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August 02 2004

TV Gal briefly discusses ex-Buffy actors. Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Emma Caulfield, Serena Scott Thomas, Iyari Limon, and Seth Green are mentioned.

She's right about Aly being way more powerful when she breaks our hearts...recently re-watched Season 4, and Oz's departure is one of the most beautifully realized heartbreaks ever.

Charisma: Really, no, really don't want her to become a Sex in the City type...and her Ms. Match stuff was all Cordy just a bit older, albeit without the personal growth (at least the one episode I saw.) I think she is a powerfully gifted actress and I hope she stretches out...Marcia Gay Harden is a phenomenally gorgeous and talented actress (I live in the DC area, where she got her start in local stage), and she branched out beyond being "gorgeous" and has an Oscar and an marvelous career to show for it...I like to think that our Bufferatti can similarly achieve great heights.
Wow, so Alyson, Charisma and Nicki have all had sitcoms that were not picked up. Sitcom land is ruthless...

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