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July 23 2004

Jewel Staite's latest blog update. Jewel talks about Serenity, her love for Snapple, the upcoming Comic Con, and the discussion of her weight on message boards.

Wonder if Joss is getting a complex..."Why do all my actresses shrink right before my eyes?"

Well I say a skinny Kaylee is better than no Kaylee. Let Jewel do what she wants. It's her body.
I have no idea what has been discussed about her weight, but if Joss wants Kaylee to look like Jewel in the movie, and Jewel is happy about that, what more is there to talk about?

I only asked once if Joss was making her gain weight again for the role, because I read that she hated gaining weight and was happy to lose it after the series. I heard that no, Joss had told her she didn't have to. And that's all I wanted to know.
I don't think Kaylee's weight is all that important, as long as Jewel is in the role, and as long as she's happy with her health and appearance.
I agree with you Invisible Green, it's not all that important, but if people want to think of it in a story way. She was trying to lose weight to make simon like her more. I think she looks great either way.
Amen to the preceding comments about her weight. (As Jewel says, she's older and it's harder for her to keep weight on and yet, shock, she feels happy and healthy. The same could be said about the perceived weight-loss of other Jossverse denizens.)

More important, I am so psyched that she will be at Comic-Con on Sunday! She continues to be funny and adorable, in whatever size package she happens to be . . . :) Have to disagree with her about Thai food, however; that's good eating that is.
I love this girl and her blogs. So cute and funny. But I do have to say...

And since I'm in my twenties, it's hard for me to keep weight on.

I wish I had that problem! I hit my twenties and suddenly I can't keep the weight *off* nearly as easily as I used to. Then again, I'm far less active...doubt she has the problem of sitting all day in an office chair, then sitting in a car, then sitting on the couch at home all night...
I ate my butter packet yesterday, a nice big mouthful of foil and lard.

Ah, the glamorous life of a movie star. What a sweetheart!
I have to disagree with her about Thai food too. I think Thai food is the food of the gods.
Just a second while I make a note it's always a surprise what lands in your mouth. There.

I'm going to film that story and show it every Christmas.
I wish I had the perfect body and eternal youth so that I, too, could comment on the deficiencies of other peoples' appearance, in public, on the internet. It must be nice.
Ok, was I the only one that had to do a double take on that pick of Jewel on the page? For a minute there I was like, what's a pic of a skinnier Monica Lewinsky doing there. Anywho, her talk of food intake in the dark made me giggle
Ok - grummbling to the extent of infinity about choosing not to go to SDCC, because the con budget can only handle so much this year. On the site it says Joss and a few Firefly cast members and now Jewel says the whole freaking cast will be there. Ed, Rouge Slayer, and anyone else going had best be taking loads of photos. Darn it - I will send one of my digital cameras to them if need be. :P
I think Jewel's a peach for posting insider info on her blog; it makes the whole thing more real, especially for those of us who live so far away that any project like this is kind of a distant thought until it actually appears on our TVs or theater screens.

I guess I don't much care how much she weighs, though. I mean, I thought she looked perfectly wonderful on Firefly. I trust she's going to look perfectly wonderful in Serenity as well, even given the loss of a few pounds.
I adore Jewel beyond words. Her blogging makes me laugh out loud and I appreciate that she takes the time to give us some of the inside scoop as she does. She is quite gifted and I look forward to seeing her in many more BDMs and wish her and Matty every happiness. And if he ever breaks her heart, well, my shoulder is there for her to cry on :)
Hey, guys! I wanted to post my first report from the Comic-Con, complete with pictures. I think Simon said he would create a thread for us attendees to report with a link to the Comic-Con site. So, I wasn't sure where to put this and I will re-post it when the thread is created. Enjoy, guys. Karen's Con Report for Friday.
Thanks, Karen. I just read your report. I liked the blurb about Robin Sachs pretending to draw over Sarah's face. Cute. Sounds like an interesting time and I cannot wait to hear more.
Loved your report, Karen. Thanks for sharing!
Yes, thanks Karen! I've never been to a convention and it was neat seeing some pictures of the stars. I liked the Eliza one even though it was of the big screen. Maybe Tom Lenk is shy in real life and doesn't feel comfortable with the one on ones? Looking forward to seeing what you get of Sarah.

And I've said this before about Jewel, if I was a man (or a gay woman) I'd want to marry her. She is just so sweet in real life and she reminds me of Kaylee who I also think is so very sweet. Her comments had me laughing out loud and she really makes you feel like you're experiencing what she's describing so maybe she should think of becoming a writer too!

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Karen, nice report and lovely pictures. But why post it in Jewel Staite thread? Next time, please wait until there's an appropriate thread, or let someone else post a front page link. Thanks.
I think Karen may have posted it here cause Jewel was talking about the entire Serenity cast going to the SDCC.

It was great to see all of the group but can you tell Leary and Hertzberg to wear something new once in a while. I think I have photos of them in those same shirts. :)

Also did you ask Lutz about Andy's health?

Thanks for the report - looked like fun. :(
I know it's Jewel talking, but all I hear in my head is adorable Kaylee. Jewel's gotta be the cutest person I never met.
Sorry, Caroline! I did post here because Jewel was talking about the SDCC. I figured it was relevant, well, semi-relevant at least. You can delete it if you like.

RavenU- it completely slipped my mind to ask Mark about Andy until after I left the autograph line. Hopefully one of the other attendees won't be as absent-minded as me.
Thank you Karen! I am kicking myself all kindsa ways because I don't live nearer San Diego. I would give my eye teeth to be there on Sunday. Have fun and give us more pictures please! :)
We'll probably be inundated with Comic Con threads over the next few days but I'll make sure Whedonesque posters know which thread to put their reports in.

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