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August 03 2004

What the Fang? Confessions of a Buffy Virgin. A sci-fi writer finally gives into temptation and buys the Buffy season 1 DVD. She says there's no other show or film that's as honest as Buffy about "the Hell of modern American adolescence" (reg req).

It's always interesting to read what a late-comer (for want of a better phrase) thinks of the show especially season one.

If you do register, you get a free 12 month subscription to the Internet Review of Science Fiction and they don't ask for credit card details.

So, the author wasn't impressed at all by the two-part opener, but changed her mind with 'Witch'? That's a new one. When I first started watching Buffy a few years back, I forgave season one for it's cheesy music and effects because the characters and dialogue were so immediately addictive and wonderful. It's still my least favorite season, but light years better than this author gives it credit for.

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