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July 22 2004

Prophecy Girl Buffy - Non exclusive Version. This one has Buffy with her hair down and no jacket. The face looks great.

Wow, much better than that last one. It actually looks like Sarah.
yeah, as opposed to, say Frankenstein :)
I really like her dress.
is that ROOTED hair, or sculpted? that would help me decide if i need to buy yet another buffy 12-inch. rooted hair would be a big win for me. (yes, i want to style buffy's hair. shut up.)
Leenah, I believe it is rooted hair and not the sculpted hair that the first two dolls had. Don't forget to check out the other Prophecy Girl Buffy with her hair up. These aren't the finished products either and they usually look somewhat different than what the pictures show. The Angel doll has a thinner face than the picture and it looks more like David B of a couple of years ago.
Okay, points of articulation are good... but what on earth is that joint between her wrist and elbow? When too many show, it looks terrible... we dont need to make up joints. Really good likeness, though, as well as the Willow and Spike ones.

Let's note that they seem to shorten the skirts and hike up the pants on all these figures. Ew.
I really like her dress.

"Yeah, yeah. Big hit with everyone." :)

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