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November 18 2002

"There are things we will definitely stay away from for awhile." Interesting Marti Noxon interview in which she talks about audience reaction, losing track of the Big Bad, played out storylines, and other stuff.

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ugh... this article was slightly annoying, because noxon's SO drama-centered.
last season was a reflection of that, i think.
i'm not saying that i didn't like last season (i did... way more than season 5), but it was pretty evident that marti was joss' dark-side writer. and that when she took over, she encouraged that path for buffy.
my favorite buffy eps are the more comedic ones. and i'm more scared by an implication of horror than the horror itself.
Interesting. The reason I found the article to be annoying is because the first half of the questions shouldn't have been asked at all. How many times can some of those be asked?
That was a very interesting admission about season 4, I admire her for being so honest.

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