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July 31 2004

An Evening with Anthony Stewart Head and Stephanie Romanov. Kulture Shock in the UK presents ASH on Aug 15 at the Puppet Theatre in Norwich and they just announced the Stephaine Romanov signing and Q&A for Oct 25th. Tickets for Tony are onsale now, tickets for Stephaine go onsale Aug 16.

What a great combination.
Stephanie's so much cheaper than ASH... I'd pick her over ASH anyday!
Sheesh, they misspelled Nicole deBoer's name. :(
"Sheesh, they misspelled Nicole deBoer's name. :( "

You should check out the Vulkon site for the August Slayercon in Oakland. They have a pdf file where they consistently write 'Alexis Desinof' instead of 'Denisof'.

And on the main page of that event they've now adjusted the pics, showing Nick Brendon instead of Andy Hallet, and Clare Kramer instead of Julie Benz. All fine and well since Andy and Julie had to cancel. But when you scroll down you can read in the text on that same page about Andy Hallet's appearance details....oy. Those guys could stand to get a little sharper on their site.
Not as bad as the recent convention here in Ruttler Pew:

Sailor Michael-Gooler, Buffy
Davey Boon-head, Angel
H-April Ricardo, Gunn
Patrick Stewart-Head, Giles
and Joss Stone, creator

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