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July 25 2004

The Nice Guy - "Serenity Now!". It's Firefly time for Jeff and his friends in the new 'The Nice Guy' online comic strip. And check out the Home Page as well to see the characters dressed up as Mal, Simon, Inara and Jayne.

LOL! wonderful, thank you for posting that!
Ha! Wish I had some local pals to dig on firefly with me. My teenage son watches with me, so that's pretty cool.

That comic is priceless.
Glad you liked it, folks.

We at the Nice Guy comic are total Firefly freaks...have been since Train Job. We've used the site before (my "rant" section) to push Firely on people, talking all about the greatness of it, the unfair Fox treatment, and putting a link to Amazon to buy the set. Then, we had "Fandom Month" this month, dedicating a week to 4 different genre shows/movies, and there was no way we were leaving Firefly out!

Just got back (literally, minutes ago) from Comic-Con. That's a long drive from San Diego to Sacramento! Had an amazing time, and did a lot of good Nice Guy business at our table. But the highlight, of course, was the Serenity panel. Seeing Joss AND the ENTIRE cast on one stage? AND seeing the Comic-Con only trailer?! It was far too cool for words. Now, knowing that this was a perfect place to reach Firefly fans, we made up a special flyer talking about Firefly week that directed people to our site to check out the strip and downloads. A buddy of mine (a member of "Team Nice Guy" took a few up to the front just before the Serenity gang showed up, and he tossed them up on the table. As the thing started, we saw Adam start checking one out, and during Joss's intro Adam kept passing it down the table for the other actors to check out. How cool do you think THAT felt? While Adam folded one and used it to fan himself, I can't be sure if he took one with him. I tried to get into the autograph line to get one to Joss, but it was just too long. So, instead, we went up and down the line and handed them out to waiting Serenity fans. Hope a lot of them show up to check it out! We did this for Firefly fans, after all!

Thanks, Simon, for posting our strip up here. And for those of you who didn't make it to Comic-Con? The trailer knocked our collective socks off. Oh, it's ON!! Can't wait until April.

Keep flying, Firefly faithful!

Michael O'Connell
Writer/Co-Creator, "The Nice Guy"

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