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"Are you saying I'm some sort of Viking?"
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August 01 2004

Ron Glass helps African American Musuem back home. He was recently named the new National Campaign Chairperson for Evansville's "African American Museum".

It was mentioned that during the Serenity panel he had said after filming was finished he was going to Indiana and open a musuem. I think some people may have thought he was joking about that.

And here I thought it was clever the way I tied in his character name to the link - I guess not, huh. :(
It was clever, but I was thinking of the RSS syndicated feed which is why I changed it.
They could've said something about Firefly. And am I the only one who thinks that when the Preacher lets his out he looks like Albert Einstein?
Zandra, LOL I thought the same thing!!

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