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July 24 2004

Vrak.TV refuses to show last two seasons of Buffy. The French Canadian channel has taken this decision citing responsibility to its younger viewers and concern about the adult themes of seasons 6 and 7.

Which can either be seen as censorship or a sign of the moral times or whatever. Judging from the Vrak.TV forum, there's a lot of angry Buffy fans.

Why don't they just show it at a later time slot? And did they not find the following years,seasons 2(Angel and Buffy having sex, Angel killing Buffy's teacher), seasons 3(Faith commiting murder), seasons 4(lots and lots of Riley/Buffy sex, a character admitting she's gay.), and season 5(dawn slitting her wrists, Riley getting sucked on by vamp whores) not containing ANY adult themes?
Well they do show Buffy at 8pm but that's followed by Degrassi the new generation and Sponge Bob so I'm presuming that its a channel aimed at young people.
Ah, but SpongeBob can be enjoyed by people of all ages. He is of the go(o)d. ;)

Never seen Degrassi though.
Here is the translated version by google translations.
The sexual content of the last two seasons was much more intense and more graphic than any of the other seasons. After the first Buffy and Spike sex scene (which I screened first before I decided if my kids could watch it), I decided that it was just too graphic for my youngest daughter. From that episode on, I'd watch and tape the show and then decide from there if I thought my youngest should see it. I felt bad about it because she was also a huge fan of the show but BtVS did have a much more graphic and adult themed plotline it's last couple of seasons. I also didn't let them see Hush when it first aired because it was just too scary and I knew they'd most likely have nightmares.

Now, if BtVS was being totally promoted to kids and was being shown on Nickelodean (kids station here in the US) I could see where a network of that nature would balk at the idea of showing those final two seasons. Not being familiar with French television I can't judge them but if this is the only station for French viewers to see the show than why not bump up it's time slot and let the parents decide on whether or not they should let their kids see it. They could do what I did, view and tape it, and then let their kids see it if they think it's okay.
If the channel really is aimed at younger viewers, then it would be understandable, not that it sits well with me, I think what blwessels proposes makes more sense. One would hope that there are other channels accessable to fans in that area that air the show.
YTV, the Nickelodean equivelant in Canada, aired Buffy uncut throughout its run. I know I got a kick out of seeing the sex scenes in "Touched" on this kids channel. Ironically, by then they were airing Buffy at a later time slot then UPN was.
only up to season five? Guess that means those who want to keep watching will have to buy the DVDs. I wonder, is AtS also in sindication up there? It would be--well--kinda funny if the people were watching Angel, and when Cordy comes in going "She's alive!" you've got a whole county of people going "whaa??"
Well the BBC showed Buffy in it's early evening kid's slot and heavily edited it ,for example losing over 6 mins out of Dead Things

It made it difficult to follow exactly what was going on at times but at least you got the general sense of the episode
Right. And during all of the sex, drugs, rape, & deaths, etc. there were valuable lessons learned through all of this. Buffy ended it with Spike, Willow had her friends to support her through her addiction, and Buffy taught little kiddies all over the world to fend themselves against rapists. :)
Degrassi? *shudder*

It is kind of understandable, that they'd not want to show it for fear of corrupting the youths or whatever reason tehy have. But if they've gotten this far with it why not go "All the way?"

Chances are the idea of sex and rape and violence is nothing new to kids anymore. They know scary amounts. Ten year olds today know more about this than I did at thirteen.

Heh. "Buffy against the Vampires." I like that.
As a Canadian, I feel I must say the following: The Degrassis of the 80's were great shows dealing with real issues, and I'm not fully sure if Degrassi was even aired in French Canada. Secondly, the opinions of the Frenchies in Canada in NO way reflect those of us English Canadians. Infact, quite the contrary. I'm making vast generalizations here, but meh. Some of my best friends come out of French Canada, and they would agree with me fully. But they would only agree because they're fully Englishatized :D!
The original Degrassi was a staple of tv viewing when I was growing up, one of the best shows about teen life of that era. There is a new version (I've watched an episode here and there) but it has a budget and is now produced by another network, so it's a different beast, more preachy than I remember it...

And yes, in many ways Quebec is in a different universe, especially with respect to cultural matters.

I'm also a bit annoyed that they paraphrased something SMG said in an interview and twisted it to make their point when they really didn't have to.
Personally while I understand VRAK.TV's reluctance. I wish that they would consider a later time to air it.

I mean there was adult content throughout the whole show, season 6 and 7, while more intenese perhaps, was not a sudden thing.

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A French Canadian channels decision is not a government one, so how does that mean that us "Frenchies" are speaking for all Canadians, it is any networks choice of what they will air.

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Can we have the Canadian cultural wars on another site more suited to the subject, please?
sorry bout that Caroline, just got annoyed at the generalisation. I will delete my little rant,

Minor gist, I find the generalisation of my cluture offensive.

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Whether or not it's aimed at Kids, with the content in season 6 and 7, specifically season 6, it's understandable that they refuse to air it. Now that I look back, I wish UPN would have taken that stance and relinquished the misery and torture that followed.
Season 6 was the season that turned me from a fan into the Whedonverse version of a Trekkie.

Deep storylines, intense character journeys and the shows willingness to explore the darker sides, the imperfections in it's characters was intriguing.

I do completely understand a network for kids not wanting to air it, I'm not sure if they feel comfortable with sex in alleys, attempted rape, and torture with a bullet.
I have always said that Buffy is empahtically *not* a kids' show.

Season 6 especially.

Adult entertainment in a meaningful sense.

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