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July 30 2004

Chicks with cellos rock the Buffy world. Rasputina is out on tour. With their unique sound, they are most familiar to Buffy fans with the song Transylvanian Concubine which was featured on the Buffy soundtrack.

Their performance was mentioned in the Denver Post Newspaper today.
"Rasputina has pioneered the chicks-on-cellos rock formula for years. Tonight the Victorian costume-clad trio (Melora Creager and Zoe Keating on cello, Jonathon TeBeest on drums) will perform their grungy, gothic-inspired originals and eerie versions of cover songs in Boulder, CO USA

Fittingly, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fans will recognize several of their songs from the cult TV show's soundtrack."

RavenU, I'm guessing their's was the song playing at Drusilla's birthday in "Surprise"? I've always loved that one.

Any idea why some of their performances are limited to adults only?
Man, "grungy" is NOT a word I'd use to describe Rasputina. I love this band, just saw them last winter in a tiny bar with maybe 75 people in attendance. They're just incredible...clever, beautiful, funny, melodic and they can really rock on a cello! :)

If all you've heard is Transylvanian Concubine, I highly recommend you track down more of their work. They do some great live covers too.
Probably depending on the alchohol or curfew rules of the place. Sometimes it'll be 21+ even if you don't get served alchohol just because of the fact that it exists in the same place. Or 18+, which never made sense to me, because what's the law, voters only allowed?

Then again, you would have to explain to the little ones what a concubine is.
Well, that was a more prosaic answer than I was looking for, randygiles! (Hoping it had something to do with the corsets . . . ah well ;)).

Oh, "you would have to explain to the little ones what a concubine is" - no probs. Going through Spike's evolving character with a 7-year old, now *that* was hard!
(S2: He's an evil vampire. Daughter: But he loves Drusilla? Uh, yeah, I suppose he does.
S4: He's an evil vampire with a chip in his head. Daughter: So he's not evil anymore? Well, uh, he's still evil, but he can't hurt people.
S5: He's protecting Dawn. Daughter: So he's not evil anymore? Well uh, he's still evil, but he's different than other evil vampires.
S6: Daughter: So his chip doesn't work now? Is he still evil? Well uh, go ask your mum . . . )
Rasputina are fabulous. I've had the pleasure of seeing them in large and small clubs and they don't disappoint. They put on a great show and are extremely talented musicians and performers. Rasputina fans might also be interested in a band called Murder by Death which features cello alongside keyboard, guitar and bass.
another longtime rasputina fan checking in. if you even remotely like them, don't miss the opportunity to see them live.
Oh absolutely! Had a chance to see them for the first time at the Troubadour in West Hollywood late last year, and I'm really glad I went. :)

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