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November 18 2002

Join the official Firefly mailing list. It's one way to let Fox know you like the show and don't want it to be cancelled. Another way is to follow instructions on the Firefly: Immediate Assistance website. It involves writing to Fox, and their sponsors.

If you stopped watching Firefly early on in the season, have another go at it. The last couple of episodes have been good. Very good.

All eps were good. No, they weren't. In fact they were brilliant.
Is it just me or is everyone asked for their parents' e-mail address when they sign up for this?
It may be that it is asking for MM/YY which is a little different than people are used to. If you accidentally put in you MM/DD, or anything else that makes you outside their acceptable age range (probably over 13 / under 100) you might trigger a COPPA rule which requires minors to give parental permission before FOX can collect an email address.

Ugh, can you tell I do some of this for a living?

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