psuedo-Oedipal is the best way to phrase it. BTW, did you name yourself after Clem on Buffy? Love that character.
Does anyone else think Apocalypse Nowish (coined by The Host) was a much better title than the generic, Rain of Fire? Are there going to be dragons? :)
If the world was ending and you had someone that loved you there, wouldn't you want to get it on? That's how I interpreted Cordy letting Connor, um, "stake" her.
Psuedo-oedipal, check.

It's a very different title, isn't it? Apocalypse Nowish is cutish. Rain of Fire is ominous. I'm guessing Franchise Ford Coppola didn't like the former.
RE: Ep title change... I wondered if they changed the title because Coppola and Co. didn't appreciate the homage. But then I thought, "What's the chance of Coppola giving a crap about some TV show (no matter how much I think everyone should be down with Angel and Buffy)?" I came to the conclusion that they must have changed it on their own. And in my opinion -- bad idea. Apocalypse Nowish is a MUCH better title. Sure, it's a kinda cute title for a very un-cute episode, but that fits so well with the style of dialogue Buffy and Angel have always had. When Lorne said, "I hate to be the boy who cried 'apocalypse nowish,'" I wasn't thinking cute -- I was thinking, Uh-oh.

I'm gonna keep my downloaded Kazaa-shared file titled "Angel 4x07 - Apocalypse Nowish." I don't care what ME wants us to call it.

And yeah, u2prince, I'm named after the much-beskinned Clem of Season 6 fame. For some reason I always thought his name would be spelled Klemm, so that's what I went with even though I've since learned better.
I think it was more of a WB thing re: Apocalypse Nowish. They're always coming up with stupid special names for their "very special events" (especially with shows that aren't doing so well, i.e. Dawson's Creek and Charmed, does anyone remember "Dawson's Creek: The Storm"?). Apocalypse Nowish is an intelligent title that reeks of Whedon's valley slang. methinks the WB honchos just didn't get it, and therefore wanted something more ominous to stick on a 30 second spot.
Re: the Connor-Cordy thing

I imagine Joss decided to go with it precisely because it would get the kind of polarized reactions he likes. I agree with prolific: it's just oedipal enough to be interesting.

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