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July 25 2004

A pair of Front row seats to the Super Slayercon con on E-bay. To see James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, Clare Kramer, Tony Head, Juliet Landau, the Troika, and many more in Oakland, CA Aug. 27-29.

"One pair of Gold Section tickets* in the front row (seats are 16 seats down from dead center) to the Vulkon "Slayercon" convention, taking place August 27-29th 2004 in Oakland California. The "Gold Ticket" was very limited at only 286 total tickets! And is now SOLD OUT ! But, we had reserved a few tickets to be given away as a "First Place" contest prize by the Buffy magazine (which was unable to run the contest), so these tickets are now available."

I ain't believing anymore Ebay ads I read online!! ;)
Well this one was posted by one of the event promoter so I know it's the real thing. :)

For those interest - they are now selling 300 general admission seating on the vulkon site - for $50 a day.

What does GA get you???
"Single Day General admission tickets are a restricted access ticket, and are subject to the following terms: This ticket does NOT include autographs nor a reserved seat. General Admission ticket buyers CAN order Concert Tickets. General Admission ticket buyers may NOT order Photo Session tickets. General Admission ticket buyers may NOT order a James Marsters autograph ticket. General Admission ticket holders are admitted to the event at 12 Noon till 7 PM of the day the ticket is for. This ticket is good for admission to the: Q&A sessions, dealers room, games, panels, auctions, costume contest, and autograph room where the "bonus stars" are signing for an additional fee.
Sorry: No refunds on General Admission tickets."

All other tickets to this event have been sold out. If the 300 GA tickets (actually 270-275 are left approx for each day) sell out there will be about 1,000 fans in attendance at this convention.

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I have never been to one of these events, but they do sound like fun. Although, it seems like there are a lot of restrictions on what you can and can't do at one of these things. Isn't there something a bit more casual, where you can interact with the people that you are shelling out money to see? (Not to mention, going 3000 miles out of the way sometimes.)
Yeah, I find it interesting that all these Slayer conventions are so restricted. I've been to conventions for other things where your ticket got you into pretty much everything and also there was less restriction on photos, talking to the people, etc.
Some conventions (for an extra price) have cocktail parties and banquet where you have a better chance to mingle with the guest, some headliners included - tickets to these events are normally limited in number. For the most part at the smaller conventions (non-SDCC and Dragoncon) most of at least the bonus guest and some of the headliners will hang out in the lounge area of the hotel in the evening if they are not scheduled for anything else and chat with people as long as they are not over run but most of the time they are not. People like Andy Hallett, Mark Lutz, George Hertzsberg, James Leary, Robin Atkins Downes, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, Julie Benz, Christian Kane, and Stephanie Romanov are just some of the ones I have run across after the conventions were over just sitting in the lounge area chatting with people. That's not guarenteed but it usually is a nice surprise to walk into the hotel lounge and find one of the guest there just hanging out.
If you heard the horror stories about some of the Slayer conventions, you'd know why. I have heard that some of the UK cons are now thinking about not doing any Buffy or Angel releated conventions because of the actions of some fans.
Sounds great!!! If only I could afford it... Most of my favorite actors who play my favorite characters are gonna be there. i.e. Alexis Denisof and James Marsters.
ShotgunWes - a GA for Sat is $50 and for that you'll see mostly everyone of the headliners save Juliet who is there only on Sunday.
That's a great deal!!! But I live in the south so I would have to pay for airfare, thanks for the info though:)
Man, I would give ANYTHING to go to this con so I could see the love of my life, Alexis Denisof. Unfortunately, I cannot give something I don't have (money).

Where's a sugar daddy when you need one?

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