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July 30 2004

The Slayer Collection: Xander R2 DVD Cover Art and the cover art for the Giles, Dawn and Cordelia DVDs as well. Still no word on what the actual episodes are for each DVD.

And if anyone knows what the episodes are, please tell me. I am rapidly becoming Captain Ahab over this. I did try and find bigger images for the DVD covers but there's bugger all out there to be found.

They all look pretty good but you'd think that they'd use newer Giles and Cordelia photos (not that I mind) and i really don't like those photos of buffy where she has the unusually red cheeks.
I'm not a fan of the Season 6/7 photos, with the possible exception of Xander. As far as Cordy, that's her Season 3 photo, which is the last time she appeared on Buffy. Who knows why they used the Season 3 Giles.
I'm still waiting for the "Joyce" and "Jonathan" DVDs. :P
I think they used the old Cordy photo since its Buffy-centric, not Angel-centric.
I don't like the season 6 photos either. They all look so pale. And what was up with them reusing the season six promos for season seven? That was my first clue that seven would be the last, since they didn't even bother to do a new photo session.
Why did they have to use the same pics for Buffy?She had the same things on, and the same look.The Joyce dvds are okay, buy the Johnathon dvds?You've got to be kidding me.I hate Johnathon, he's not even popular.His prescene made the show suck.He wasn't needed.Why did they have, to have him come back?
Jonathon not popular? I always loved Jonathon. And there aren't going to be any Joyce and Jonathon dvd's, um. What were we talking about again?

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