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"Yes, having-my-head torn-open-and-hot-lava-poured-into-my-skull gifts."
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July 25 2004

Starts way down the page with the title The Grudge. Has spoilers for that. At the bottom of the page it mentions it will be reporting about Joss Whedon and Firefly tomorrow. Highlights of Sarah's Q&A here.

I wish they had quoted the whole top ten list she did.

I wish they had quoted the whole top ten list she did.

Bwessels, so do I. Hopefully someone else will list it somewhere. I've got lots of LJ friends that are at the Comic Con so I'll keep a look out for the info and link it here if I find it.

It's refreshing that SMG can laugh at herself like that. No matter what anyone says, she sounds like a fun person.
Everytime I've seen her being interviewed she seems very nice, sweet and funny! I hope you or someone else finds the complete list (or better yet, just reports on her whole segment).
Top 2 excuses according to SMGFAN

2 I'm married to the biggest comic book freak in the world so why would I need to go to a comic con

1 There is just not enough merchandise with my damn face on it
Wow. Some friends of mine flew out and went to the Con this weekend and I keep just keep getting greener and greener with envy! Friday I find out the entire Serenity cast AND Joss are going to be there and now I find out I've missed Sarah too. :-(

I begged them to go to the Serenity signing today and get me Joss's autograph but at like 8am this morning pepole were already lined up waiting to get in.
There's a bit more blurb about SMG here. Judging by the AP report, the jokes didn't go down that well.

But there's a couple of posts at the SMGfan board which seem to clarify the AP story. I guess it's one of those events you had to be at.
I just posted about the SMG panel under the Comic-Con thread. Suffice it to say that journalists are always looking for a sniff of scandal. They found none on Saturday.
She looks so pretty. Healthy and happy and ... more rounded ... and glowy... Hmmm. Not trying to start a rumor or anything, but is there a possibility that Miss Sarah has a bun in the oven?
Yeah, Wiseblood, she looked absolutely terrific. And now that you bring that up, hmmm, I wouldn't be at all surprised :)...
There's edited hightlights of Sarah's Q&A at

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