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July 27 2004

Captain Mal Reynolds features in '25 Greatest Sci-fi legends' list. He makes #18 in an article in the new issue of TV Guide.

That list in full:

#25 Captain Video, #24 Dick Soloman, #23 Ultraman, #22 Dr. Who, #21 Starbuck, #20 John Crichton, #19 Steve Austin & Jaime Sommers, #18 CAPTAIN MAL REYNOLDS, #17 Max Guevara, #16 Allie Keys, #15 The Coneheads, #14 Robot, #13 MST3K Crew, #12 Sam Beckett, #11 Duncan MacLeod, #10 Jack O'Neill, #9 Captain John Sheridan, #8 Alf, #7 Fox Mulder, #6 David Vincent, #5 Diana, #4 George Jetson (eh?), #3 Uncle Martin, #2 Star Trek Crews, # 1 Rod Sterling

No Kang or Kodos?

Huh? Never heard of em...
Chris in Virginia: HA! Laughing spit take = Monitor spewage. Good one.
On the or whatever site:

"Fillionaires? Hell no, man, you say that you're likely to get your a** kicked."

bogu-salias, thanks!
Ripley should be on this list really close to the top - definitely above Alf. Is that Diana as in Rigg?
redfern, I think it's Diana who was in 'V'.
Oops, showing my age. Thanks Simon.
I agree refern - Ripley should definitely be on the list!

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