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July 22 2004

Showrunner John Rogers clarifies Amber issue at AICN. Herc sounds off and insists Amber Benson would be perfect for lead role on Global Frequency. He gets email note from showrunner John Rogers who approached Amber in first place.

Now that more of the facts are coming out, I think it's clear that the reason for the Amber blacklist is not because she played a lesbian, but rather because she is not the rail-thin waif network execs are convinced is needed to star in a big TV show.

Which really, really, really, really, really, really,really,really,really, really, really,really,really,really sucks.

Network Executives:Proving Darwin wrong since 1949
I'm wondering if this will do Amber any favours. We will no doubt see an Internet campaign by Amber's fans to convince the WB to let her test.

And I'm confused why the character of Katrina is described as the female lead when Miranda Zero in the comic book is the actual female lead.
Simon, when did any comicbook adaption ever make it to television intact?

I remember reading in TV Zone years ago that there would be a television adaption of Mutant X, the then Havok led team of alternate reality X-Men. It mentioned that there would be a few minor changes to the story to allow for a television budget.

These "minor changes" ended up being a totally reinvention of the team and concept to the point where the only similarity ended up being the team name and the use of the term "mutant".

Hopefully Global Frequency won't suffer the same fate and at least remain true to the intended story.
Warlock, there is a guy named Alex who runs the team, just cause he's old and has dark hair...

I know this only cause I've had to ask friends what the hell was going on.
Hmm. I'm interested in this now, but I really dont feel like holding out hope for another doomed Buffy character. I really, really feel that Amber is amazing (and it's so cool that he thinks so highly of her, and her looks), but I dunno... I see her as sort of an indie movie type of gal, rather than a tv actress.
I'd love to see Amber Benson back on our television screens every week as much as anyone, but it does seem that this is getting blown out of proportion. It's not unusual at all for a network to veto an actor/actress over the wishes of the creators while a pilot is being made. I do think it's a ridiculously stupid decision by The WB...but, then again, if they ever made a good decision would we even know what to do with ourselves? The world might fly off it's axis and spin into the sun.

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I'm wondering if this will do Amber any favours. We will no doubt see an Internet campaign by Amber's fans to convince the WB to let her test.
I could very easily see this backfiring to ultimately hurt Amber. I hope it won't, but I could see showrunners/producers in the future not wanting to even consider her for fear of causing a similar backlash among her fans if they don't choose her. It seems like this has all been a lot of hooplah about very little. I'm disappointed Amber didn't get picked, i think she's a great actress, and it's great the showrunner thinks so highly of her. But this - actors not getting roles they want, producers overruling a show's creators, roles going to different people for a variety of reasons, both good and bad happens all the time. i wish some of Amber's more dedicated fans would step back and think about how much harm they may ultimately cause her career, albeit with the best of intentions, before they start organizing a big campaign or causing a big stink.

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