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July 21 2004

Evil Willow Cartoons. Very funny and naughty Evil Willow cartoons. NC-17. Not safe for work.

OMG! I still can't stop LMAO!

You may want to put a "Probably not safe for work" note on that, heh.
Aw, I've seen those before on another group. They were funny but yeah not work safe.
Filthy and funny, so yeah, not work-safe. The bright colors and the giggling tend to attract too much curiousity.

Buffy's eyes do a lot of changing color from blue to brown, though, don't they? It's a little confusing. I know it's a comic, but consistency to avoid confusion isn't a bad thing. (And they're really hazel-y green, from what I recall on the show.)
Vaguely amusing. Defnitely NSFW :)
First can I thank you for finding these hilarious little gems again, I saw them on their original website a few years back but the site was shut down and I lost them…not this time im saving every single one to my Hard drive…thanks again Spikebad --- Hahaha. Classic.
They are so...cute!

I mean the content is way adult and all, but the art is just adorable. Kinda anime, kinda Elfquest.

Loved Angel with Connor in his backpack staking Dru. Funny!
Maybe these are actually storyboards for the new animated series....

Oh please god let it be true!
If these were the storyboards for the new animated I would cry myself to sleep. What's next, Buffy Plushy/Furry Porn? Angels and ministers of grace, etc. ;)
Your welcome Willozbitch. I saw them and I knew I just had to post them.

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