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July 28 2004

(SPOILER) Herc Gives ABC's LOST Five Stars!! Here's hoping J.J. Abrams, David Fury, et al. give us something to sing about! Premieres Sept. 22

This looks so good! I'm glad I have a show to look forward to next fall.
Yay! Something to look forward too. *marks calendar*
There are very few shows I really look forward to watching these days*, so it will be nice to have something fresh in the mix.

Alias never really grabbed me, I think because it had a little too much intrigue for my tastes; however, Lost seems as though it will have a good mix of action, drama, and comedy.

Also mark your calendars for an appearance by our favourite principal, Armin Shimerman, in Hallmark's Single Santa Seeks... (a.k.a. A Christmas Romance) ;)

(*) The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me (yes, already hooked), Trailer Park Boys, Little Britain (occasional cameos by Tony Head—bonus!), Chappelle's Show, & Scrubs
Hey, I'm just hoping they don't get cancelled before they get, say, ten episodes on the air.
Never got into Alias, but heard lots of good things about 'Lost'. The Mutant Enemy talent on that show plus an Angel actor as well make it a must see for me.

Speaking of Armin Shimerman, he is so good in "The Invisible Man". Watching the re-runs of that show on Sci Fi UK. Tis now become one of my favourite ever genre shows. Oh why did it only last two seasons :(.
Ubqtous - I'm right there with you - absolutely addicted to "Rescue Me" already. I have always liked Dennis Leary and am thrilled this already looks so good. The only other shows that hooked me as fast as Rescue Me did are the Whedon shows. I highly recommend it. It's amazingly funny while heartbreaking, dramatic and intense. And if you like a flawed main character...look no farther.
I'm very excited about this as well. I think JJ Abrams is a very talented person.
OH SNAP, I completely forgot to watch Rescue Me last night!!! I really loved the pilot... Maybe they will replay it soon.
Anyone know if/when Rescue Me available in Canada (Toronto)?
A version of the Lost pilot has been "available" for a while. I thought it was terrific. Massive principal cast too - upwards of 20 fairly central characters introduced in the pilot.

Abrams loves his flashbacks, and they look to be a major part of Lost, but the way the pilot was constructed was excellent. Lots of little things dropped in that make you go "huh?", and then he goes back to them later. Nice.
Which Angel actor is going to be in Lost?
Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Parks) is in it. So is Josh Holloway, who appeared in "City of."

I'm not completely sold on "Lost." JJ Abrams' "Alias" had one of the strongest beginnings I've seen for a series, but that series gradually decayed over it's first year and a half. "Felicity" was a decent teen drama, but was really nothing extraodinary.

Similarly, "Lost" seems as if it'll have brilliant ideas mixed in with horrible ones. I'll definitely check out the show, but I don't know if I'll become a regular watcher. Maybe I'll "find" and watch the pilot this weekend.
Daniel Dae Kim is going to be in it, electricspacegirl.

This has been my most anticipated show of the new season ever since it was announced. I think that JJ Abrams is insanely talented, and the Alias pilot still ranks as one of the best first episodes of any show that I've ever seen. The man knows how to blow you away and suck you in with a pilot at the same time. I just hope this makes it past 4 episodes....
I think Lost was already guranteed 13 episodes so they're basing their arc on that right now. Like the first 12 episodes of Alias or the only 13 of Wonderfalls.
I saw the first hour of Lost at the San Diego Comic Con. I had very high expectations for this show, and it exceeded them! I used to work in television research, and have seen hundreds of pilots and this was probably the best one I have ever seen.
As an FYI: "Lost" was the most expensive pilot ever produced -- so it better be damned good *LOL*

I saw it weeks back, and thought it was well crafted with an intriguing cast, but it could quickly degenerate into a cliched retread of "Gilligan's Island meets Land of the Lost." I kept waiting to see Sleestaks pop up. It reminded me more than anything, however, of 1999's Peter Benchley's Amazon which also features a stranded cast after a plane crash in a remote jungle. The main hero of Amazon was likewise a doctor, played by C. Thomas Howell; there's even a similar, beautiful brunette love interest: Carol Alt as "Karen." Compare to Lost's "Kate."

A pilot doesn't a series make -- but it's a good start.
The pilot cost over $5 million. It was filmed in Hawaii -- and they spent $250,000 to ship the "crashed airplane" there. But by coincidence, The WB supposedly paid Twentieth Century $5 million for the similarly named, but not picked-up pilot to "Lost in Space."
How much did the "Lost" pilot cost?

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