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November 18 2002

(SPOILER) MmmmGiles.

Always funny to hear actors really have no clue what the story arc is.

It just occurred to me. The sooner Firefly dies, the sooner Whedon will have no more excuses about RIPPER. So let Firefly die a quick and painless death and lets get to the tea & crumpets!
How about a compromise? Put ASH on Firefly as a traveler trying to escape his past.
Compromise? *shrug* I'm one of the few Whedon fans who is blasphemous enough to admit he simply doesn't enjoy Firefly. For one thing it's been scheduled on a bad night when I'm either working or partying, but I have managed to catch an episode or two, and I'm really just not impressed. If Firefly disappeared tomorrow, my only concern would be How soon can Whedon stop mourning over the loss and get started on Ripper?
I'd kill to see Ripper made, but wouldn't want Firefly to suffer from it, it's become so good. It really deserves a chance and Fox should give it room to grow.

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