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July 24 2004

Buffy and So the Intensifier. Buffy is mentioned as the possible source of a relatively new usage of the word 'so'.


So is oh, so 2004. I stole that from Christian Totís review of a rock concert in The Washington Times: “Times change, and todayís listeners wanna hear Jet, the Strokes and other, oh, so 2004 music.”

“The hot adverb, used there to emphasize timeliness, is more often used to signify the out-of-date. On Fox TV, Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio host, said of the talk about Bill Clintonís autobiography, “The Monica Lewinsky stuff now really seems so last century.” The popularization of this usage may have begun with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1992, when Buffy pointed to a new jacket and was told: “Please! Thatís so five minutes ago.”

That use of the word "so," while used frequently on BtVS, pre-dates BtVS. Interesting article nevertheless.
Dubious origination aside, Buffy being credited for contributing to the cultural vernacular? That is, like, so cool.
I would think Chandler on Friends would of made it more popular than buffy would of. I mean Friends came out 2 and a half years earlier and it was the more popular show.
Note that the reference is specifically to the 1992 BtVS movie, not the 1997+ series.
The movie is definately the first time I ever heard it used that way. Of course, I was young, and just thought it was a widely used valley girl thing... it wasnt?

Dude. So cool. Buffy, and Joss, deserve 49857 times the amount of awesome praise they do rarely get.
On film, it was used in Heathers a few years before Buffy ("Bulimia is so '87", etc), but yeah, I think it was just part of the valley girl vernacular in the '80s.
But he doesn't cover the nuance that I think did evolve in BtVS the series: "I so wasn't ready for that" ("Dead Man's Party") or "I am so gonna kick your ass!" (AtS 5.9 "Harm's Way").

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