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July 30 2004

Yikes! Emma Caulfield's on "Monk" tonight (Friday) on the USA network at 10:00pm (check local listings), playing "Meredith Preminger". See the "More" section for additional airdates of this episode.

USA network
Jul 30 10:00pm
Series/Drama, 60 Mins.
"Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf"
Sharona leaves Monk in the care of an abrasive nurse after repeated encounters with an eerie blood-soaked man cause her to question her sanity. Concerned for Sharona---and fed up with her substitute---Monk tries to unravel the mystery behind his friend's tormenter. Meredith Preminger: Emma Caufield. Varla Davis: Niecy Nash. Trevor: David Lee Russek.

Additional Airings on most cable systems:
Monk, USA Jul 31 12:00am
Monk, USA Jul 31 10:00am
Monk, USA Aug 03 12:00am
Monk, USA Aug 04 10:00pm

(Looks like a database error put my comment in the wrong order. Sorry.)

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oh wow, how cool
I didn't know 'til I saw.
It was quite good, but Monk usually is.
Catch one of the other airings, if you have not seen it.
I'll catch the repeat, but Monk used to be *so* much better. I can't really figure out what happened (maybe it lost something when the budget got bigger), but it's not as cool as it was when it started. The last episode was good, though.
I've put a link to the official website.
Thanks, Simon. USA hadn't yet put up any info about the episode when I posted, and I couldn't find another relevant link.

(BTW, anybody notice that USA and the folks at Monk spelled Emma's name "Caufield" in all the show credits and web info? Oops.)
Monk was better first season, when it was about the mystery, and Monk's quirks kinda helped him solve them. Now it's about all the jokes they can make about Monk's problems, and the mystery takes a back seat. But - still better than most anything on network tv.
I caught the Emma episode of Monk this morning. That was the first time I'd seen the show, and I'd heard good things about it. I was very disappointed. It was a _dreadful_ episode. The plot was full of holes, and reminiscent of the worst of "Murder She Wrote." The jokes about Monk's quirks were the best part of it, and the only thing to make it even slightly distinctive (I liked the dominoes thing), but I would imagine that line of jokes would get tiresome eventually. (And the substitute nurse was like fingernails on a blackboard.) Emma's role was uninteresting; she's a fine actress but Meryl Streep couldn't do anything with that part.

This is the show that gets nominated for Emmys? The lead is a fine actor, but this was pretty awful.
I have watched Monk since the start and like others I have to say this season hasn't been good. There are moments that are amusing, however the overall stories are sloppy. I liked seeing Emma, however it is amazing that this show gets Emmys while the cast of Angel didn't even get a nomination.

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