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July 22 2004

SERENITY Teaser Art Revealed! An article from yesterday at RopeOfSilicon.

That poster has been out for some time. Old news. Good wallpaper though.
yeah, I know. I remember when the art was first posted here sometime ago, just thought the article would relevant.
I think it's relavant that it's referred to as one "of the highly anticipated films of Universal's 2005 slate."

I want lots and lots and lots of people to see this movie. Because I want a sequel. And another. A prequel, featuring events leading up to the war would be nice, too.
I'm like a pusher sharing out my dvd box. Its resulted in 8 more boxes being sold so far. Now who do I know that hasn't borrowed it... ah ha, on to my next victim... :D
zeitgeist, I think the Serenity DVD set should become a teaching tool for economics professors seeking to explain the multiplier effect.
I have yet to purchase my copy of DVDs (foreign shipping it's kinda expensive, there's no chance to see it released in South America), but I've started lending my tapes with the episodes recorded in the right order. I'm already on my 4th victim. bwahahahaha. Create more followers.... Who can I convert next??
Me too, guys. My FF dvd is now guesting in its 3rd or 4th home, and since I'm continuing to spread the word to people who, alarmingly, are natural fans but who've never before heard of the show, I see no hope of my set returning in the near future. ;). And I'm already jonesing for my fav moments. . . . what is it about that theme that's just so darn hummable?
Y'know, I think the car in the SPY HUNTER poster has more charisma than The Rock.
Well it is the first proper version I have seen instead of that snap shot that was at AICN.
The Rock? bookrats, you're crazy.

He is the most charismatic man. Also funny, cool, and great-looking. I'm usually not a fangirl for muscley celebs too much, they kind of gross me out, but there is something undefinable about him... *snap* ..ooh, sorry.
I wish The Rock would stop making movies, this coming from a fan of WWE. Though I did like him in The Rundown. hated Scorpion King, and haven't seen Walking Tall.
Definitely relevant post! It is great to hear that it is one of the most highly anticipated movies for next year too! Just warms me heart!! I love, love, love, that it is getting all this attention and that it is so popular around the world. Keep lending out all those dvd sets because it is obvioulsy working and the more fans that find the show, the more fans will find the movie.

I love your idea of a prequel Chris in Virginia! But how about some prequels!! They could also do one about River and Simon and what exactly happened to her after she was taken from her family and how exactly Simon got her out of there. And the Preacher!! Just think what they could do with his mysterious background!! I am sooo happy that Serenity is happening!!

Willowy, I'm not much of a fan of any of the movies The Rock has starred in but he is a very good looking man with a lot of charisma and personality. And it definitely is because of his personality and not muscles. Everytime I've seen him on a talk show I think what a great guy he seems to be. Now, that other guy Vin Diesel is the one that I just don't understand why he's so famous! There's someone, imo, who has the personality and charm of a rock.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-07-22 23:38 ]
blwessels I agree totally about Vin Diesel. Talentless and boring. He acts like a deep voice and a blank stare are the ticket to fame and fortune.

There isn't much there to appeal to a woman. Like you stated, it's Rock's personality that makes him so different from duds like Mr. Diesel.

Oh and you should rent The Rundown. Funny and action-y and beautifully shot. Some of the best stuntwork and fight scenes I've ever seen. Definitely not run of the mill...

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