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July 25 2004

Comic-Con International 2004. Were you there? Post your reports in the comments section and tell us all about it.

Yeah I was going to going to post this earlier but 'Valentine' was on the telly. Anyway, there seems to be a number of Whedonesque posters who said that they were going to Comic Con so here's a discussion thread.

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I wasn't there, and this wasn't really big enough to start a topic, but a first blurb from the Serenity panel is here.
Wow, a trailer already! I hope that gets leaked online soon.
First description of the teaser! Spoilers galore.

ETA: Coverage by the same poster (FFF is overloaded right now) at the OB:

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I was there (for Saturday/half of Sunday only) and we just got back home.

Afraid I won't be the best reporter - it's just too hard to chronicle/take notes or photos with 2 kids who are crawling over you, telling you they're thirsty etc. I'll offer my impressions, and you'll have to wait for the Ed's and RandyGiles's of this world to give you the fine details.


Got in autographs line for the Buffyverse folks. Present were Danny Strong, Tom Lenk, James Leary, George Hertzberg, Mark Lutz, and Robia LaMorte. (Robin Sachs was on earlier - didn't get to see him; Adam Busch was advertised but not there). Danny was wearing a full stubbly-face and a Kerry/Edwards sticker, and I'd never noticed before that he has the most piercing blue eyes . . . and, yep, I'm a guy. :) We had a little political exchange; I thanked him for coming out for Kerry, and suggested that "we" were in decent shape. He said he had a good feeling about this one, and thought that "we" would be ahead in the polls come Oct/Nov - "you heard it here first!" He and Tom and James signed my "OMWF" script book and were all diligently ignoring the woman standing behind the signers who kept urging them to charge for all autographs that were not for "personal items"; apparently, my script book counted as "merchandise" that had to be charged for. George, Mark, and Robia each signed my Buffy S2 script book; Robia was quite charming, and looked wonderful. I told her I liked her website, and she seemed genuinely delighted, and asked me if I participated in the forums there (I haven't). All of the above actors were totally happy to have pics taken with them, and were very gracious.

SMG and Jason Behr

First, I must say that Hall H at the Comic-Con was a bit of a nightmare in terms of finding seating. Since the progs were all back-to-back, there was no changeover, just a constant flow of entrances and exits. We couldn't find 4 seats together, so had to separate. SMG and Jason's bit started late. First, the announcer showed what appeared to be a longer version of the preview that is available on-line - the SMG's parts seemed pretty much the same, but there was more featured of some of the other actors. Then he introduced SMG and Jason who came on to what was at least a half-hall standing ovation. SMG looked really great (as did JB...;)). They both said a few words about being happy to be there, then invited questions.

At this point I should say that I was really disappointed at the organization of this appearance. Unlike other panels, where there was a moderator, or Q&A was broken up by several clips, or there were at least 3 or more people on stage, this was only Sarah and Jason, and Sarah did, literally, 95% of the talking. I didn't have a problem with that, per se, but it made the success of the appearance completely dependent on the quality of the questions . . . and they were pretty much all along the lines of "Sarah, I love you, you're my inspiration. Oh and hi Jason. Sarah, what is your favorite kind of ice-cream?" OK, I exaggerate, there were some decent questions but I really wished it had been moderated/broken up in some way.

As already announced, the very first question was why Sarah had not attended Comic-Con previously. She immediately said, "I thought I would be asked that, so I prepared, in David Letterman style, a top 10 of reasons why I didn't". I think at this point many in the audience thought she would offer more or less "real" reasons why she hadn't. Instead, she did a jokey top 10 based on various comic-book series coming out/not coming out, and other "inside" comic-book geek lines. I'm guessing that Freddie wrote some or all of the top 10 because (1) he apparently is a big comic-book fan, I'm not, and I didn't catch half the references; (2) the answers didn't really sound like Sarah's style, and (3) they probably could have been funnier. I thought it was an interesting way to try to win the comic-book fans over, but probably didn't quite succeed because (a) the real geeks in the audience probably know more than FPJ and didn't find his lines funny;(b) Sarah's humor is quite different (I think it would have been funnier for her to compose her own non-comic related reasons for why she didn't attend);(c) the hardcore Sarah fans would have been confused by the reasons she read out; and (d) it just wasn't what people were expecting to hear. But kudos for the attempt.

I can't give you the verbatim Q&A. Sarah was very quick-witted and silver-tongued in response to every question. Jason Behr basically sat there and said "I agree with Sarah" to pretty much everything.

One poor questioner asked her about working with "Josh Weldon" again, and Sarah immediately pounced on her (in a good-natured way), saying "Who again?" and then "If you're going to ask about him, you have to get his name right". The poor questioner then doubled her error by mentioned Joss's current work on "The Fantastic X-Men"; Sarah straightaway told her "It's the Fantastic Four, and The X-Men".

Another questioner asked whether Sarah was keeping alive her interest in other fields, such as journalism. SMG's immediate response was "Is there something you're not telling me? (about my acting career)" which had the audience laughing.

There was a nice bit of banter around Jason's appearance (in "Lie to Me") and whether that was Sarah's favorite Buffy ep: "I liked that one with the guy with the brain tumor". She actually said, as she has elsewhere, that her personal favorite episode was "The Prom".

In response to one question about her and Joss working together again, she said something like "He didn't ask me to be in Serenity", or "why don't you ask him tomorrow?" or something similar. All in a very good-humored way.

She made *repeated* statements about what a joy it was to participate in BtVS, that it would be incredibly hard to top that on TV, that the show was groundbreaking, that the cast and crew were fabulous, etc. etc.

Specifically to a question re a future BtVS movie, she answered that she felt Buffy worked far better as an ongoing program on which characters and relationships could develop, and that she couldn't conceive of it as a 2-hour thing (although she then said that she wished the finale had been 2 hours). She then stated that if she were presented with a mindblowing script for a 2-hour Buffy film, she would "strongly consider it" or something to that effect.

Both she and Jason talked a little about shooting in Japan, learning Japanese etc. One thing I remember her saying is that in Japan, the actors are expected to actually do many of the bits themselves that might be "effects" or doubles in the U.S. For example, the director told her to jump through a window. She replied, well how do you want me to (fake) this? He said, no, just jump through it!

That's all I can remember (and bore you with) for now; I hope others can fill in with more precision. I thought, contrary to some reports, such as the AP one, that she was met very warmly on the whole, and that her wit and candidness won over most of the audience. One final regret I have is that, in response to a question about signing autographs, she said that there would be "surprises in store" after the panel chat. I wasn't able to stick around - what with the crawling kids and all - to find out what those might have been. Someone please enlighten me.

I won't write about the Serenity panel at this point, since someone else should have the first crack. All I can say is Wow! The preview was great, Joss was hilarious as ever, and the entire cast looked happy, playfully sniped at one another (especially victimized were poor Morena and Jewel), and Adam Baldwin and Nathan were like two naughty schoolboys in the back of the classroom.

If anyone has anything specific for me to respond to, let me know. Oh, and I met one other Whedonesque-r, RandyGiles, who was as delightful in person, as she is on this board. ;)

Oh, almost forgot: Amber Benson. She was "greeting" on various days, and I got to talk to her today before the Serenity panel. Damn it, but I am under her spell. She looked enchanting, spent as much time with each person in line as they wanted, signed everything they wanted, took pics, offered to sing with my 7-year old daughter, who, much to my chagrin, was too shy to take her up on it ;) Got a copy of "Chance", which I shall watch this evening, a t-shirt and several autographs made out to me and my daughter. Just lovely.
Sarah was very quick-witted and silver-tongued in response to every question.

I ran across an AP story on the Comic-Con in the Miami Herald (reg. req.), which had a bit about SMG:

When Sarah Michelle Gellar arrived Saturday to promote her upcoming horror thriller "The Grudge," the first question posed to the actress by one unhappy attendee was: Why, during seven years of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," had she never visited Comic-Con before?

Gellar anticipated that reaction and read a top-10 list of joke excuses: but the audience laughed only sporadically - they wanted an actual answer.

They eventually warmed to her, but first she had to give them some tough love back.

When one woman asked Gellar whether she ever turned to her characters for the inspiration to solve real problems, the actress quipped: "You know they're not real, right?"

That finally earned her an unrestrained laugh from the crowd.

[Ooops, Simon already posted a link to the above AP story earlier. Sorry for the duplicate!]

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Well, I already posted about the journo's attempt to create that story under another thread. As I say above, it's true that the top 10 gag wasn't a roaring success, but for different reasons (largely) than I think the AP report notes. And let me ask how one AP journalist knows how "the audience [as a whole] *wanted an actual answer*"? Mind-reader? Some did, some didn't care, some who did laughed anyway, and so on. But the AP take makes the whole "tough love" storyline more plausible . . .
Joss panel reports on
Ok, just a shortie(that's a lie)note on my con experience. Ed will get to his interpretations later, but right now he's busy touching up our pics(some too dark, etc) from the con.

First of all, SoddingNancyTribe is SO right about Amber. Just the sweetest, most pleasant person you could hope to meet. Ed and I got pics with her so we'll probably post them on our website along with a longer con report later. Just adorable! And we bought Chance. Word to the wise, they say she is just selling out the copies she has left because they finally sold the theatrical release rights to some company, so if you don't have a copy, go to her website and buy it!!

I'll let Ed tell you about what it's like to see the beautiful Eliza Dushku in person. It probably meant more to him, though I thought she was just wonderful too. And she's got a decent singing voice!

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by SMG. Yes, I agree her 'top ten' list was probably written by Freddie, and I didn't get half the references either(Ed got them all). It didn't go over for her very well, I think she's under the misconception that most people there were total comic people AND liked Buffy, but that just wasn't the case. Another Comicon misconception, though with that moniker, it's understandable! :) She was pleasant and bubbly. Spoke highly of Buffy and even defended Joss to that gal who got his name wrong. "If you're going to say it, get it right. Gotta give him props" or something to that effect(we have it audio taped, but I'm going by memory now). Jason Behr(sp?) was very gracious and nice and realized that most people were there for SMG. They were joking between each other about how he was a big fan of season 2. She tested him by asking what happened after Buffy slept with Angel, and he responded, "Uh, I remember there was a guy with a brain tumor...."(Behr played Ford in Lie To Me). It was a nice panel. I decided not to bring the rotten fruit to chuck at SMG, but maybe I should have brought it anyway and left it with Tom Lenk! BTW, SMG is actually NOT as skinny as I would have thought she would have been in real life. Maybe they made her eat something for The Grudge, because she was not as bony as she looks in pics. And Amber is skinnier than I thought she would be! I openly admit I'm overweight, but next to her I felt like the StayPuft Marshmallow man! She is tiny! I heard people in line behind us commenting on that too.

And we got the autographs of the group of Buffy folks who were signing. Danny Strong was very nice, and YES has beautiful eyes! He says we should expect to see more of him on Gilmore Girls next season. He also said Adam Busch wasn't there because Common Rotation(his band) was touring with They Might Be Giants. And he liked my shirt that said, "I (heart) Nerds"(I didn't think we were getting his autograph that day or I wouldn't have worn the obvious 'nerd' shirt)
The biggest disappointment of the autographing(with the exception of not getting to the autograph area in time for Eliza or Firefly) was Tom Lenk. He seemed totally bored and terribly unhappy to be there. I observed him with other people, and some people would lean in over the table to get a pic with him, and he would barely move his head closer. He barely acknowledged us and had very little eye contact. He signed our item and immediately looked away when he handed it to me! I don't think he enjoys doing cons, or maybe it was just a bad day. Who knows. BTW, we were only intending to get one person's autograph(because the others we will see in Oakland or just didn't care about), but they made the line so that you had to pass them all, so we thought it would be rude not to have them all sign. So while I stood in line, Ed ran and bought a Buffy calendar to sign and Danny Strong started flipping through it and asked if he was in it. He wasn't :( So he asked if he should sign on his birthday, so that was kind of the 'thing'. I had all the actors sign on their birthday. After the dismal Tom Lenk, I met who I had come to Grooooooo..... Mark Lutz is SO cute!! I haven't stopped bugging my husband about meeting him. But he teased me. I asked him to sign on his birthday and he said it wasn't in the calendar. He pointed to where February 29th would be, and I asked if he was serious. He said, "When have you ever known me to be serious?" I was thinking, "I don't know you at all!" So he signed on Feb 14th writing, "Mark is cool day." We didn't really care much to meet George Hertzberg or Robia LaMorte, but they were both pleasant. Robia is gorgeous! And when she saw what Mark had written she went, "Ugh, I am SO over him!" Then there was a guy between Robia and James Leary who had a little sign saying he was from Charmed. So I had him sign my Comicon book. I have no idea who he is or what role he played, but maybe he'll hit it big someday! Then I told James Leary that I had heard great things about Stunkcocks and HAD to have it(courtesy of RavenU!). (He had it on display for sale) So he signed that for us, as well as our calendar. He was also very nice. One of the bigger surprises for us was Robin Sachs. We didn't plan on getting his autograph either(not a guy I'm into). But as we left the Buffy line, we saw him at his own table and thought, "What the hell." And I have to say, just that short encounter with him kind of made me giddy! I asked him to sign the calendar on his birthday and he said, "That will take too long." I didn't get it at first(I had just met Groo, leave me alone) and he said, "I can't stay here until February 5th to sign!" And I was like, "Oh, you got me." And he said, "Yuck, yuck! Pull my finger." He signed and I thanked him and he smiled very warmly and said, "You're very welcome, darling." And lemme tell ya, that 'darling' made me a HUGE Robin Sachs fan. That man has a beautiful accent and I melted a little! And he's kinda hot for an older guy too!

And today was Firefly and Joss and that was the most fun I had all weekend. That is a great group of folks. Joss got all 9 castmembers to come out and they got the most applause of any of the panels we were at(Star Wars with Carrie Fisher and Hayden Christenson, Sky Captain with Jude Law, SMG, Eliza, Sin City with Jessica Alba and Frank Miller etc, just to give you an idea.) Joss got a huge ovation, as well as the cast members. The cast came out and were taking pictures of the audience. They all seemed very happy to be there, but as usual, Joss and Nathan took most of the spotlight and cracked the most jokes, usually about Morena being stupid, everyone hating Jewel and Adam being called Stinkypants. I'm sure someone else(possibly Ed) will do a longer description, but I have to point out the most hilarious moment. Joss told Adam that he thought Jayne was the 'Cordelia' of Firefly. Adam then jokingly said, "Who's Cordelia?" At which point Nathan leaned over and did hand gestures of a curvy woman, and then pointed to his head like she wasn't very smart. Then he pretended to open up a Playboy centerfold, which got a huge reaction from the crowd, and Joss had to duck his head a bit he was laughing so hard. I don't think all of the panelists got the joke, but then maybe they haven't all seen Charisma's 'spread', so to speak! hehe
Let's see if I can do this from memory, Joss asked them what their favorite things about their characters were(and what they most hated about Jewel, hehe)
Gina Torres: Zoe's gun, and her spandex pants(cuz she can move and sit like a normal person in them)
Alan Tudyk: Wash always trying to steer people away from guns and violence
Adam Baldwin: Jayne's straightforwardness
Nathan Fillion: That no matter what kind of situation or problem presented itself, you could always look at Mal and know that he has the legs of a dancer.....
Jewel Staite: That no one has a problem with Kaylee. Everyone likes her
Morena Baccarin: Inara's smarts
Summer Glau: River gets to be barefoot a lot, Summer doesn't like shoes
Sean Maher: Simon's love for his sister
Ron Glass: Book's humor, conviction and unpredictability

Ok, that's all from me for now. I have to go decompress after a long 5 days in San Diego. Hopefully Ed will have pics up soon that we'll link to here.
Thanks for the report guys. I've been reading bundles and ironically or surprisingly, I'm getting all sorts of differing reports on reaction from the audience towards Sarah, most though were very positive, and then there are a few that make me go "Huh"? Very wierd, though I think it all boils down to resentment towards Mrs, Gellar for some. Just out of curiousity, was there actual talk of taking fruit whether jokingly or not to throw at SMG? If so, I soooo understand her reservations to attend conventions. I wouldn't go either and seeing as her husband is a total geek, he's probably hip to all the stuff going on on the internet sci-fi/comic related.

Oh and Awwweee! The Firefly cast seems like they are best of friends.

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Excellent reports SoddingNancyTribe and Rogue Slayer. You guys really made me feel like I was there. I was afraid to read the posts of people who have stuff about Firefly because of the spoiler warnings.

Rogue, you weren't the first person to comment about Tom Lenk's lack of friendliness. Does anyone know if this was his first convention? Maybe he's just shy in real life and feels uncomfortable.

Can't wait to read Ed's comments.
Rogue Slayer you are a Goddess!!!

I've been combing and surfing till my fingers fell off, but I've yet to find any posts as informative and in the moment as yours. It's been eating me alive that I wasn't able to be there, but your post made it better. THANK you. Can't wait for the pictures too... *greedy*
Well, speaking for myself only, taking fruit for Ms. Gellar would involve the carriage of grapes, passion fruit, perhaps some mangoes, and the intention would not be for the throwing . . . but I digress.

I wasn't aware of any specific anti-SMG sentiment in the hall, although the people immediately surrounding me were a bit cool to begin with, and then rather won over by her attitude (which was sassy but funny. Ex: someone asked her whether playing Buffy helped her in "real-life": her answer on a dime was: "You do know she's not real, don't you?", which pretty much everyone laughed at.) Some of the audience may have felt sorry for the woman who mispronounced Joss's name, but the majority thought it, and Sarah's correction, was a hoot.

My wife reported serious SMG-mania around her; really, think Beatles' first visit to the U.S., but in much fewer numbers. Everyone I spoke to in lines really enjoyed her presence; only one rather creepy woman spoke in somewhat derogatory tones, and then followed that up by implying a little too strongly that she was an Amber Benson stalker. I think she was "just" infatuated and making a joke, but - yuck.

I hope Sarah viewed it as a very pos experience on the whole, and maybe will come to other cons and for other reasons. She's certainly a worthwhile guest.

I have to second RogueS's comments about Tom Lenk. He barely lifted his cap-covered head to acknowledge me, and didn't make eye contact. I am prepared to assume, charitably, that he was having an off day. Maybe someone who's had other experiences can comment.
Yes, I have mentioned quite a few times that I would be chucking fruit at SMG. She, unfortunately, is a spritely little thing and ducked every piece I threw at her.

And even if Freddie is 'hip' to all the 'net stuff, does that mean SMG actually thinks someone would throw something at her? And really, there are FARRRR more venemous things said about her on the net than that, so I doubt my little joke would make SMG trepidatious about going to a con. Besides, what's her excuse for the past 7 years?
No, to be honest, I think some of the ridiculous people who get a hold of the microphone at the Q&A would keep me from going to a con, were I a famous person. Sadly, the poorest representatives of the fandoms are allowed to talk and ask the stupidest questions. It's usually either that, or people who try to sound educated but come off pompous. Rarely are there just normal people who ask normal questions.

BLWessels, this wasn't Tom's first convention, and I've seen pics of him at other fan functions where he just doesn't seem to be having any fun at all. Ed poo-pooed me when I said he might not be into it, but then he went away a believer...sadly....
Gawd how rude of me not to thank you too SoddingNT! Your post was great as well!

As to the Tom Lenk thing, I had read that elsewhere also. It reminded me of this Star Trek con I was at about 15 or so years ago. Walter Koenig was a total jerk. He of the horrid wig and snidely bored demeanor. There was this guy who came up to him, and he had this enormous vest on filled with Chekov buttons. All he wanted was a picture with his obvious idol, so jerk Koenig rolled his eyes and leaned on one hip in a "hurry up" pose. You should have seen the guy's face. Poor kid. I hope there weren't any huge Lenk fans there who got their little hearts broken.
SoddingNancyTribe and RS. Great reports, Sarah sounds really witty. re:"Why don't you ask him tomorrow?"
Well, I think if they (WK and TL) don't enjoy being there they just shouldn't go. This is such a high point in some fans lives to then have either someone who is uncaring or ungrateful (and again, not sure about Tom Lenk's true feelings) they just shouldn't be there. It seems obvious from your description Willowy that WK was being a total jerk in that instance. And although it was SMGs first outing to one of these, she seemed like she had an enjoyable experience and really got into it, as she should, and as they all should.

I doubt SMG thought anyone was going to be chucking fruit at her, maybe sushi?! Just kidding! Anyway, glad you didn't bring the fruit with you Rogue Slayer. I'm sure everyone knew you were kidding when you said that you would be!

And SoddingNancyTribe, that person would've creeped me out too, hopefully they aren't really the stalker type but unfortunately that type is out there. Those would be the type of people I'd be afraid of if I was a celebrity.
Ok, so I lied. I'm not decompressing, I'm just too lazy to write a detailed report. That's what husbands are for. Better memory anyway!

I forgot one little funny bit. Someone asked Joss whose idea it was for Spike to have a 'swagger'. He said(not verbatim) "It was ALLLL James. Sometimes I'd have to reign him in and say, 'Bring it back a little. You're supposed to be sad now. No swagger. It's too sexy for the lens.' "

Oh yeah, and extremely OT...if anyone cares to know the name of the next Star Wars movie(I didn't, I was just camped waiting for SMG....)

And I'm a total admitted nerd, but yes, there were several people at the convention I would be afraid of if I were famous too. And several people I was afraid of just sitting next to them. One guy next to us at the Star Wars panel put his shaking hands to his face and gasped when they showed a clip of Anakin putting on the Darth Vader helmet for the first time. Ok, historic movie moment, to be sure, but come on dude....take a pill. And this is coming from the gal who is going to frame her autographed picture of Mark Lutz and apparently going to have to redecorate her bedroom from romantic Renaissance decor to 2 Spike posters, a Buffy poster and a Tru Calling poster..... Sadly, no more room for the sex swing and trapeze.....they'll get in the way of the posters :( ; )-
Tell Ed to get off the trapeze and post those pics! ;)
Yeah Ed - get going on that report! Your wife has reported twice and we haven't heard a thing from you yet!!!!!!
Ok, ok, he's in the process of writing it. He's a wordy fella, so it takes time. I'm trying to get a photobucket account so we can get the pics up faster(don't expect greatness, we didn't have supergood seats for anything except Serenity), since it will take him some doing to get thumbnails and pages up on our personal site.

Update from the Ed. He's almost done. Or at least he said to tell you guys that anyway......
Serenity's good! Serenity's great! Can't wait to see/hear more on your take of our BDHs. And JOSS!
Oh yeah, thanks Rogue for that super funny story about Nathan's "description" of Charisma! I had to call my husband in to read that part to him! I love Nathan!!
Hi all, Rogue Slayer's lesser half here to chime in a little too.

Overall, great con. Minuses for us: Adam Busch didn't show, but great news for him and his band, so who can blame them. Eliza, Joss and the Firefly cast all signed, but dear lord, the only way to get through to that crowd was with an uzi! (I was considering, but....alas, I had no uzi. Note for next year!) Seriously, it was pandemonium when these people were about to sign. We tried, and I got close with Eliza, but no dice. Badly organized too. Still I got some good shots of ED while she signed (Along with several other camera-armed, severely dissappointed males) We had to zoom in on her through several panel-rows, but hey, you're pathetic or you're not right? And after buying an Eliza picture at the con, and fighting to get inline, yet now finding myself standing there on the sidelines, so close and yet so far, I felt pretty darn pathetic!

And since we had great seats for Joss and the FF guys, we were waaay too far from the doors to be anywhere near first in line for their signing. But really, sitting in row 5 in the middle was worth it. Great seats.

Another minus has been mentioned but let me just add to it: What the FRAG is up with Tom Lenk?? He looked and acted like he was forced to spend the whole session sitting on a nest of red fire ants, all the while suspecting us fans of putting them there! Honestly, they had barely begun signing so I can't even blame it on tiredness. And yeah, he was that way with everyone. I looked if he ever cracked a smile, but nope. Didn't even want to look at people. "Could you sign this?" -"*Sigh*...Yeah okay." *scribble*" *quickly gives the object back while already looking to the side and hoping it will all be over soon*.

Okay it's pretty intense, I'm sure, but if you loathe every moment this much, just don't do it! Blah...

Enough of that! The good stuff!

-Eliza......hmmmmmmmm Eliza......No autograph fer me but pretty good seats with her too. And she's not just gorgeous, she's adorable. Funny, sassy, friendly, enthusiastic....and maybe even hotter in real life. And taking the sometimes rather stupid questions from fans with such grace and humor. I was glad to see they were smart enough to know people would come for HER and didn't bog it all down with Tru Calling side casters who would just have gotten increasingly cranky as everyone only talked to Eliza. Ya know. Just her in all her salty goodness! One of my favorite moments was when a guy next to us asked a question at the mike and was practically shivering. He said "I-I'm shaking, I'm so nervous!" and she instantly said "Oh don't worry! Me too!" Sweet'n funny.....Eliza, hmmmmmm.

Oh and one more note. She pushed Tru hard of course, fighting for her show. She said she liked the addition of Jason Priestly as an opponent on the show and how she wasn't crazy about the first half of the season. She wished Tru would stop whining all the time, hehe.

SMG. As people here know, my wife and I aren't SMG apologists (or for any of the actors) and when we feel she (or they) say or do stuff we thing is less than nice we say so. I say again, we've never been bashers either, but we did felt Sarah seemed to want to distance herself from Buffy a little too hard in the first year after it ended. And in all honesty I was worried she'd get a little iffy about coming there for the Grudge and have people ask only about Buffy.

Well, all my fears laid to rest and for naught: she was wonderful. She was funny, self-deprecating and praised Buffy through the roof. I must say I didn't sense any anti-her sentiments in the crowd. When she came on it was a HUGE applause and the whole vibe was one of realization of how rare this moment with her was. People laughed, people cheered. It was a great hour.

Now her 'Top Ten List' jokes were laughed at, but probably not as much as she figured beforehand. She caught it well though, fluently catching any possibly awkward and more silent moments before they could truly hatch. And yes, I am a comic nerd and I caught every single reference. But my wife is right, Sarah wrongly assumed that everyone there would be a comic reader. I think most people there were just Buffy/Sarah fans and that is in no way a guarantee you read comics! I too suspect hubby Freddie, a known comic fan helped her with it. It was a good list. If you get the references they're funny jokes.

Jason seemed to've been aware beforehand that Sarah is simply 10 times bigger than him and that most would be about her. But fans talked to him too, or addressed a question (often really clearly for Sarah) to both of them and Sarah kept pulling him into it as well.

Someone asked if she would do TV again and what it would be (Stupid question as she could be on the verge of a breakthrough in her movie career, and that is clearly what she's trying to do) and she said that Buffy set the bar for that so high, it would have to be something amazing. Great moment too when that girl (another genius) said "Joss Weldon". Hahah you should've heard the crowd. And Sarah instantly, jokingly but firmly "Okay! Say the name right. It's Joss WHEDON. If you're gonna say it, say it right. Give the man his props!"

Well we all know Joss and Sarah probably had their differences especially in the last two seasons, but it did me good to hear her jump to his 'defense' if you will, so quickly.

Anyway, then the girl said Joss was writing "Fantastic X-Men" (I swear, these people give nerds a bad name) and Sarah corrected that too: "Noo, look, you've got the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, two different things." Clearly, hubby has instructed her in the comic ways as well as I have been doing with Rogue Slayer, hehe.

Another good moment was when a girl said she wrote a paper on Buffy and Roswell and that she aced it. Then Jason asked what her grade was and Sarah said (with a bit of a 'duh' tone) "She got an A. That's what it means when she says that she 'aced' it." And everyone laughed. She giggled and touched his arm with a "I'm sorry that was mean" hehehe funny stuff. I still say she wears the pants in her marriage, hehehe. All in all a great panel. I hope we didn't scare her off forever from conventions.

The other Buffy actors, well...has been said too.

-Amber: Nicest person in the world. What and abslute sweetheart. She took the Chance DVD from me that her people just gave us (well...'gave'....after we paid them obviously. Don't mind me I'm rambling.) And Rogue chastised me for letting HER take it out of the plastic! (She took it from me! What could I do? Ahem) and she laughed and said "Oh that's okay, I'm used to it." She peeled it out and looked at our badges to get our names on there. Mine (uhm, my REAL name that is. The one not out of Count of Monte Christo) and said "Oh that's a weird that dutch?" And of course it was. Except no one english-speaking ever knows that since it's not a 'van' name. So that was really cool. Then as she signed it she laughed and said she got a 'married' vibe from us. So we told her that was right too. I think I said "She's good!" and Rogue "She's really smart" (yeah we're great conversationalists when we meet famous folk...) Amber rolled her eyes jokingly and said "Oh yeah, I'm SO smart". (We said other stuff but who the hell can remember. We were smiling too hard) So she signed, and we bought a pic of her and Willow and she signed that too, then she posed on a pic with each of us (allowing us to step behind her desk). And we're both grinning like idiots in those pics since we were pretty much star struck. (She had her arm around my waist.....*fangigglethatamanshouldntmake*) Sweet, sweet girl. Just an aura of niceness.

The rest:
-Danny Strong: Great! Funny, sweet guy. (and yes. pretty eyes.) I asked him about the Gilmore Girls thing just as we almost walked on. He thought we were gone already but instantly turned back to me and enthusastically said he'd definitely be back and we'd probably see more of him this season.

-Tom Lenk: blah! 'Nuff said about that.

-Mark Lutz. Nice guy. Funny, and clearly knows how to treat fans. He teased my wife, but hey, I think she liked it. Don't need to say to much there, since my wife won't stop talking about him....grnf. And of course *I* had to miss Eliza...

-Robia: Nice. Also not a novice at giving fans that extra smile and little joke. Same as George Hertzberg.

-James Leary. Well what hasn't been said. I think he's the Jack Nicholson of the TV world. How? Well look at the oscars. No one has more fun than Jack. Just loving it all. James Leary is like that. He loves the work he did, he loves the attention it got him, he loves the fans and is just lapping it up. Love to hang out with that guy. We bought Sunt C*cks as said. Hope it's as funny as I....uhm, hope. Did I mention I was rambling?

-Robin Sachs. WEll I like Ethan Rayne but he's hardly buffy A-list right? But he was sitting there in his own booth, and while waiting in line for the others, I noticed he seemed really nice to people. And sometimes there were no people (I think he was there several days, for several hours and there are going to be quiter moments) So we popped over and as Rogue Slayer said he was charming and funny. Really had charisma. The 'darling' bit really worked on my wife! I can't imagine what it's going to be like when she meets Tony Head! Nice guy, glad we went to him. Tom Lenk should ask for tips.......

Lemme post this and get on Joss and Firefly....

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Definitely worth the wait Ed!! You guys truly brought it all to life and made me feel like I was there. I especially giggled at your *fangigglethatamanshouldntmake*. I could just picture that and I'm sure you weren't the only man having that problem. But I can only imagine how you would've been if you had gotten close enough to Eliza. They probably would've had to take you out of there on a gurney and then Rogue Slayer would've had to beat you silly 'cause you made her miss the rest of the convention.

I agree that Robin Sachs is hardly Buffy A-list but after seeing the behind the scenes of the Buffy Chaos game with him in it you could see how much he was getting into the role and that made me like him all the more. Glad most of the celebs seemed to really enjoy being there and if Tom Lenk truly isn't there because he wants to be he just should go. Hopefully he's just having a bad day but he's an actor and if that's the case he should be able to at least act like he's having some fun.

I've never been to one of these things and never thought I would but you guys did such a great job sharing your experiences it really makes me wish I had.
Ooh, thanks for that report EdDantes. In regards to Tom Lenk, with every con he's attended, fans always report the same thing about him being very refrain which would come off as being rude. What a difference from his character heh!

*waiting in anticipation for the "firefly' report
The more I see these posts about Lenk, the madder I get. Did he get paid for this? To show up and be a big dickwad?

He should be more than grateful that he's sliding in on the coattails of greatness. Joss chose him to be one of the gang. Plucked him from obscurity! Wanna go back there Tom?

I gotta allow that he is a human being and something extraordinarily wrong or bad could have happened in his personal life. But if he didn't feel up to the task, he should have cancelled.

Anyhoo, don't mean to be all about the badness! Thank you Ed for that great post! Thanks so much to all of you for sharing! I hope to read tons more when I get up tomorrow morning. :)
Everyone has a bad day, maybe he was sick or whatever.
Was there. Home now. Sleepy. Went to Wonderfalls panel. Tim handsome and funny. Me no have more words.
Maybe Tom Lenk just isn't the "con" type. I'm not gonna make excuses for anyone, but maybe this'll be the last straw for him convention wise. If he's not down for it, then hopefully he can positively express himself to fans in a different manner somewhere down the road...
He just might not enjoy these types of things but was strongly encouraged to go by his manager or something. Allyson, you'll have to fill us in on your experience after you get some sleep! I'll have to read your Firefly report tomorrow Ed! Way past my bedtime here on the east coast!
Okay Joss and Firefly! We were really happy it was on Sunday near the end. What better climax to the whole con but the man himself? We saw him last year by himself and he was just great. So funny and intelligent, I love to hear him speak. (love his humor too)

Of course last year he signed at Dark Horse, since Fray had come out there. This year he's writing X-Men! Which marvel had been shouting out to the world. And imagine, Marvel actually had a booth this year! So you would THINK they'd organise a signing session with joss right? RIGHT?!?!

Nope. Oh they had a booth. Together with gaming company Activision. Well, more like an Activision booth where Marvel had some posters up and 2 tables for signings. Yay. But still, of course they would have Joss sign, right? RIGHT!?!?

Nope. Oh he did sign. But UNANNOUNCED! On Saturday when no one knew he was there and only because he was nice enough to take the initiative and sit down and sign for whoever wanted it. Except we weren't there because we didn't know because Marvel are idiots! We went to the booth on sunday to ask if Joss would sign after the Firefly panel, but they said "Uh well there wasn't anyting scheduled. That he signed YESTERDAY was only a courtesy of him"

.........I nearly burned down the Marvel booth. Joe Quesada is on my hit list now.

Anyway.....the firefly panel....

Lemme just say that we saw a lot of panels throughout the con. Some we wanted to see, some because we wanted to be there early for later panels. (It's a jungle out there people) And we saw some pretty famous people promote some pretty high profile projects. And of course, every project/actor/artist atracts their own following.

But nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the crowd at the Joss/FF panel. That hall holds some 4000 people and the place was completely packed. (Previous panels got maybe half of that.) And when Joss was announced and came on everyone rose as one and the ovation was a deafening ROAR. You just had to feel the goosebumps.

A thing I love too is how clearly Joss loves doing this. He felta little "wow...gee.." (He said "I just wanted to say how great this is. I don't think I've seen this many people in my life!") He obviously loves it. I imagine it's a nice counter medicine from all the corporate crap he has to fight and the lack of appreciation the suits often give him. I remember last year when he mentioned Firefly and everyone applauded that he said something to the extent of "I so needed that" And it shows. This crowd loves his work and supports and 'gets' him and I think it does wonders for him.

Then he said he had something to show us and we got the Firefly clip. Some amazing footage already. (Invisible for possible spoilery bits!:) Ah man I can't wait to see it.

More applause (I swear I'm deaf now...) and Joss announced all nine cast members (not that much of a surprise anymore for anyone who counted the number of water bottles on the table, heh) Man that was unreal. Everyone went nuts. And I can't believe how close we were. They were all just right up there. Sorry I go on about that but we really had good seats. The coolest thing though was how everyone in the audience had their cameras up (a zillion clicks went off) and then the actors had their cameras up too and took picks of the audience! And they kept doing that too, taking pics of us, of each other, and Adam kept trying to take pics of the screens that showed the footage!

I think they were loving it as much as we were. Everyone was just beaming. (Joss maybe most of all)

Let's see, good moments....well the one where Joss said Jayne was sort of the Cordelia of the group has been described, but man, I literally split something in my side. I gotta tell it again:
Adam(after hearing he was the Cordelia): "Oh.....yeah.....I can see that."
(everyone laughs)
Adam: "*quietly into the mike* uh....who's cordelia"
(more laughter)
And then Nathan's deadpan brilliance. He tapped Adam on the shoulder, made the curvy woman-shape, then the "she's cuckoo" sign to his head, then opened an invisible magazine, turned it over and pretended to open the extra centerfold page, all the while with a completely quiet and serious face. Adam just went like 'ah? oh! ah-haahh' with his face. Man, I needed some extra oxygen after that one...Can't remember when I laughed so hard. And yeah Joss just doubled. He was probably wondering what Charisma was gonna say to that one!

Another great moment was when someone asked them all what their other future projects were. The first few started with "First, finish Serenity". Then listed what other projects they had. (Some, like Jewel didn't have any and got a big ole 'awww' from the crowd) Then Nathan said: "I don't think I'll be finishing Serenity" (big laugh) "No, I think I'll live there from now on." (big applause) Then he said his future projects would be 'Mal- spinoffs' like "Mal and his Browncoat Renegades" and "Mal, the early years" (he added: "You know when his heart was open and he could commune with the beasts") It was just hilarious. That guy is so funny, I hope he'll do DVD commentary.

Then someone asked if Angel still had a shot, and if Joss could maybe sell it to another network (not someone from this board methinks, since we know all that stuff, eheh) since Angel was so not finished. Joss said Angel was not so 'open' as some people seemed to think. As for what happened to the characters, he started to say "Well, Gunn DEFINITELY died..." and a portion of the crowd (Gunn fans no doubt) started "awww"-ing and "owwww"-ing. Joss pulled a mock scared face and quickly said "Well uh, on the other hand, y-you never know WHAT might have happened!"

Then someone called him 'Josh' instead of 'Joss' and the crowd buzzed with dissaproval. Joss pulled a hurt face and pretended to walk offstage, hehehe. Then later a girl said it was so great to 'meet' him it was like meeting the president. Then she added "but then right now, that's actually an insult" in a clear jab at Dubya. The crowd roared and applauded. So did most of the actors, except Adam who sorta pulled a soury smile (the actors have posted on FF boards how Adam is basically the only right-winger there and always goes into discussions with the others who mostly hate Bush, hehe. They say Alan and Gina just started ignoring him after a while on that front).

Anyway, Joss laughed and said "I'd rather be called "Josh" then." which got more laughter and applause. No secret how Joss feels about Bush, hehe.

Some girl said she wished Joss (who'd said previously he hoped he could keep FF on the big screen rather than go back to the little one) could just have Buffy, Angel, Firefly tv shows AND Firefly movies going. Joss said he'd like that too but "....I-I'm so....very very tired and..." (He looked at the girl) "...I fear you".

Another good one was when someone said he didn't like Jayne at first, but that over the course of the show, he became one of his favorite characters. And how a stupid character like that can be hard to portray probably. Everyone "oohh"-ed at the stupid bit and Adam started to pull faces. Joss laughed and said he didn't think Adam was necessarily stupid. Then Nathan started to point at Marina (The recurring "she's stupid" joke) and Adam said " know it's probably a lot harder for someone stupid to play a smart person" clearly continuing the joke aimed at Marina who's said earlier that Inara was so much smarter than her. Everyone laughed and Marina pretended to be hurt and walk offstage. Joss caught her and they hugged. Then she laughingly returned to the table while Joss walked over to Adam and looked down on him with a stern look and crossed arms like the angry teacher. It was so funny. Adam started shrugging hemming and hawing and said "I didn't mean HER..."

Man those guys were great and the whole panel was just the highlight of the con. There was more stuff but right now I can't remember. I hope this gave a bit of an impression. Damn I wanna hang with these people. I'm gonna try and break into Universal again and just pour Joss some coffee. Should work.

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Hey I was at the SMG Q&A as well and just wanted to quickly put my $.02 in. Over the years I've been up and down with SMG. There were times I liked her and times not so much. The Top Ten reasons she hasn't done a con fell short from where I was sitting. I don't think it was just because the references fell short rather any joke answer wasn't really what the audience wanted to hear. I always thought she was somewhat detached from her fans but the fact that she had that answered prepared and even that she knew Joss was appearing on Sunday leads me to believe she actually is somewhat aware. I thought it got a little much when every other person started out with either "you're my idol/inspiration," or "I'm from XYZ website." Thought it was kinda funny when some guy walked up to the mike with a "Hi Buffy!" I'll be honest, I thought the whole Q&A might be a train wreck. You knew the Buffy questions would come but if I recall no one even asked about Angel or Spike and there was the possibilty she might be stand-offish to those types of questions. To her credit Sarah's answers were often witty and she came off as being very sharp. Certainly didn't get the impression this was her first con. Jason Behr was personable enough but did anyone else think he was chewing his gum like a cow?
Okay, I can come up with some nouns and verbs before I'm off to bed.

Got there about 11, ran into Tim and John, went out for a smoke, and then they went in for an interview and I cant remember what i did but I think it involved lemonade.

Serenity panel, yadda yadda all reported above.

Too hot. So hot. Melty. Need more lemonade. Hug Chris. Hug Jenny. Hug Mike. Very proud of them.

Hall empties. Wait. Get water. Wonderfalls is screened, two eps. Audience laughs and has good time.

Get in line to ask question. Lots of other questions before me. All very long questions with folow-ups, rebuttals, and I JUST WANT TO ASK MY QUESTION. I forget question. Suddenly remember. But then the dude in front of me has the last question. WHY IS LIFE UNFAIR?

Chuckle to myself that I am an idiot and need to go sit down and stop being an idiot.

Sit down. Panel ends. Say goodbye to folks. Get going, wee Allyson.

And that was that! I'll probably put adjectives in it and post it all in my journal, tomorrow.
I'm sooooooooo tired. Much love to everyone who went (Hi SoddingNancyTribe!!) Can't possible thinlk or type coherently anymore. Got autographs and pics of everyone Buffy and Angel related, plus to my delight, Joss and all 9 Firefly cast members.

And without further adieu, a post in my personal journal (don't read it, it's either vain, boring, or sans updates) of some really nice pictures.

(I can't remember how to HTML-tag a link all nice and purty, moderators. Copy and paste, friends.)

Coming soon, to a forum near you, some wacky con musings.
randygiles - your pictures are incredible! And you actually got into the line to meet the Serenity bunch?! Amazing . . .

(BTW: Just want everyone to know that I took the pic of randygiles and Amber. Credit where credit's due . . . ;))
Okay, I know I said I'm going to bed but you guys just keep posting all this wonderful stuff and I just have to look at it first!! RandyGiles, great pictures!! As I'm from Massachusetts and Tom Lenk was wearing a Boston Red Sox cap he obviously is a wonderful, super smart person who was just having a bad day!! Okay, I'm easily swayed!! Anywho, I loved all your pictures and everyone looked great. I loved Gina's hair that way.

And Rogue, no offense, but Ed's rendering of Nathan describing who Cordelia is was funnier than yours! Probably because it was a man describing another man describing a woman's body. Am I making sense? Really way past my bedtime now!! But then again you posted yours so quick and Ed had so much more time to compose his because he took so long to post his ;)

Okay, good night all!
"Thought it was kinda funny when some guy walked up to the mike with a "Hi Buffy!"

Oh good grief, yes I forgot that one! That's the kind of idiot that gives Cons a bad name. Sarah replied with "Noo, I'm Sarah. Sa-rah. This is Ja-son". Don't really blame her for that one.

"Got autographs and pics of everyone Buffy and Angel related, plus to my delight, Joss and all 9 Firefly cast members."

You are evil and I hate you.........

Seriously, I checked out your pics. Cool stuff, our pics are going to look less I think. Why does everyone have better equipment than us? (Btw, didn't know you were a girl. Yer Randy Giles fer pete's sake;-) Looks like with Firefly you sat to our right and maybe a row down, hehe. But the Joss/FF the F*** did you do that??? We practically ran but by the time we knew where, there was already a crowd the size of a sports stadium around it and a guy said the line was already capped! ARGH! I can't STAND THIS!!

Ahem....happy for you.....of course.....

"And Rogue, no offense, but Ed's rendering of Nathan describing who Cordelia is was funnier than yours! Probably because it was a man describing another man describing a woman's body. Am I making sense?"

Perrrrfect sense.....perfect;-)

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Wow, holy crap. Thats seems to have worked. Thanks to all who gave the reports. You're all stars :). I can't describe men objectifying women quite as well as a man can. I'm hurt..... :( You should have heard him carrying on about Jennifer Tilly. "She's hot. I mean, REALLY hot. I" Yes, men can be so eloquent. I think my Mark Lutz commentary was much more coherent. "Oh my god, there he is. He's right there. He's so hot. I mean, REALLY hot. Look at him! It's Groo!! I wanna comshuck him SO bad....." (Hey, between Eliza, Jennifer and some chick in tight vinyl dressed up like Black Cat, I was entitled to a little meat ogling myself!)

Well, our piccies(that do look much worse in light of SOME people's pics....I'm not gonna say cheating teleporter....) can be found here:
Did any Whedonesquers meet up at the this con?
Superexcellent reports, everyone! I'm seething with jealousy, and also very thankful you all took the time to share with us far-flung unfortunates. *sniffle*

Soooo wishing I could have been at the Serenity panel -- it sounds incredible. Ten warm bodies representing a boundless array of collective hotness and coolness combined! Raw BDM footage! Jokes at other people's expense and endless Nathan antics! *seethe* (And seeing those two unaired Wonderfalls eps wouldn't have sucked, either.)... Just imagining the roar that went up when Joss came onstage makes all the hair on my arms stand at attention. God knows he deserves some love, with all he's been through in the past year trying to keep his creative ventures afloat. I hope his memories of that experience are stored away as one of the more wonderful things he pulls out to help sustain himself though the crapful moments of trying to stay true to himself in Hollywood...

Re: Tom Lenk, I've read an interview with him (which I think is on the CityofAngel website, only it's too late, and I'm too lazy right now to go hunt it down -- perhaps later) where he admits he shares none of Andrew's geeky interests whatsoever, and that it in fact weirds him out a bit how people identify him with his character. I'm hazarding that his behavior at the con is a product of figuring 'I'm an actor, I was acting but now it's over, and that's the end of it.'

Still. I agree that if he's not going to have a good attitude about being at a convention where BtVS fans will most probably be well represented, he shouldn't have accepted the offer to appear. I suspect it was a purely financial decision for him, based on this latest report (which seems to corroborate what I've read of his con manners in the past). It's too bad for those who attended; to intentionally (or not, who knows) leave a surly, ungrateful impression in the minds of those who might otherwise have gone away favorably disposed toward him is just a shame for them, and certainly isn't likely to do his career or professional reputation any favors.

[Wow, I make even less sense than usual at 4 a.m.]

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Oh, what a terrific treat to wake up to this morning!! Thank you all for the reports.

Thank you Rogue Slayer, EdDantes, SoddingNancyTribe, RandyGiles & Allyson! Everyone's pics look great; you guys are superstar reporters!

I must say, I'm quite struck by Rogue Slayer's change of heart re: SMG. She must've been quite the charmer to win you over. Considering how poorly organized her session was, it sounds like she took everything in stride.

Re: Tom Lenk. As Wiseblood said, I think some of his discomfort at Cons may be due to the number of fans who think he *is* Andrew and consequently run up to him with, "Omigod! Have you read the new Aquaman series! I can't believe they yadda yadda yadda...." At a Con, the number of fans likely to assault him with such a barage increases exponentially....too bad he hasn't learned a polite yet friendly way to fend them off.

I can't even comment on all the FF stuff. Every time I think about it I lapse into fangirlsugarcoma! The bit about Ron Glass is very interesting; after reading set reports for the last few weeks, I've begun to think that is is Ron - and not Alan, who seems to be on the set all the time - who has a reduced role in the film.

Keep 'em coming folks. Any links to other good reports out there?
Wow, what a great time all of you must have had. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! (Does anyone know if there was any taping of the Serenity panel which might make its way as an extra to a Serenity DVD some day? Sounds as though it would be so much fun to see.)
I can just say that I'm soooooooooooooo freaking jealous right now. Damn you all. Anywho, reading con reports from non Buffy fans are quite interesting. Just found one in which SMG got the... "Most obvious celeb phony" award. What that means exactly, you got me, but since I love SMG unconditionally, my eyeballs are currently rolling.

I would do that kewl linky thing, but don't know how, so you'll have to settle for this:
If you to the site, I believe there may be an MP3 recording of the panel knocking around somewhere :).
Guys, Fireflyfans thread: (it links to the file and also to their report thread)

the mp3 file:

been trying to download it for the last couple of hours, but only 5 persons can download it at a time. So keep trying.

Guys, just wanna say, great, really great reports. You made me feel like I was there, specially after checking the pics. If envy could kill, I'd be close to it. Hope we'll be able to download the footage soon.

Hmmm... Was Chris Buchanan in the Panel, or was only Joss and the cast on the table??
If there are no objections from, I can provide a mirror (once I get the file) until the rush is gone.
For the person who asked about what the "surprise" SMG was refering to after the panel discussion that the fans would love... it was that after the panel discussion the fans with the pink wristbands were brought to a room, where SMG and Behr personally handed them signed outograph posters and I think caps too.

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Just wanted to add a further comment (which I posted on another thread, but that thread is, I fear, now moribund). Since noone else has thrown it out, I think it bears repeating.

My personal highlight of the Serenity panel - a moment which made the hairs on the nape of my neck rise and my blood start going "whoosh!" was this:

Questioner: [Someone, can't remember the name] has said that it is impossible to meet the challenge of producing a quality, well-written TV show for 22 episodes each year. How have you [Joss] managed to put on 3 over the period of 8 years?

Joss: To quote Captain Malcolm Reynolds - "We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty".

The entire room just rose up in an enormous roar of warmth and, I think, gratitude to Joss and his accomplices. It was at that moment that I had a deep sense that, "despite all the network bullshit and our anxieties about the success of the movie etc., it's *all going to be alright*". I haven't really done the description justice, but the moment was, for me at any rate, transcendent.

nychick: "most obvious phony celeb award"? Without any reason given? (other than his *obvious* antipathy toward SMG?) I actually agree largely with his criticisms of the panel set-up, as I said in my first post, but that has *nothing* to with SMG.

In keeping with the board's policy of not hammering other boards, all I shall say is: Jo *Blow* really lives up to his name. And who do you guys trust? Mr. Suck (excuse me, blow), or fair-minded neutrals like EdDantes and RogueSlayer?

Oh, just saw nychick's disclosure of the "surprise" - darn it, now why don't nice things like that ever happen to me (or Ed for that matter)! Thanks for posting that.

Finally, I apologize for the failure to report on Wonderfalls. I *really* wanted to stay for the screenings, but (wheels out the kid excuse again . . .) the children were about to eat me alive. I hope Allyson can provide a full and glowing report.
Just checked, and they have some incredible pics, which I assume the Serenity ones are from Wireimage. ANd some nice reports. So if any one is interested. MOds, help me out, if I'm not doing it right (posting in the middle of work):

set 1

Some reports:
The Grudge
Grudge report
Tru Calling:
Tru report
No prob SoddingNancyTribe!

"Partly, I'm here to talk about the movie," she said. "But I also just wanted to say thank you for everything they've done for me. They are the most heartfelt fans I know."

That's a quote from SMG taken from Usatoday:

Where there any questions about or related to Angel or Buffy? Specifically about the TV movies.
To the person who asked about the panel being recorded for the dvd, I am pretty sure it was. I was pulled out of the autograph line and interviewed for the Serenity DVD, and I know they filmed some of the autograph session as well. So I would assume they also filmed the panel.

You can read my report of the Serenity signing here.

The Wonderfalls panel was great, I stayed around to listen to Tim talk and he had a few Firefly mentions. He also said that if Joss doesn't screw up and Serenity 2 gets made, that he will be on board for that!
Thanks for all the write-ups, everyone! Sounds like a fun conference, chock full of interesting people. I'd love to hear more about the Wonderfalls panel/eps, if anyone went to that. And randygiles, great photos! I'm looking forward to reading your conference musings.
ShotgunWes, here's what I remember on that issue:

Someone asked Joss whethere there was any hope AtS going to another station and continuing, since "Not Fade Away" had left things so "open". (See EdD's post for that exchange). I think it was in response to that question that Joss said he couldn't see AtS returning to TV. I understood this to mean no more series. He then said that the idea of doing movies (I think he meant TV movies) was alive or on the table or something like that. I don't remember him giving any more specifics than that, but, to reiterate, he said very emphatically that he wanted the Buffyverse (again, his choice of words) to continue "in some format". Not right now though, since all focus is on "Serenity".

And, for those who care about such things, I mentioned above that Sarah said she would "strongly consider" the possibility of a Buffy movie if it was a top-notch script, despite her reservations that BtVS worked best as an ongoing and evolving TV show.

Caroline, re your question above about Whedonesquers. I was in the line for Amber when the cute and sparkly young woman in front of me turned round, eyed my name badge and said "I know you!". Since I couldn't remember ever seeing her before, I was slightly lost for words (pretty rare for me, that), but she quickly said the magic words "Whedonesque", and everything was alright. :) Thank you RandyGiles! We had a nice chat in the line and it was delightful to make that connection. All weekend I looked for a couple that met EdDantes' and RogueSlayer's description - tall, lean (I imagined), and Dutch-looking man, with more diminutive, sleek female companion. Didn't spot em. Thought I saw a man in a plaid shirt and companion who met the description just before the Serenity panel got underway, rushed over, and read his name-badge, which was "David Willetts" or something. Didn't sound nederlander enough to me . . . Oh well, maybe next time.

Oh, I remembered some more Sarah stuff. Someone asked what superhero she would like to play. Her answer was nice: since both Buffy and Daphne were both derived from other original material, she said she'd really like to "bring to life" an original hero, not one who had appeared in another place. And she had a good quip about Shimizu having her run in one scene over and over again (apparently because she ran too purposefully like a hero) until she got "more tired and lamer", which better suited the character.
Ok did anyone ask Mark about Andy's current health at all or did it just fly out your head by all the Buffy/Angel people in one place??? :)

Thanks for all the photos and reports **pouting** I wish I had been there.
I must say, I'm quite struck by Rogue Slayer's change of heart re: SMG. She must've been quite the charmer to win you over.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I still think she probably had her controlling bitch moments on set(I can't so easily dismiss MANY reports that she can be unpleasant) but I never thought she would be anything but nice and smiley for her fans. I kind of got the vibe she was a bit uncomfortable and didn't know what to expect. I imagine it went better than she had been fearing. But she did lean on Jason for support, sharing quite a bit of dialogue and internal jokes with him. I'm not sure she would have wanted to be out there by herself. Her 'top ten' list showed very clearly her misconceptions about the crowd before her. But she recovered well and seemed to get a bit more comfortable, but I also got the feeling she was happy when it was over. This will sound weird, I don't think she was being fake, but very much had her 'fan face' on. Just much less at ease than say Joss or Nathan or even Eliza to a certain extent.
HOWEVER, when I compare her to Tom Lenk, who just had no business being at the con whatsoever, the advantage goes to Sarah. Because even though she didn't do a signing, being 100 feet from her was a much more enjoyable experience than being 2 feet from Lenk. And just for the record, I didn't see one person run up to Tom and call him Andrew or talk about 'nerdy' things. I wasn't there the entire time, maybe it happened lots, but what I observed were polite, respectful fans trying to get an autograph, maybe lean in for a picture, and Tom giving them the barest acknowledgment. If you don't like fans, don't go to fan events. I say do it with pleasure or don't do it at all. Hell, even Robia LaMorte seems to have less problem(and more fun) being recognized as a character whose traits she now preaches against. Really, if you're just in it for the money, there's a good chance you may lose money on the other end when you piss off fans who decide they don't want to follow your career.

Oh, and OT, hubby was so happy to see Erin Gray. His first boyhood crush from Buck Rogers. I'm too young for that, I just know her from Silver Spoons. Still looks pretty good for an older lady.


Joss did confirm that he had been approached about doing a few tv movies, but nothing was solid yet.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before....Someone asked Joss whose idea it was for Spike to 'strut' so much. Joss said, "It was ALLLL James. Sometimes I had to tell him to bring it back a little. 'You're supposed to be sad now. No swagger. It's too sexy for the lens.'" :)
Hey guys. Obviously, I'm very late to the party. I got back into LA from San Diego late last night and was absolutely exhausted. Needless to say, I couldn't get Internet access from the hotel room working, or otherwise I would've posted sooner.

Check this thread several hours from now, because I'll have a writeup and photos posted later. That being said, I got to ask Amber Benson's mother about the Global Frequency situation and Mark Lutz about Andy Hallett. I also found out what the Sarah Michelle Gellar-signed poster sitch was.

And I managed to get both Amber and Iyari Limon together for a photograph. They look absolutely adorable together, and neither one objected to the idea at all. In fact, Amber had nothing but compliments for Iyari when I proposed the idea to her, and Iyari went back for a second photo so she could get one taken with her phonecam. :)
All weekend I looked for a couple that met EdDantes' and RogueSlayer's description - tall, lean (I imagined), and Dutch-looking man, with more diminutive, sleek female companion.

Less sleek, more geek! :) Companion....make me sound like Inara! (I wish!)

But now I'm a little scared thinking someone was looking for us..... ;) Actually, my hubby had a few conversations with people and I was like, "What if that was someone from Whedonesque?! We'd never know!"
I look forward to reading your report and seeing the pics Oddjob.

Actually, my hubby had a few conversations with people and I was like, "What if that was someone from Whedonesque?! We'd never know!"

Hmmmmmmm. Next year, either we go for Monty Python style arrows pointing out Whedonesque posters at Comic Con or have some sort of meet up point arranged.
Thank you Oddjob - I am looking forward to your report. :)

Yeah but now we all know what you look like Rouge and Ed. :)

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Yeah but now we all know what you look like Rouge and Ed. :)

I know! Now SoddingNancyTribe can stalk us with greater ease! ;)
Next year, either we go for Monty Python style arrows pointing out Whedonesque posters at Comic Con or have some sort of meet up point arranged.

I'm in! With a year to prepare, maybe we can get those Monty Python arrows working after all :-)
My name badge had my name on it, and I have curly purple hair. I was wearing black pants and blouse, and had a Newbury Comics messenger bag. So, belated hello.
Ok, this is what I can get in on the 8 minutes left of my lunch break that haven't been mentioned.

I did get to ask Mark Lutz about Andy. I said "I've read online that you are good friends with Andy outside of work, and we've all been very concerned about his health. If you do talk to him, please tell him all the fans hope he gets better really soon and to take it easy and feel better." Mark said he would indeed be calling Andy that very evening and he was doing better and will pull through. So, hooray!! It's always very cool to know when Buffy people are really friends, and I for one would love to be a fly on the wall when they go out together.

RogueSlayer and EdDantes, now that you guys know what I look like (and not a boy in the least, but I had just rewatched Tabula Rasa the day before I made the name so it was fresh in my head), come say hi at the Oakland superconvention since I will be there all alone!

And if you really wanna know how I managed to get prime seats for the Serenity panel and get in the front of the line to meet the folks, read here (Invisible so as to not attract those who want to throw vegetables at me)

Meeting the Firefly panel and the notable quips:
*shakes hands*
me: I always knew you'd have big hands and a firm handshake.
Adam: That's why they hired me.
*shakes hands*
Nathan: Mine aren't very big but they are indeed soft.
me: They are. I'll be sure to tell the internet community you exfoliate.
Nathan: It's like in Steinbeck's Red Badge of Courage, I put gloves on with the vaseline under.
me: (not knowing what he's talking about) I don't know, I just watch tv.

me: so are Inara and Mal gonna hook up, or what??
Morena: I don't know, you'll just have to see.
me: the two potential couples never having got together on a canceled series, it's torture to know what could have been.
Alan to Gina: How come no one wants to see us make out?
me: Well, we did, and that was damn hot. Like Alan's line "Have you been with a warrior woman??" And now I want more.
Gina: good answer.

More later on why Danny Strong should be my husband (our short babies would have piercing blue eyes)
Steinbeck's Red Badge of Courage? HAHA! Methinks that was a bluff, although Heinlein does mention vaseline and socks in Time Enough for Love. What? That was not out loud! Oh, it was? Sorry. Love the lj action BTW, Ms. Giles.
Let me add another big “thank you” to everyone for sharing their reports and pictures! All the perspectives joined together almost make for a “you were there” feeling.
SMG always gave me the impression that she is very professional, but also doesn’t suffer fools lightly and is unforgiving towards those who don’t fit precisely into her controlled universe. It’s nice to know that she can be flexible and poke a little fun at herself. She could have been very rigid and all “I’m here to talk about The Grudge. Buffy is history. Next question”. She had no idea what the tone of the crowd was going to be and I think she was brave to be there.
I’m hoping Tom Lenk was having a really bad day or is really shy and uncomfortable with strangers and not just plain rude. Even if he was being forced to be there by a manager or whatever, he could have called on his acting skills and at least *pretended* like he was pleased to meet people. Who cares if that’s being sincere or not—you’d think he would make some attempt to be polite to the people who support his career. I’m sure there are some who are jerks to him, but to be snooty to Whedonesquers? These are nice, sane--I’m hoping : ) -- people, Mr. Lenk!
I just watched “Chance” again this weekend and every time I catch some dialogue I missed before. I’m glad to hear Amber Benson is such a sweetie.

"Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before....Someone asked Joss whose idea it was for Spike to 'strut' so much. Joss said, "It was ALLLL James. Sometimes I had to tell him to bring it back a little. 'You're supposed to be sad now. No swagger. It's too sexy for the lens.'" :)"

You did mention it before,Rogue Slayer, but I am so not complaining. ; )
I tried to get the “scoop” on the first Buffy-related day of the Con by posting a link to my blog on Friday. But since I didn’t post in the official Comic-Con thread it was overlooked and now I’m way behind! Oh, well it’s karma for being an impatient poster… if only “Valentine” weren’t on the telly this past weekend =).

There isn’t really anything I can add now that hasn’t already been said. But I will give it a shot.

Re: Eliza Dushku
She was super at ease up on the stage and handled all her questions beautifully. The highlights of her panel for me were when all the camera flashes and overhead light were reflecting off her supergirl tank and she said, “Look, I’m blinding all of you with my bosom!” and the fact that she was wearing the same necklace that I was… granted hers was probably much more expensive and undoubtedly not cz!

Re: Tom Lenk
I completely understand why he would be uncomfortable in an atmosphere such as Comic-Con, hell, I was pretty uncomfortable myself half the time. Comic-Con attendees in can be pretty scary. Just an example- when our cab driver dropped us off at the Convention Center Saturday morning he warily eyed a couple in some S&M-type anime-inspired costume and asked in his thick Moroccan accent, “What again did you say this conference was about? Are you sure you want me to leave you here?” So, I can see him being a bit stand-offish and not wanting to “provoke” any conventioneer with ,you know, eye-contact, chit-chat, or even a friendly smile. BUT if he were that uncomfortable he shouldn’t have and saved himself the trouble and in turn saved some fans from gaining a poor opinion of him. A friend that was with me was trying to make and joke and get a little friendly with the woman that was with Tom selling his merchandise. He pointed to Tom’s headshots and said to the woman, “Wow, these pictures don’t do you justice” the woman giggled and Tom very deadpan said, “No, actually those are of me.” It wasn’t even funny sarcasm, just kind of rude.

Re: Sarah Michelle Gellar
After sitting through a torturously boring panel on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which by the way could not even be saved by the hotness that is Jude Law) Sarah’s warmth and perkiness was just what I needed to jolt me awake. Just before Sarah and Jason came out the crowd was buzzing and the moment that some guy a couple aisles up from us sat his Buffy cardboard cut-out in the seat next to him and draped his arm across “her” I knew that it would be interesting. After Sarah came out a woman behind me kept saying to the person she was with, “Omigod, that’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, that’s Sarah Michelle Gellar…” Then the questions started. Eh, why did the people who have the silliest questions always make it to the microphone? When the question being asked was too inane or embarrassing to stand I would sit back to hear the woman saying, “… that’s really her, Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s sitting right there…” The funniest part of the Q&A for me was when a girl went up to the microphone and said, “I have a question for Sarah… and Jason, but mostly for Sarah…” the crowd laughed and SMG said, “Man, I feel like there’s a joke I’m not in on” and the girl at the microphone very seriously and meekly said, “I don’t know it (the inside joke)…” I taped the first 10 minutes of the Q&A on my digital camera and that was the very last thing I taped, classic. I also really liked SMG’s No. 1 reason for not coming to the San Diego Comic-Con … “There’s just not enough merchandise with my damn face on it!”

Re: Joss & the Cast of Serenity
OK, this was the whole reason I went to the Con and I missed it! =(. A very dear person to us who was gravely ill and took a turn for the worst so we had to rush home. I just got the news a little while ago that he passed away this morning. Not the best way to end an otherwise great weekend. But writing this little report for you guys helped to get my mind off things. Hope it wasn’t too redundant.

Here are the pictures and a few other tidbits. Karen's Con Report .
RandyGiles, on behalf of all of us who sat/stood in that autograph line for more than four hours...this is one big head of lettuce headed your way.

You were very, very lucky. I was fifth in line and a guy tried to sneak in behind us and got the boot mighty quick.
Again, great reports by all. I was just reading some of the comments on the Slayerverse website that SoddingNancyTribe provided links to and boy does that crowd get a little nasty with each other when they start to disagree. A lot of "your stupid" and a couple of "F U"s as well. Glad that doesn't happen on this site no matter how much some of us may disagree.

Also glad to have read Ed and Rogue's comments about SMG. I may disagree on some of your views of SMG but I respect you both tremendously and your reports on how SMG was at the convention seemed very open and fair. On that same Slayerverse site there were many comments (and I suspect these were from people who weren't even there) that SMG came across as cold and unfriendly. One even judged a picture of her laughing as proof that her body language proved she didn't want to be there because she had a look of horror on her face and her gums were showing. It wasn't a great picture because she was in full "laugh out loud" face but it was just funny how this person totally misread everything about it.

Thanks to everyone for sharing such great pictures (Rogue and Ed, your pictures were very good!!) and your personal experience. You all truly brought the convention to life for all of us who weren't there. I feel like I was there!

Here's a suggestion for identifying others at future conventions. Why don't you who own the board make up some great Whedonesquer tee-shirts! You could do a nice black shirt with your name streaming across. And maybe if you could get permission, you could use the pictures too! People could buy the t-shirts from you and that would help the site. And because I most likely won't be going to any conventions maybe you could make up some black coffe mugs with the same design! I bet those would sell good! Just a thought!

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-07-27 01:35 ]
Oooh great idea blwessels! I'm a huge coffee mug & t-shirt buyin' gal. I'd snap up some of those fast! Its also a fantastic way to identify one another at these functions.
I'm totally in for a T-shirt - I was somewhat at a loss at Comic-Con. Saturday, I wore what I like to call my "Joss Whedon" tribute shirt, which is the one that says "They saved T.V. - A Lot" with the gravestones with his series' names on, and on the back it thanks all the characters individually. Sunday I was "reduced" to a Star Wars tee (well, to be honest, it was a collectors' item original crew T-shirt, but still . . . I wanted a more Jossy shirt.) Maybe instead of burdening the webmaster and mods, we could ask one of the creative talents, such as, I don't know, any graphic artists out there (hint hint), to pitch an idea, which the owners could then approve?

Karen: thanks for the great pics and report!

RandyG: funniest (and yes, luckiest) post yet!
Just to let you guys know, that got more mirrors up for the mp3 file of the Serenity Panel. Finally got to download it, and now that I'm home, I'm listening to it right now.
It's kinda noisy (duhh...) with all the cheering, which makes it hard to copreehend a few things they are saying on stage, but whatosever it's great. Wish I had been there.

Just check one of my posts above and access the first link to find all the mirrors (I think it'sin my first or second post in this thread), also there's an option to download it through bittorrent.
I'm a graphic designer by trade and I was thinking more of just taking the Whedonesque logo and having the owner email a camera-ready image of it to a t-shirt maker of their choice. The logo is classy and understated, and the font(s) is elegant and very AtS inspired.

Some shirts go overboard with the graphics and they end up looking like nothing I'd ever want to wear. I'd be sure 'nuff proud to sport the Whedonesque logo, though.
Ok, just a note. We just watched James Leary's Stuntcocks and Amber Benson's Chance. Stuntcocks is literally like 8 minutes long. I'm not even sure what the point of it is. It's a little spoof of the porn industry, but 8 minute movie on dvd? I wouldn't have paid the $25 for it online or something, but the money was worth the autograph and chance to meet James Leary. Very nice guy.

Chance, however, was very good. And for any James Marsters fans, he looks particularly yummy! He's got the excellent season 6 hair(I call it that, though I don't know what season of Buffy was going on at the time). A little loose and wavy. Very nice! And Amber looks sexy too! It's a cute little movie. Runs about 1 hour and 15 minutes and was definitely worth the money! A little too many musical interludes, but I can sit through most anything to see James without his shirt on! :)
Well, if any Whedoneque regulars are going to be at Common Rotation's upcoming performance in Hollywood on Saturday, August 14th, Metro Entertainment's signing in Santa Barbara on Saturday, August 21th, or Vulkon in Oakland the following weekend, at least put some kind of makeshift Whedonesque sticker on yourself. I'll be at the first two events (unsure about the last one) and would love to meet everyone. :)
I call it that, though I don't know what season of Buffy was going on at the time

Season 5, during the last few episodes. Tara was insane, so Amber had a bit of time to concentrate on the movie, but Spike was heavily featured in those episodes, so James was doing quite a bit of work. I liked the movie quite a bit myself, particularly the park bench scene with James and Andy, but still don't have the DVD.

Thanks to everyone for their great con reports, I've been enjoying the heck out of them =).
"All weekend I looked for a couple that met EdDantes' and RogueSlayer's description - tall, lean (I imagined), and Dutch-looking man, with more diminutive, sleek female companion."

Hah! That's funny. Gotta wonder what's 'dutch-looking' to people not from Holland though. Sorta like scandinavian? Is that the image we have? Well, we're less blond, lemme tell ya....;-)

And Randy Giles.....that's your big secret??? You cheated?? Damn! Why didn't I think of that!!!!

Oh and about Tom Lenk, sorry none of the excuses apply. I've been up and down the boards and apparently this is how he always is. So unless he always happens to have a bad day just as he's supposed to meet fans....

As for how 'scary' the comicon is...well, don't go then. Besides, so some cabby thinks people who just like to dress up like Spiderman and Lara Croft are scary? And that's a measuring point? Please, the average night club holds scarier people. And once again, I saw no freaks or loud rude people at the line. I saw no one calling him 'Andrew' or yelling to him about Boba Fett action figures. They only just gotten started and people were nice, polite and just wanted a autograph and a nice word or two going both ways. He was a sourpuss! He clearly just hates doing this. Don't think there's anything else to it. I'm sure he does it for the money, which I can see, but for frag's sake, put on a frikkin' smile or just stay away.

"Also glad to have read Ed and Rogue's comments about SMG. I may disagree on some of your views of SMG but I respect you both tremendously and your reports on how SMG was at the convention seemed very open and fair."

Right back atcha blwessels. (Uh the respect part that is) And yeah, we're not gonna paint things in a certain way to suit a certain view. If I think she's being a bit of a bint I'll say it. When I think she's being sweet, funny and nice I'll say that too.

"On that same Slayerverse site there were many comments (and I suspect these were from people who weren't even there) that SMG came across as cold and unfriendly. One even judged a picture of her laughing as proof that her body language proved she didn't want to be there because she had a look of horror on her face and her gums were showing."

Oh good grief. Don't think I have the words to describe what a pile of nonsense I think that is. Sarah's big smiles always show her gums you unbelievable morons. (not you blwessels, obviously) The only thing these people could try is saying she was faking the whole thing, but apart from that being crap too (I think so anyway), it would still mean she was being nice for the fans. 'Cold and uncaring'. Please, what panel were they attending.

And the crowd were Buffy fans and apart from the top ten list that got less of a reaction than she hoped, it was a lovely panel. People laughed, people cheered, people were happy to see her. She hid any uncomfortableness well and was funny and enthusiastic. Any stupid questions she countered perfectly and the audience was clearly on her side with those.

Like SoddingNancytribe said, me and Rogue Slayer are no Sarah apologists, nor bashers. Believe me, if there'd been coldness or any type of blahness coming from her, I'd say it. I'm not here to make up excuses for people just because they're actors.

I sure don't do it for Tom Lenk, wouldn't do it for her.
With that "cold and uncaring" comment it sounds like they are just parroting the first news reports that came out about the panel which for some reason put a bad slant on it
Has anyone seen a panel with Tom Lenk? Or have a season 7 Buffy dvd where he does commentary? I'm curious as to what he's like there, since I too felt the chill from his general direction. Maybe it's just the meet and greet that makes him more of a Tom Crank.

And it doesn't count as cheating if you don't know that you are doing it. I'll merely be sent to a lesser hell dimension. A world without candy perhaps.

[ edited by randygiles on 2004-07-27 02:21 ]
Ok - I have to come to Tom's defense here, please no one take it personally but we scare the daylights out of him, or at least that is what I have observed by watching how he acts. I saw him at Moonlight Rising earlier this year and caught on to that right away. Tom is an extremely shy person (I'm talking he should be on paxel shy - btw for those not aware paxel is an anti-anxity drug)- which says a lot about his ability to pull off the characters he has played. I observed him over the course of the weekend, as long as Danny was around him he could talk to people but when Danny moved to mingle - he plastered himself back against the wall like a trapped animal. He would only relax when someone like Danny or Iyari would come over to him - I don't think he moved from the spot his PA put him all night. He seemed to be extremely uncomfortable at the photo ops as well. However,when onstage with Danny and Adam he was a bit more relaxed and was somewhat more engaging. I think he may be doing the conventions to try to overcome his shyness and he does have a tendancy to be mobbed at events cause so many loved his character and cannot wait to meet him. I hope over time, this whole Tom is 'bleck' will be replaced with Tom is 'nice' but it's going to take time. Some actors have the it that makes them able to connect with fans and some have to work at it. So give the kid a break and a little time and a few more conventions under his belt - I know first impression are lasting ones but ask yourself has your first impression of someone always been the right impression. So chalk this up to nervousness or a bad day and don't judge him against the character he played but the actor he is to be able to be and how he is and still have the ability to pull it off. Also, he cannot be all that bad if he's friends like Aly, Emma, and the others.

Ok just my $0.01. :)
Hey, RavenU, thanks for the additional insights. I usually go by first impressions - but I try to admit that sometimes my first impressions are mistaken. And I like the point about judging Tom by the company he keeps. :)

EdDantes: "Gotta wonder what's 'dutch-looking' to people not from Holland though". Fair point, although the UK's not a million miles away. :) Erm let's see, I've spent a fair amount of time in Amsterdam, and I dated a dutch woman for 4 months about 10 years ago? I guess that doesn't make me an expert ;), but I think I have a pretty good "Dutch" visual filter - although it's much harder to put into words than it is to recognize. Less blonde scandinavian? How about happier and more attractive German? More easy-going Belgian? Less aloof French person? I'll stop now before I get into real trouble . . .

BTW: this is totally not intended to stir up trouble in any way (and won't, because we are all decent and mature people here), but I thought it'd be interesting to note that a poster at, a site that I look at a lot given my appreciation of Sarah, reproduced mine, RogueS's and EdD's reports of SMG's panel under the heading "retractions of Sarah-hatage from people who never liked her", apparently by way of a Jason Behr fan forum posting. (At least the posts that followed seemed to appreciate our reports. . .) Of course, that initial description is obviously not true of any of us, but speaking for myself, I'm just a wee bit miffed at being tagged a former "Sarah-hater". :(. All I ask is that people do their homework before casting such aspersions.
Post is at:

And again, I'm not seeking to retaliate. This is more by way of an interesting look at how sometimes messages can get distorted in fan communities.
A poster at that same SMG board mentioned that Rogue Slayer's joke on another board about tossing fruit at Sarah was actually forwarded to SMG's management by some lurkers)... without the context that it was a joke in the first place:

"It was Rogue Slayer who made the comments orignally on Sparklies, I saw them myself. However some lurkers took them and reported them to Sarah's management not mentioning the fact that they were jokey."

That's ridiculous.
BTW, I'm hesitating on posting a link to the photos I've taken this past weekend at Comic-Con (as well as an unrelated photo I took of Amber) that I mentioned last week or the week before) because I have a bad feeling I'll see them reposted on other Buffy-centric websites without my permission (those of you who frequent those other websites know which ones I'm talking about). I unfortunately ran into this situation a few years ago with a few Buffy websites and now it looks like it may happen again. Of course I probably can't prevent it altogether, but just because I post my photos onto the Internet doesn't mean that it's not copyrighted because it is my work.

One solution that I'm leaning towards is privately e-mailing the photos to the regulars here who would like to see them. Hopefully those of you in question (as well as that aforementioned photo of Amber I mentioned awhile ago) have e-mail addresses associated with your accounts, as that would make my job easier. And I suppose I should have one associated with mine as well. :)

[ edited by Oddjob on 2004-07-27 04:24 ]
Wow, that's ridiculous! It was so obvious that Rogue S was joking about throwing the fruit. And hello, if she showed up at the convention carrying a basket of rotting fruit I would think someone might stop her!! They are obviously people who are lacking a life and think they are making themselves seem so important by warning SMGs management about the evil Rogue Slayer who is out to fruitify SMG. I would've loved to see the look on the faces of whoever got that e-mail and what it possibly said:

"Warning, please warn SMG that the evil Rogue Slayer is out to pummel her with peaches!!" I wonder if they thought it could be Eliza Dushku gone mad.
To RavenU: I hope you're right about Tom Lenk, but I have to say I don't think it's what I saw. I didn't see shyness. I saw someone bored and annoyed. Could be I'm wrong. I certainly hope so. However I don't particularly care to meet him again and when I do I will not be expecting anything resembling niceness.

To SoddingNancyTribe: In a way, I love all your descriptions of dutch people! Maybe because they're all true haha!;-)

As for this: "this is totally not intended to stir up trouble in any way (and won't, because we are all decent and mature people here), but I thought it'd be interesting to note that a poster at, a site that I look at a lot given my appreciation of Sarah, reproduced mine, RogueS's and EdD's reports of SMG's panel under the heading "retractions of Sarah-hatage from people who never liked her"

WHAT THE F***????? Where do they get off?? 'Sarah-haters'??? My maturity goes out the window when some fan-wanking board is using my comments without asking, and then is deliberatedly misrepresenting myself and my wife to suit the needs of their fan-propaganda!

And the fruit wife heard about the forwarding of some stuff to the management but never dreamt it was her little joke that was satirical to begin with that was the start of that.

See....this is why I hate the uber-fans almost more than the 'bashers'....but it's a narrow margin. ooooohhhh now I'm mad...ah, I'll stop, not what this board is for, I know. But.....>!@#**)@#$(*#$(*@_#*)*$)@
Btw, thanks Blwessels. You managed to make me smile about this situation. No mean feat cuz I'm maddd.....
Drat. Are all the warm fuzzies going away now? :(
"Drat. Are all the warm fuzzies going away now? :( "

Nah, still warm fuzzies for everyone here, Willowy. I don't intend to spoil this thread with my peevedness, don't worry.
Your welcome Ed. Don't let the stupidity of others ruin your con experience. They are the ones who are being very small minded and judging you guys without even knowing you and taking what you say out of context. But just a thought, if you are going to any conventions soon, you guys may want to remove the pictures you posted that show what you look like. I hope I'm being paranoid but some of these people strike me as the type who would try to get back at Rogue S for the fruit comment and throw something at her. We all know she was joking and people on that other board have said she was joking but I don't think they all believe it.
Hm scary thought, and while I'm optimistic enough to still consider it unlikely, unfortunately it may not be entirely out of the realm of possibilities. There's some freaks out there.

But I don't even think they really believe it. More like you said earlier, people without lives who need to feel important.

Ahh they are FILTHY! *pTOEEY*. We shall speak of them NO MORE!;-)
Wow, I *conveniently* can't register for SMGfan to even notify a moderator that I would like our accounts removed. It was posted BY a moderator, no less. Maybe my name is blocked from ever being allowed to register there! hehe
Well, funny you should mention that, RogueS. I've never had a registration there since I saw no need to post before, although I think it's a great resource site and has good news and such. Today, I tried to register just so that I could post a good-natured rebuttal of the way they characterized our reports. (I should emphasize that I had no problem with them using my words, - in fact I welcome that, - only with the way that they prefaced them). Even though the account registration apparently takes only 10 minutes, I never received a confirmation e-mail from them. Blackball much?

The deep personal annoyance of all this for me (one that you possibly don't share ;) ) is that, for G-d's sake, I AM a Sarah fan and enjoy that website.
Do they have a "Contact" button or e-mail you could use? It would be one thing if a just plain old regular user posted that but to have it be the moderator who then apparently is blocking you from being able to comment is totally unfair. It does say at the bottom of this site that everyone's post are "copyright to their respective authors". Maybe you can threaten to sue ;)
I think our board can beat up their board.

Legal note: Aforementioned threat is to be taken in a joking matter. If taken out of context and inappropriately used, the author of aforementioned threat will take legal action. Her lawyer is British and goes under the name SoddingNancyTribe, and thus should not be taken lightly.
Well, I finally found the email of an administrator from the board and requested that mine and Ed's accounts be taken down. The only thing worse than taking without permission is then using for your own ends that were not the intended ends of the writer. I haven't been 'saved' from my Sarah-hatage, because there was none to begin with. But I am starting to strongly dislike Sarah fans!
And then to 'warn' SMG about a joke. Because really, fruit? Not that intimidating. Maybe I should have joked about tossing anvils at her or something(oops, there goes any chance to see her at a con again!!) And also, quite obviously made in jest. Or do Sarah fans not have access to humor?
These sound like the same folks who wrote to Mutant Enemy pretending to be rape victims to protest any possible Buffy/Spike pairing in season 7..... They just want to feel special and important in their sad little lives.

Oh well, they shan't stop me from making jokes at SMG's expense. Though I did find her pleasant, so maybe next con she's at, I'll go for soft fruits and veggies. You know, not avacadoes and cucumbers. Maybe a peeled banana....some grapes....things like that..... ;)
"I think our board can beat up their board.

Legal note: Aforementioned threat is to be taken in a joking matter. If taken out of context and inappropriately used, the author of aforementioned threat will take legal action. Her lawyer is British and goes under the name SoddingNancyTribe, and thus should not be taken lightly."

LMAO! Ahh I love this board....
Whew! I just finished reading this entire thread. LOL

If you guys want to contact someone from SMGBOARD, you can contact She's the owner of SMGFAN and is very nice. She has sent me some stuff for free but I digress. ;) She's seldom on the board so she might not be aware that something isn't right.
I think many who attended cons probably felt Gellar's appearance was like a politician who only shows up around election time, she is making movies, she hasn't really had a hit one, unless you count Scooby Doo, though I wouldn't consider playing second fiddle to a CGI dog a major boost in your movie star status,and now she really needs people who are very much into Japanese horror and anime ie Comic Fans to come see it by courting now only comic con fans but the Buffy ones as well.

I can see how people who regularly go to cons can be a little miffed at her after 7 years of Buffy and refusing to do cons, even though all her co-stars have attended them, now she does one,maybe not because she wants to show her appreciation to fans,but to try and get them to come see this movie, unlike many of the other actors who appeared at cons in the past,not because they wanted fans to buy a movie ticket,but to thank them for supporting the show and keeping them with a job and being fans(also I know because they get paid),probably why SMG seemed nervous and had those jokes prepared,because they knew that one question about not appearing before would come up quickly, the whole thing reads almost Shatner like.

I applaud her nerve though, I bet she felt like she was walking into the lions den, like Shatner when he did his first con after that SNL skit, I am sure she knew that she might be walking into a very hostile crowd because of her lack of doing cons, though if what people say about Tom Lenk is right and she had the same sort of reaction doing cons her not going to them might have been a good

I can think that some of the people in attendance were pretty "scary" and still enjoy myself or else I wouldn't have gone. The example of what the cab driver said is pretty much what anyone unfamiliar to a Comic-Con or a Cosplay Convention would think. BTW, it wasn't the oh-so-mild Spider-Man and Lara Croft costumes it was two girls in vinyl mini-skirts and bras handcuffed together with riding crops in their hands. Kinda strange just to see walking down the street. On the flip side I saw some amazing costumes and I have tons of respect for someone who can replicate something that was never meant to be fleshed out (i.e. a comic book character or video game character.) So, the fact that I went to the Con for my second consecutive year and still say I had a great weekend shows that I can have an opinion of the "scarier" attendees and still have a right to be there myself. Also, I was making a general comment about the Con not the Autograph line for the Buffy actors, in fact, all the fans were really friendly. I also thought that Tom Lenk wasn't very nice and trust me I wasn't making excuses for him.
"So, the fact that I went to the Con for my second consecutive year and still say I had a great weekend shows that I can have an opinion of the "scarier" attendees and still have a right to be there myself."

No, sorry, I never meant you didn't have the 'right' to go in any way. I was referring to Tom Lenk. In his case, if his dislike for cons and the weird people causes his inabillity to even crack a smile he just shouldn't go. If you or I are cranky no one cares, but if 100s of people are there to see you, it matters.

Also, yeah I know there's some freakier people there than Spiderman wannabees, but I still think of them as 'weird' or 'nerdy' rather than 'scary'. They just make me chuckle a little. Scary suggests some sense of threat coming from someone and I just can't imagine comicon attendees, no matter how weird, ever seem threatening to me. But everyone's different I suppose.

"On the flip side I saw some amazing costumes and I have tons of respect for someone who can replicate something that was never meant to be fleshed out (i.e. a comic book character or video game character.) "

Yeah i saw some pretty amazing ones myself. I always feel the Manga ones are among those that don't really work in real life. But then I'm not that well-versed in Manga.

"Also, I was making a general comment about the Con not the Autograph line for the Buffy actors, in fact, all the fans were really friendly. I also thought that Tom Lenk wasn't very nice and trust me I wasn't making excuses for him."

Well for my part, sorry if I sounded a little too sharp there. I didn't mean to. And I know what you mean. And really, Tom should be used to cons by now and if he's still not....well once again Tom, just don't go. Ya didn't exactly enrich my day there, pal...
Most of the reports sounded like the Con went on without a hitch. I wish I could have been there, but there is always next year.If only I hadn't used my time vacation already... Darn!!! Gotta go to sleep it's midnight here in Memphis gotta go to work, but sooo not tired...yet
Rogue Slayer, I hope you are just hating the fanatical SMG fans and not us normal ones!!

RandyGiles - also got quite the laugh out of your legal disclaimer!!
Sorry, Ed. I didn't mean to take offense, I've just been having a really craptastic day. I understand what you're saying about the true meaning of the word "scary". That's just the way my friends and I describe certain things that we don't like or find unsavory if you will. For example, "That was some scary fried chicken", ok lame example but I hope you get what I am trying to say. We will also describe a crazy person as being "on crack" or "all cracked out" which I notice a lot of other Southern Californians use but not so much other places. Ok, sorry internal tangent aloud. =)
My, this thread is taking a distinct turn toward the sociological. ;)

I've only been to a few small cons in NC, mostly back when I was in college, and people in sometimes strange and unusual costumes (at least what would be considered as such by most folks in this part of the country) are a fundamental part of the norm for these events, as far as I can tell. I never dressed very out of the ordinary for such things myself (except the one time I went as a minstrel to an SCA event with a group of fellow D&D players), although I used to fantasize a good bit about it.

There's an incredible amount of creativity and craft involved in pulling off an elaborate costume, and then a lot of guts besides in deciding to wear it proudly out in public. I admire that. Being able to appreciate others who are having fun exhibiting their talents in costuming, makeup and body art/paint, the amount of care they put into looking like a specific character (or a new one they've envisioned from a beloved 'verse), and just the sheer spectacle of so many fans grooving on one another's enthusiasm for the shows, films and comics they loved was what made the whole con experience seem so removed from the mundane and, in retrospect, really remarkable. Meeting Harlan Ellison is one thing, but meeting Harlan Ellison while a guy dressed very convincingly like Chewbacca is standing beside him is something else altogether.

I mention all this to say I can understand TL having a 'bad day', or whatever his malfunction happened to be, but personally? If I was at the biggest con in the world -- sans star status, even -- I can't imagine myself being bored for an instant. What a prime opportunity to take part in an exciting, thriving, supportive community he missed! I feel sad for him. (Not to mention for myself, because I didn't even have any chance of going, and I know I would have had a blast even if I'd missed the autographs and panels.)

I'd also like to second Willowy's comment from way upthread about the 'Whedoneque' T-shirt idea. I love the site logo. It's got tasteful, attractive colors (vital for the all-important wardrobe coordination factor), is cleanly designed and distinctive. I'd welcome the chance to purchase and flaunt a shirt emblazoned thusly. Think about it, Simon, Caroline and herb? :)

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All right, at this rate, I'm *never* going to finish writing up this report, but here's something that hasn't been touched upon that I wanted to mention, and that's the fact that some very lucky fans got something signed by Sarah while at Comic-Con:

On Saturday from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM, in an upstairs area of the convention center, three people were walking around holding buckets full of tickets, with another person holding wristbands. Before you reached into the bucket, you got your hand stamped (but a lot of people could be seen wiping off the stamp so they could try again a little later). If the back of the ticket had a black mark on it, you were a winner, so you were given a wristband, and told to go to Room 27 later in the day to meet Sarah and Jason. There were supposedly 250 winning tickets available, but there may have been more as time went on.

And once the winning fans walked inside Room 27, both Sarah and Jason were reportedly behind a table and handed each of the fans a pre-signed poster for The Grudge. However, the fans were warned in advance that: 1) You couldn't say hello to the actors, 2) You couldn't make any physical contact with the actors (not even a handshake), and 3) You couldn't take photos of the actors. One female fan asked Sarah for a hug and Sarah was gracious enough to give her one, but security was about four inches away from the girl, ready to pounce on her if she did the wrong thing.

Contrast that with what reportedly happened when you went through a similar procedure to meet Jude Law, who was promoting Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. He greeted each fan with a big smile, shook everyone's hands, and if a fan wanted to get a photo taken with him, he happily obliged.

I don't know what happened with the fans who got to meet Keanu Reeves, who was promoting Constantine.

Anyways, take that as you will. The Sarah apologists will probably say I'm bashing her, but I'm just pointing the vast difference the fan experiences were between Sarah/Jason and Jude.

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However, the fans were warned in advance that: 1) You couldn't say hello to the actors, 2) You couldn't make any physical contact with the actors (not even a handshake), and 3) You couldn't take photos of the actors.

Couldn't say 'hello' to the actors?? Why even have the actors there at all? When Sarah said there was a nice surprise in store, I was imagining something nicer than that! Sounds about as fun as meeting Tom Lenk! I wonder if they were allowed to make eye contact with the actors......

No BlWessels, not all the fans. Just the insane-o ones!
It is a real shame that posters' remarks here have been taken out of context on another board and I really feel annoyed that this happened. It is often the case, that comments made here get copied and pasted onto other boards. However, I would like to stress that this should not cast a bad impression on as a whole. Unfortunately, you will always get a very small number of fans of any actor who will always get the wrong end of the stick. So let this be the end of the discussion on this one.

Also regarding the Tom Lenk discussion, I think that it has gone on for long enough on this thread.

If anyone cares to email me on this matters, do feel free.
"That's just the way my friends and I describe certain things that we don't like or find unsavory if you will. For example, "That was some scary fried chicken", ok lame example but I hope you get what I am trying to say. We will also describe a crazy person as being "on crack" or "all cracked out" which I notice a lot of other Southern Californians use but not so much other places. Ok, sorry internal tangent aloud. =)"

Is cool, I'm still learning american/english slang all over the place. It's funny how things differ. My wife recently taught me you 'throw' a fit where she comes from, instead of 'having' one. And 'hunkering down' apparently does not mean 'laying low' as I thought, hehe.

"There's an incredible amount of creativity and craft involved in pulling off an elaborate costume, and then a lot of guts besides in deciding to wear it proudly out in public. I admire that. "

Yeah I know what you mean. Some of those costumes were really well made. I asked to pose with a Spiderman and a Black Cat. I recognised them from a site I came across and told them that. I could tell they were happy to hear me recognise them.

" If I was at the biggest con in the world -- sans star status, even -- I can't imagine myself being bored for an instant. What a prime opportunity to take part in an exciting, thriving, supportive community he missed! I feel sad for him."

Well said. And yeah it is really cool. We had a blast and already registered for next year.

" the fans were warned in advance that: 1) You couldn't say hello to the actors, 2) You couldn't make any physical contact with the actors (not even a handshake), and 3) You couldn't take photos of the actors."

Yeah, see that's just the stuff that's just dissappointing to hear....That's almost up there with "Don't look Tom Cruise in the eyes!" Just imagine James Marsters or Eliza Dusku or Amber Benson having those kinds of demands.

"Contrast that with what reportedly happened when you went through a similar procedure to meet Jude Law, who was promoting Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. He greeted each fan with a big smile, shook everyone's hands, and if a fan wanted to get a photo taken with him, he happily obliged."

And that's more like it.

"I don't know what happened with the fans who got to meet Keanu Reeves, who was promoting Constantine."

I missed the whole Constantine panel I'm afraid. Sometimes you gotta pick and choose there. But I hear Keanu is usually very nice to fans, known to jump out of a red carpet walk to shake hands and sign autographs. Also, he's a comic book fan so I doubt he'd be freaked out there.

"Anyways, take that as you will. The Sarah apologists will probably say I'm bashing her, but I'm just pointing the vast difference the fan experiences were between Sarah/Jason and Jude."

I know exactly where you're coming from (which is how my wife and I apparently earned the 'basher' label in some people's eyes), it's just the stuff I list under "things you wish you didn't know". And I say it's still light years away from 'bashing'.
Thanks everyone for their lovely accounts of the convention. You all gave great descriptions and you made me feel like I was there.

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I have to add another $0.01 in this discussion regarding SMG and at least the genre conventions - this was technically not SMG first appearance - it was the first one in a long, long time (6-7years maybe)- in her pre and early Buffy years she did a couple of conventions. So it's not like she shouldn't have some idea. She did attend a few soap opera conventions pre-Buffy and then a couple of gaming and a few horror/comic conventions within the first year and a half of Buffy but she was not the main draw to the conventions at the time - she was promoting the show and even at those events - she didn't do much signing or interact with the fans. I know long time fans that never watched Buffy who remember her and how she really did not fit in.
I'll see if I can do some designs for Whedonesque t-shirts and then make them available through
I've really enjoyed all the discussion and insight regarding the ComicCon. The pictures have been wonderful and as others have said...made you feel like you were there too...well almost still would be nice to be like...really there...but not in the cards for me...East coast! I would of loved to take my little girl to see SMG...and the others...what a gift it would of been for her...consider yourself lucky...all that attended. I've never been to one...they seem so expensive...and sorry...charging for autographs...I don't know...seems tacky...I understand it is a business but I don't have to like it! lol
Just curious with all the movie panels I am hearing about, were there any comic book artist and creator panels? I remember back in the day when I was a big time comic collector these comic cons like this one were known mainly for all the talent from the comics industry being there, such as Stan(The Man)Lee.
Caroline, I have a question about th possibility of Whedonesque t-shirts. I'm a plus-size and I would LOVE to have a Whedonesque t-shirt but whenever websites offer t-shirts (like Livejournal) they never are available in my size.

I just wanted to let you know that size is an issue. If you do offer Whedonesque t-shirts and you do offer plus sizes, paying extra for that would not be an issue.

Oooh! I know I'm jumping the gun but I would be so excited about Whedonesque t-shirts! I'd be proud to show off that I'm a Whedonesquer! Plus, the advertising, because Whedonesque is my favorite website to hang out at.
If it's OK with Simon and the other mods, I wanted to conclude the discussion engaged in above. This morning the co-owners of that site each sent a very gracious message in which they said that the naughty "sarah-hater" words slipped through, were in no way approved by them, and that they (and our reports) have now been removed from their site. Also that our attempts at registration there were foiled by nothing more sinister than server problems. I think goodwill may once again reign between our board and :). May our common interests outweigh our differences! Or something.

Just quickly, re Oddjob's report on security for Sarah: I read fan postings at, yes,, which report that individual fans could, in fact, speak to and, gosh, hug her despite the guard presence. Given that, and her willingness to greet people in the line at premieres, etc., I have no doubt that such arrangements were not the idea of SMG herself, but of over-zealous minders and the like. Stay your rotten fruit! Return to your homes people - nothing more to see here . . .
Wheeee Caroline!

If you don't want to take the time for a new design, just give a t-shirt shop a camera ready version of the logo! That would be so SWEET! :)
Yes, Ed and I got the same very pleasant message from SMGfan mods re: the posts. Very nice guy, that Glenn. But SoddingNancyTribe, now I got your email!! Now I can cyberstalk you!! mwahahahahahahaaaaaa Or ya know, just bug you with emails..... ; )
Oh sleek one (that's you, RogueS):

I first realized that I may have miscalculated when randygiles recognized me by my own true name at the convention (gasp). Then she disclosed my occupation on this board (shock). And now you and the happy & attractive German have my personal e-mail (horror). The web is closing in . . . on the other hand, I note that many whedonesque-rs proudly and freely offer far more details of their own sordid, erm that should read "personal", lives. So maybe it's all good.

(And I've got your e-mails too . . . ;)) As an aside, it's interesting how frequently people disclose others' e-mail addresses when they cc messages. Let that be a warning to you all.

Caroline: can't wait for the designs!
I also wanted to thank everyone for the great convention reporting. You really know how to make a guy seethe with rabid jealousy! One of these years I'm just going to have to save up the money to go, and I'm sure when I finally do I'll only see the Vulcan woman from Enterprise or the 4th lead from Mutant X or something. That'd be my luck.

Also, count me in on the Whedonesque t-shirt idea! I'd love a black tee with the Whedonesque logo on one side and a random Buffy quote on the other. Or would random Buffy quotage be illegal somehow? Anyway, I hope some sort of tee becomes a reality, cause I might as well advertise my homepage.

Though I can't remember who mentioned it, that 'They Saved TV A Lot' t-shirt sounds awesome. Was that a homemade thing or can I purchase one somewhere?
They have a bunch of Buffy quotage t-shirts at Just click on the sidebar and it takes you to cafe-press where there's a large selection. My mousepad says "Always be yourself... unless you suck." - Joss Whedon.
Yeah just wanted to say as well, nothing but kudos to the smg fan's main mod. All is well.

"Just curious with all the movie panels I am hearing about, were there any comic book artist and creator panels? I remember back in the day when I was a big time comic collector these comic cons like this one were known mainly for all the talent from the comics industry being there, such as Stan(The Man)Lee. "

Yeah there was plenty comic stuff going on too. I'm just less interested in their panels myself. I wanted to see Neil Gaiman but I missed him again. But there were plenty of writers, artists and editors doing their thing. I'd just rather buy the comics and go to the movie/TV panels generally.

"And now you and the happy & attractive German have my personal e-mail (horror)."

Yeahhhh see now you're losing me again. "More happy and attractive THAN the average german" was better. Don't call us dutch folk german. We have soccer feuds with them;-)

It's funny, we already don't get why you english-speaking folk call us 'dutch'. We call the germans 'duits' and they call themselves 'deutsch', so to us it always sounds like you're calling us germans. Ah well, you english.....

But I know what you mean with the anonymity dissappearing. There's still a part of me that is a bit iffy with too much stuff being known on the net.

"individual fans could, in fact, speak to and, gosh, hug her despite the guard presence. Given that, and her willingness to greet people in the line at premieres, etc., I have no doubt that such arrangements were not the idea of SMG herself, but of over-zealous minders and the like."

Yeah, I thought of that possibility and I hope it was like that. The alternative is just sucky....
Oh EdD, the German remark was a just bit of good-natured ragging. And so long as the soccer feuds keep resulting in Dutch victories, we can both be happy. :).

No idea why you guys have three separate appellations in English: "The Nederlands" (which I guess is the Low Countries in Dutch, which is how older English maps sometimes refer to your country, and how French still does with "Les Pays-Bas"), "Holland", (where does that come from?), and the "Dutch" people. The last one does sound like a bit of confusion with the Germans, doesn't it?

Oh, BTW, we share the Gaiman love (sorry, couldn't resist phrasing it that way!). I'd love to hear any reports of "MirrorMask" on this board, especially since it was described as a descendant of "The Dark Crystal", which is one of my childhood loves.

Mindpieces: I have the "Saved TV A Lot" tee-shirt. Can't quite recall, but I believe it was also from Cafe Press as Willowy suggested. It's a great shirt, except the print is a bit too small so people have to come real close in order to get the message.
Ah, I'm really glad that Sarah didn't mind speaking to and hugging fans. Overzealous minders suck.

Speaking of overzealous minders, they really ruined the Serenity autograph line.

I know that due to the size of the crowd and the strict 3:00 PM cutoff time, interaction with the cast would have to be kept to an absolute minimum, but come on, some fans waited close to four hours in line to meet the cast and Joss.

They also said that you couldn't get anything of your own signed, as they had these promotional cards advertising the movie.

And worse, you were told that you couldn't take photos while you were standing directly in front of them. In fact, at least one fan was ejected from the line for doing exactly that, even though he wasn't slowing down the line and Adam Baldwin didn't mind posing for him at all (I was there and saw it happen).

There was also a girl who was such a big fan of Joss that she wanted to get her own item signed by Joss (and no one else), and she couldn't do that.

It was one of those situations where you were moved along like so much cattle, and it unfortunately ruined the experience for many fans.

Going back to the autograph line, fans had to choose between doing the panel or waiting in line. When a friend of mine who had been standing in line was asked by Nathan if she'd enjoyed the panel, she told him that she wasn't there because she was in line to get their autographs. Nathan was absolutely stunned by this revelation and had a dumbfounded look on his face for quite some time afterward. It certainly seemed like he didn't know that fans had to choose between the panel and the line. :(

[ edited by Oddjob on 2004-07-27 20:50 ]
"Oh EdD, the German remark was a just bit of good-natured ragging. And so long as the soccer feuds keep resulting in Dutch victories, we can both be happy. :)."

Hear, hear! Except they kick our asses more often than vice versa unfortunately. But...we did well this time around.

"No idea why you guys have three separate appellations in English: "The Nederlands" (which I guess is the Low Countries in Dutch, which is how older English maps sometimes refer to your country, and how French still does with "Les Pays-Bas"), "Holland", (where does that come from?), and the "Dutch" people. The last one does sound like a bit of confusion with the Germans, doesn't it?"

Sounds like that scene from Seinfeld where Jerry tells George that Holland and the Netherlands are the same thing, and it ends with George asking "Then who are the dutch??" it's confusing, but someone like you who lived there for a while....come on, you should know. Tsk....;-)

Seriously, the 'dutch' thing partially comes from the fact that almost all of northern europe once spoke "diets". The germans became 'Deutsch' (or 'duits' to us) and for the english speaking world for some reason WE got the 'dutch' thing. Messy. For instance there's something called Pennsylvania Dutch Country in the US. Well that's really 'Pennsylvania DEUTSCH Country'. The people there speak german, not dutch.

As for Holland and Nederland/Netherlands, that's easier. We were once the Seven United Netherlands. (Nether indeed meaning 'low' since we're mostly below sea level). That's why it's still plural in english. Although we just say 'Nederland' by now. "Netherland" singular would be best.

As for Holland, few people know this outside my country, but that's only a part of the Netherlands. We have twelve provinces, and two of those are North Holland and South Holland. It's where all our big cities are. So not every dutchman is from Holland. Many would balk at being called a 'Hollander'. (Like calling a Welshman or a Scotsman 'English')But we know that to other countries it's all just 'Holland' by now so...

Me, I don't mind cuz I'm from the Rotterdam Area in South Holland. Hollander all the way....except in Los Angeles now....of course.

"Oh, BTW, we share the Gaiman love (sorry, couldn't resist phrasing it that way!). I'd love to hear any reports of "MirrorMask" on this board, especially since it was described as a descendant of "The Dark Crystal", which is one of my childhood loves."

Call it what it is: Gaiman love! Heheh did you know some fans thought it was a pseudonym and that it was his way of being proud of being gay? It's his real name of course, and he has a wife and kids, but you know how people are. And yeah, I love the Dark Crystal, it's a classic. And missing the MirrorMask panel is one of my great dissappointments this year. (Missed Gaiman last year too daggit!)

I asked Amber about the Global Frequency situation and her response was that it was a miscommunication that apparently started the whole brouhaha in the first place. And as of yesteday (Monday), another actress has now been cast in the role that Amber was reportedly considered for.

I asked Mark Lutz about Andy Hallett's health, and his response is that he's still pretty much confined to his house and is getting lots of rest. Mark asked the fans to keep him in their thoughts.

Jonathan Woodward was performing The Suitcase at the La Jolla Playhouse (regular readers will remember that he posted a comment at Whedonesque about it), and a friend booked tickets for the Friday night show using his cell phone. He said he'd meet them after the play, but as it so happened, he left immediately after it was over. Oops. Also, the same friend, when talking to another friend on her cell phone, referred to him as "Knoxy," and Jonathan playfully told her to stop calling him that, and said that Fred deserved to die. Ouch!

Iyari Limon referred to Robia La Morte as her big sister, as they hang out together quite a bit.

Robin Sachs was told last Monday that he was doing Comic-Con, so he obviously couldn't find a hotel by then. So he wound up having to drive to and from San Diego from Los Angeles every day to make it down there to meet his fans. Wow.

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Thanks for that Oddjob, you get some great stuff from the cast.

And I do declare this thread, our longest ever thread :).
Yes thanks Oddjob. I'm afraid we were a little star struck at some moments and forgot to ask those things. (We had planned on asking some of those questions.) Glad you kept your head on straight.

"Robin Sachs was told last Monday that he was doing Comic-Con, so he obviously couldn't find a hotel by then. So he wound up having to drive to and from San Diego from Los Angeles every day to make it down there to meet his fans. Wow."

Ah man, the poor guy, that must have been tiring. And he was so nice and charming. Extra kudos.

"And I do declare this thread, our longest ever thread :)."

Cool! And I just made it longer yet....;-)
I also heard grumblings about the fact that the actors were charging for autographs.

According to Comic-Con: "Note that in the Autograph Area of the Sails Pavilion, notables are not allowed to charge for autographs. However, they may charge for any item that they supply and that they will be signing for free. Notables must autograph one Souvenir Book (or other item that the fan provides) per person at no charge if a fan requests it and cannot require a purchase to sign the Souvenir Book or item."

So technically, when you were paying the actors money, you were paying for the photo that they were signing for free. But judging by what I heard from some fans, that first-item-gets-signed for free policy wasn't being enforced or was unfortunately being overlooked upstairs.

Also, for Amber Benson, who was down at Inkworks, if you brought her your own item(s) to get signed, she signed them for free. Otherwise it was $20.00 for each of her photos, which is the same price that the actors upstairs were charging. Her sister Danielle's t-shirts were $20.00, and if you bought one of those, you got an NTSC VHS copy of her film Chance for free. She also had some NTSC DVD copies available as well, but I forget what the price was for the (autographed) photo was ($40.00?) to get the DVD for free.

I wished I would have known about Amber signing items brought to her by the fans for free! I thought that policy was only enforced in the Sails Pavilion or else I would have waited in line to meet her. From what I remember the merchandise she was selling was pretty expensive so we just did a quick "drive-by" photo of her. Darn, maybe next year!
Karen, next time, ask Diane if you have questions. As Danielle joked, "She [Diane] sells my sister." :)
Oddjob: I definitely was one grumbling about charging for autographs, although RavenU and EdDantes had warned me of the practice in advance.

My experience was, the Comic-Con disclaimer, which clearly provided for one free signature on *any item brought with the guest*, notwithstanding, the Sails Pavilion actors were instructed to charge $10 for each signature on a "non-personal" item by a rather strident woman pacing to and fro behind the signing area. "Non-personal" appeared to mean anything not a scrap of paper, a personal autograph book, one's own t-shirt, etc. So autographs on my Buffy script books were supposed to be paid for at $10 a pop. However, the actors pretty much all ignored her, at least when I was there, which was shortly after 3 p.m. on Saturday. However, the woman was standing right behind Robia by the time I reached her and, since I also wanted a pic with her, I felt it would be churlish to argue the point. So I ended up paying $10 for that one. (Lovely pic, though).

Amber signed her autograph for free on my "Once More With Feeling" script book and on the Buffy Annual (containing one of Amber and Chris Golden's stories) presented by my daughter. She also posed free for a pic. She was charging $20 for a t-shirt, plus free VHS, or $45 for a pic or poster, plus free DVD. I wanted a t-shirt plus DVD combo. After an exchange of winks with Amber's mum, I got a t-shirt, poster, and DVD for $50 total. And I was well satisfied. :)
That woman pacing around being their handler was probably Julie Caitlin Brown. I'm trying to figure out how she went from being a guest star on sci-fi genre shows like ST:TNG and Babylon 5 to taking on more of a managerial role at conventions.

She was rather irate about Iyari Limon, whom she said was MIA for two days (thus making Julie look bad). Iyari did wind up showing up on Saturday upstairs (with Julie setting up a separate line for her for whatever reason even though she shared the same table with Robia, et al) and Sunday at Inkworks though.

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Yeah, now that you mention her name, Oddjob, she did look like *someone*. And she certainly acted like someone too . . . .

BTW: how do you know all this stuff? Are you an "insider"?
I'm an insider in some circles, and an outsider in others. Heh, vague much? :)
LOL Well SNT, having read the entire thread, I can now say that Obbjob seems to be more succesfully maintaining his anonymity. :)

Don't worry - while I'm in your town a lot....I won't attempt to stalk you. (Even though I greatly enjoy your posts) :)

What a great thread. Information, pics, amusement. What a beautiful thing.
Thanks Angela! Between you and me, I can put up with a bit of friendly stalkage. From time to time.

And if anyone out there is still reading this monster of a thread, I will add the coda to the SMGfan saga. Here is a message from the board moderator who posted the offending comments referred to way back, oh, hours ago:

"I'm the one who posted the comment about people retracting their sarah-hatage...etc. as an introduction to certain comic con reports from Whedonesque. I'm sorry my comments were taken so seriously. I never meant for anything to get out of hand...or for them to be offensive. I was half asleep and posting anything that came to mind...I couldn't think of the words I wanted to use so I replaced it with that slang term instead. I don't think you are a Sarah-hater or a basher at all but I just took the comment about fruit throwing offensively. There have been people who were being serious about threats to Sarah at comic con. I did enjoy your report and the other reports from Whedonesque however even though I didn't know what to think of the fruit-throwing comment. I wasn't being completely serious when I used the term "Sarah-hatage" just as you weren't being serious about the fruit (I know that now). It was an inappropriate term and I didn't know that it would stir up so much trouble (I should have thought about what I was posting). Don't dislike Sarah fans or on my behalf because of the mistake I made. is a great website with great fans.

Again I'm terribly sorry for this misunderstanding. I hope those at Whedonesque can at least accept the apology."

That message was actually directed to RogueSlayer in particular, but the person concerned sent it to me since I am now a registered member at SMGfan. He (or she? don't know) asked that I post it here. I have now done so and all is well.
Yes indeed. I still don't see how hard it was (if she'd actually fully read the thread of the fruit thing in question) to know that it was obviously a joke, and one that poked fun at the online anti-Sarah sentiment to boot. But as I said above, like SoddingNancyTribe and Rogue, nothing but praise for the way the SMG fan people have responded to our queries. All is well indeed.

And that Julie Caitlin Brown, was she the blonde sitting by Mark Lutz? We were wondering who she was. She did have a bit of an attitude of authority, we noticed. And yeah at the Comicon, people sign stuff for free if you have it. The only picture we bought at the main Buffy signing was one of Mark Lutz. (The wife...what're you going to do) All the rest were happy to sign our Buffy calendar for free. On their birthdays which was actually Danny Strong's idea.

We also bought Chance from Amber as well as a pic. And she posed with both of us for free. She was just so sweet. (But I should stop singing her praises before I sound like a broken record) I didn't even know Iyari was there though.

"What a great thread. Information, pics, amusement. What a beautiful thing. "

Yep. And apparently of record length:-)
No, Julie Caitlin Brown was a tall woman with long straight black hair. I don't know who the blonde girl sitting next to Mark Lutz was.


Robia La Morte had another one of those Buffy posters up for display that were produced by The WB (don't know why they were described as being season one in that recent eBay auction). It was taped to a curtain behind her, but the poster kept falling down, so her hopes of selling it at the convention were dashed. She also handed out little slips of paper that promoted her official website.

Her boyfriend, who accompanied her at Comic-Con, is Jesse Woodrow, who played Glen in the fourth and fifth seasons of Charmed. He's also a model and can be seen in a rather famous print ad for an alcoholic beverage of some kind (it was on the back of a recent issue of Vanity Fair magazine).
Just curious with all the movie panels I am hearing about, were there any comic book artist and creator panels?

No one's addressed this question yet, and I believe the short answer is yes. :)
Heh, nice response Oddjob. There were tons of 'em, including the previously-mentioned Stan "The Man" Lee. (Or maybe he was only signing - he was there either way). Trouble is, I didn't make it to any of them, and it sounds like noone else did either. Just too goram much to do.

But I have to tell you that the apex, the acme, the veritable cream-topped cherry for my wife at Comic-Con was meeting Los Bros Hernandez, Gilberto and Jaime, creators of the strip "Love and Rockets". I don't think they were even advertised, but there we were, strolling through the aisles, and lo! Jaime and Beto are sitting there, no one around. My wife has been a fan of theirs for 20 years, give or take, and I have *never* seen her so dumbstruck. That old star-power thing - all she could say was "I love you. I'm your biggest fan". This from a woman whose hard-edge and sarcasm makes Sarah seem like a plush puppy.
If you've never seen Love and Rockets - check it out; you won't be disappointed.

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